With over 90 years of backlist titles represented by our agency, we regularly receive permission requests to reproduce our clients’ material in books and assorted other media. Below are some frequently asked questions about the permission request process. Whilst we aim to process requests as quickly as possible, we ask that you allow up to eight weeks for a response.

How do I apply?

You should apply for permission to reproduce copyright material from our authors’ work in writing by post on your company or personal letterhead, or by email, giving your full contact details, to:

Peters Fraser + Dunlop,
55 New Oxford Street,

What should I expect to pay?

The minimum fee is £100.00 (+VAT if applicable). The appropriate fee in all instances will depend on the commercial particulars suggested by the publishing details for each request. Payment will always be stipulated and must be made in Sterling.

Will my permission always be granted?

No. Our clients reserve the right to refuse permission to reproduce their copyright material.

What Information do you need from me?

1. We need to know full publishing details of your book or magazine, newspaper or other periodical in which the copyright material is to appear, which means at least:

  • Author/Editor
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Territories
  • Languages
  • Retail Price
  • Planned editions, i.e. hardback, paperback, book-club, audio book, e-book, or other internet/electronic use. (Do you wish to clear permission for all planned editions at the same time?)
  • Estimated print-run or initial manufacture quantities
  • Estimated publication date

2. We’d also like to see the following information about our client:

  • Author
  • Title of work, and in what book it appears
  • Publisher
  • Publication date
  • Number of words (for prose material)
  • Number of lines (for verse)*

*Please note that we will not generally grant permission to reproduce some but not all stanzas/verses of a particular poem. Unless there is good reason we may insist on the entire poem being reproduced.*

Permission to reproduce copyright material

Applicants must complete sections A, B, C in this form and use the orange send button at the bottom. PFD will complete and return section D (License agreement).
  • (A) Applicant Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (B) Requested Copyright Material

  • Prose

  • Poetry

  • * Please note that we will not generally grant permission to reproduce fragments of a particular poem - unless there is good reason we may insist on the entire poem being reproduced.
  • Illustrations

  • Title By From page number To be reproduced in: On the In size (eg. quarter page, half page etc.)  
    There are no Illustrations.
  • (C) Requested Use

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Editions and Formats

  • Digital format(s)

(D) Licence - Copyright Details

Here is an example of the wording from our license agreement. For a successful applicaiton, PFD wil provide a unique reference ID for your license.

We grant you (A) the one-time non-exclusive licence to include the material described above (B) in one edition only of the work described above (C) for a period of 5 years only for a non-refundable fee.

This permission does not include the use of copyright material by any author other than the Author specified.

Permission is NOT granted for use in all advertising, marketing and promotions of your publication. Our grant and license shall NOT grant you permission for any reprints, revised editions, translations, abridgements or derivative works of the Work in any media or formats, whether now or hereafter known, including without limitation other kinds of print and electronic media, by your organisation or any of its licensees, except as specified in (C) above.

No alterations to the Extract may be made without our prior written approval. The Extract will not be used in any way which will distort or alter the Author’s original intention and meaning. If requested, you will supply a complete typescript of the Book so that we may consider the context in which the Extract is to be used. If the context is not approved we will notify you and in those circumstances you will not use the Extract and this permission will be cancelled.

This permission is non-transferable and does not include the right to use the material in formats other than those described. Please reapply to us for permission in the event of any reprints or further extension of use.

Publication is only permitted once the invoice has been paid which should be within 30 days of invoice. Publication without payment is not allowed

The following acknowledgement will appear in each copy of the work:

reprinted by permission of Peters Fraser & Dunlop ( on behalf of