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Got a work email earlier - #Queenie is now officially my biggest selling hardback to date and is currently the third highest seller in hardback so far this year. I,ll take that! #GoQueenie 👊

A very #happypublicationday to @skinnerwrites, her extraordinarily moving, funny and original new middle-grade novel #STORM is out today 🌪️🌩️🎉 @HarperCollinsCh

"You were born raging, Frances Frida Ripley... That's what happens when you're born in a storm."

Happy happy publication day to the wonderful Lynsey Crombie, TV's Queen of Clean. Get your copy of The Easy Life now! @QueenofcleanUK

A little shout out to @OneworldNews and @PFDAgents for having faith in this little book 🙏🏻 thank you for believing https://twitter.com/detsuptcheek/status/1245656143692627976

Happy paperback publication day to @annesver for her essential book on the weird, wonderful and truly astonishing lives of the small but mighty creatures who keep the world turning 🐞🐜🦋🐛 #ExtraordinaryInsects

Let’s hear it for the insects, 75% of all known plant and animal species!! https://twitter.com/mudlarkbooks/status/1245616984550567938

So my book STORM is out tomorrow, and this thread is about how it began. It starts with my grandfather, Tom Skinner. Here he when he was younger, standing next to my grandmother, whose nickname was Midge. (The magnificent turban, by the way, was her very glamorous solution ....

Today’s #AudiobookReview British actress @CarlaTMendonça narrates a story of Austen's oft forgotten Bennet sister as conceived by author Janice Hadlow, giving each character a distinct personality that will delight listeners @MacmillanAudio https://bit.ly/3dIAHh2

Please take time to read the fantastic review of
@RD_Economist's book 'Extreme Economies' in the Wall Street Journal.

Davies' book was published in September 2019, and comes out in paperback in July!



Thank you, Leanne. Hope you find it useful @OneworldNews https://twitter.com/aspendfgm/status/1244284394581483522

Launching a thing! Follow @PFDAgents's twitter to keep up to date with our #LockdownLibrary - a new project offering up some fun, learning and relaxation during isolation! We’ll be posting regular book readings, short talks and quarentine cooking tips from our lovely authors 👇 https://twitter.com/PFDAgents/status/1244972699761459203

A quick plug for a book that has kept my attention despite *everything* that is going on: Explaining Humans by @millzymai. Dr. Pang explores the oddities of human behaviour and customs through a hard science lens, and her own ADHD autistic one. Extremely good!

Who doesn’t love a good villain?! Here are some tips on the inspirations behind some of mine... https://twitter.com/writers_artists/status/1244955250160738304

Feeling proud to be in @OKMagazin today sharing tips 💖💖

So my agents @PFDAgents are cleverly harnessing the collected power of the *quite* a few increasingly insane authors on their books to do a #lockdownlibrary . This is my contribution. Note that the offending water ice was from Aggie Marshall (1880s) so totally, um, 'on-brand'... https://twitter.com/PFDAgents/status/1244980891908280323

First up in our #LockdownLibrary we have the hilarious @DrAnnieGray presenting our first #LockdownLunch, and teaching us how to get creative with ‘unusual’ ingredient substitutions... https://petersfraserdunlop.com/pfd-lockdown-library/

Today we are so excited to be launching the Lockdown Library 📚🎉 bringing together our wonderful authors to offer up some fun, learning and relaxation during these strange times ...

The audiobook of The Boy Who Fooled The World is now available! You can borrow for free from the brilliant library app @BorrowBox or purchase from all great booksellers; including @Bolindaaudio and @audibleuk
Happy listening!

Great interview with @Misskeeleyhawes, helping to raise awareness about honour based violence in a new drama “ Honour” to be aired on ITV later this year. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/life/keeley-hawes-just-watching-news-taints-faith-human-nature/

'Future Politics' by @jamiesusskind is now out in paperback! Grab yourself a copy here https://bit.ly/3dBt6Rk