Jessica Ryn

Jessica Ryn

Jessica Ryn is a former midwife and homeless resettlement worker. After she graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Canterbury Christ Church University, Jessica’s short stories were published in Bella Magazine and The Sunday Express S, and her work was shortlisted for the Kimberly Chambers’ Kickstarter Award as well as the Val Wood Prize for Creative Writing. When she’s not scribbling away at her novels, Jessica can be found swimming in the sea, wandering through the woods and reading stories that pull on the feel-strings. Jessica is a carer, and she lives in Dover with her husband, two children and their high-spirited springer spaniel. Her debut novel, THE EXTRAORDINARY HOPE OF DAWN BRIGHTSIDE, was published in 2020 with HQ Stories and Jessica’s second book, THE IMPERFECT ART OF CARING, will be released in November.

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Gorgeous review of #DawnBrightside thank you so much @wordsofbin 💛💕

Happy Publication to the VERY talented @IAmKathyHaan for the final in the #BedlamMoon trilogy. Lots of happy Bedlam fans today, I'm sure! ❤🎉❤🎉

They are the BEST secrets! ❤😍

Absolutely incredible plot walk with @Anstey_Harris in the most beautiful surroundings. Also got a sneak peek at the BEST secret surprise Anstey has in store for her LUCKY forest school writing retreat guests @SE2SWretreat. You have such a treat in store! ❤😍❤ #WritersLife

Having the BEST time with family at the wonderful @Anstey_Harris @SE2SWretreat #WritingRetreat. It's seriously the most beautiful place in the world. Not been this relaxed in a long time. Perfect place to write/start/finish a book. ❤

Aww this makes me all kinds of happy! So happy you are enjoying Dawn Brightside Petrina! Thank you so much for sharing this. ❤💛

Sorry not sorry for all the book spam! Been behind with my reviews as life's been hectic but winding down for my hols! ❤

It was wonderful to see the past and present colide in this most gorgeous story of second chances with a difference. So heartwarming and vibrant, I was hooked the whole way through. So many thanks to the fab @Anstey_Harris and Lake Union for #WhenIFirstHeldYou Order NOW! 🎉❤

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Loving this and so pleased there's going to be a series 2! If you're looking to watch something thrillingly creepy @FromOnEPIX is one to try. Make sure to have a cushion handy to hide behind! 😱 #From

Menopause Twitter (if you're out there and you're a thing). 🧐 What's the most effective time of day to take HRT? Asking for someone red and sweaty who needs hers to work better in this heat. #InducedEarlyMenopauseSucks #EndoWarrior

Beautiful afternoon at Dover Castle visiting the very place a chapter from #DawnBrightside was set. So blessed to have these views on my doorstep (well, after walking up a very steep hill or 3) 💛💛

Ohhh excited to be in a kindle deal at the same time as the marvellous @Anstey_Harris! Cannot recommend #WhereWeBelong highly enough. It's glorious and a steal at 99p. ❤💕

WHOOP! 🎉 The Extraordinary Hope of Dawn Brightside is a #KindleMonthlyDeal for August. 99p for around 92,000 words of hope - what a bargain! #GiveALittleHope

❤😍❤😍❤ The most gorgeous writing retreat in the world.

Oh my days. Just cried BUCKETS. Wonderful ending, and now I'm bereft. #neighboursfinal 😭😭😭

Tomorrow will be a day of mourning for me - I've watched this since I was 7 years old (I'm now 41). I'm not ready for this! 😭😭😭 #NeighboursFinale