Polly Phillips

Polly Phillips

Polly Phillips lives in Perth, Australia and works as a journalist. She’s been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen but has fortunately graduated from writing love letters to Prince William (aged four) to full-length novels. After graduating from Cambridge University, Polly has lived in various places around the world, including Copenhagen, London and Dubai, before settling in Perth.


Inspired by a particularly toxic friendship she had as a teenager, MY BEST FRIEND’S MURDER won the Montegrappa First Fiction prize at the Emirates Literal Festival in Dubai in 2019 and was published by Simon & Schuster.


Phillips’ forthcoming novel, THE REUNION, will be published in 2022.

Polly Phillips @perthectpolly

Very excited to see this talented writer’s perseverance paying off!

One of the most draining things about Covid has been my inability to read - but now feeling well enough to carve out 30 mins in bed with #crossroads and I feel like this is the turning point for me. The power of books!

Also, he didn't "get the big calls right". He introduced a new strain of COVID because he didn't ban flights from India when it was obvious that was the source. He allowed Cheltenham to go ahead. He gave PPE contracts to his greedy mates. He lied. He span. He's an utter ****.

Such a game-changing book!! And oh dear god, the child!!

My family has Covid - while snotty, lethargic and generally feeling crap, I’m grateful that the vaccine & the work and sacrifice of all involved in it, means we’ll survive (unlike my darling dad). On a superficial note, would prefer the strain that meant I lost my appetite.

What’s the only thing on the domestic front more tiresome than having a husband working from home all weekend? Him catching Covid as well.

Thrilled!! Thanks @CosmopolitanUK xxx

When your father-in-law reviews your book on Amazon and gives it 4⭐️ and doesn’t understand that he hasn’t really done you a favour!

Today’s work is driven solely by my need to make enough money to buy 👠 Even the emoji wants me to!

Lying in bed listening to the sound of the rain is a simple but underrated pleasure…

Don’t want to boast but I get to wake up with this handsome chap most mornings - and my husband doesn’t even mind… #blessed

Yes you do! https://twitter.com/VictoriaSelman/status/1526187386509701121

I am totally in love with #brickman from #legomastersaustralia - the world could learn from him!

God, I wish I had my daughter’s hair! 1st grown up haircut in a “proper” salon 🥰

If you can’t forget – why not get revenge? #TheReunion

The thrilling new novel by @perthectpolly is out now in eBook http://amzn.to/3Jv9OvL

Crying tears of actual joy - booked tickets back to the UK in July - at long long last! Been away so long I doubt people use them anymore!

It’s going to be a two hot chocolates kind of a day…I’m ok with that…

Finally feel like I’m moving my WIP forward to a better place - it’s been a process almost entirely fuelled by sugar but I’m getting there. I hope! #amediting

Get a dog, they said. #ohbouff

Bouff keen to readalong…