Sarah Hornsley Taking Submissions

Sarah Hornsley

Sarah Hornsley

Literary Agent

Sarah is a Literary Agent, actively building a list of adult fiction. She was named a Rising Star in The Bookseller in 2019 and joined Peters, Fraser & Dunlop in 2021.

After graduating from Durham University, Sarah worked at a publishing house followed by a short stint in script development before becoming a Literary Agent in 2015. She has since built a list of commercial bestsellers and award-winners including Anstey Harris, Russ Thomas, Phillipa East and Lucy Spraggan.

What I'm looking for...

I’m looking for adult commercial and book club fiction across all genres. I’m always on the look-out for a strong hook – a setting or scenario which captures my imagination straight away. Generally, I am drawn to strong, emotive writing matched with a gripping fast-paced plot. I am very hands-on editorially and am looking to only take on a few select really special writers this year.

I’d love to find a really high-concept twisty thriller or suspense novel. Something that subverts my expectations and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I also never tire of exploring dark sibling relationships and as a mother myself I love a complex mother/daughter relationship. In this vein, I really enjoyed GIRL A.

I’m also on the lookout for anything that has an exceptional atmosphere across a range of genres – think WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING, SANATORIUM, THE DRY.

In general and women’s fiction, I’m really keen to find something with heart and brilliant emotive storytelling. Recently, I loved THE AUTHENTICITY PROJECT and LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY.

Equally, I’d love to find an uplifting novel with a speculative edge. Something grounded in reality but sprinkled with a light magical touch. My author Becky Hunter does this brilliantly with her debut ONE MOMENT.

I absolutely adore historical fiction and having recently sold the spectacular NEPHTHYS by Rachel Louise Driscoll, I am also very keen to represent more smart, atmospheric female-led historical fiction.

Across all genres, I’m particularly interested in finding underrepresented talent and championing conversation-starting stories.