Anstey Harris

Anstey Harris

Anstey Harris is an author and lecturer who lives in south-west Scotland.

Her first novel, THE TRUTHS AND TRIUMPHS OF GRACE ATHERTON, was a Richard and Judy Summer pick in 2019 and went on to win the RNA’s Sapere Books Popular Romantic Fiction Award for 2020. In 2015, Harris won the H G Wells Short Story Competition with her story, RUBY. Her second novel, WHERE WE BELONG, was published by Simon and Schuster in 2021.

Anstey originally trained as a teacher and runs a popular online class for professional authors looking for continuing professional development. She also runs a writing retreat in southern Scotland. She is the mother of singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan.


Photograph/Andrew Hayes-Watkins

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The media in the U.K. and around the world is stating quite rightly that the new PM of Italy Giorgia Meloni, is far right?

I looked at her policies and promises and she is almost identical to the British Conservatives. Why doesn’t our media call the Conservatives far right?

1. National Trust @nationaltrust. Another target of the Tories in trying to pervert every corner of our lives. Been a member for years; pay a sub by SO. Visit a couple of properties a year (if I'm lucky). Haven't had the slightest interest in its governance. Until now....

Dear Keir Starmer, if you're unsure of what to say right now, you should probably just listen to Mick Lynch and say exactly that. Glad to help x

Just home from a 14hour shift on high dependency ward, as the only Dr physically there for much of it.

I had no break & left late.

I get £16ph

The president of the @RCPhysicians who does loads of private work & charges £270/30 mins has some cheek telling jnr drs not to strike.

Brief history lesson. In 2007 the UK had a Labour government, food banks hadn't been invented and the pound was worth 2 dollars.

What a stroke of luck Murdoch persuaded the UK to go Tory.

He should be employed properly or sacked. He cannot fulfil a fiduciary responsibility to a company and run downing street in the national interest. It’s a basic conflict

Sunday forage*.

*eggs borrowed from neighbours so technically…

The computer firm blamed for the scandal that put innocent Post Office workers in jail has landed a new contract – to run the Police National Computer.

@turnipdodger So, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng (who is also a paid consultant for Odey Asset Management) destabilises sterling, while Business Secretary, Jacob-Rees Mogg (partner in Somerset Finance) destabilise business.
Both set to privately make minimum £100m from their Government decisions.

Odey employs Kwarteng.
Odey bankrolls Brexit.
Brexit destabilises UK.
Kwarteng becomes Chancellor.
Odey bets against GBP.
Kwarteng destabilises GBP.
Odey reaps enormous rewards.

Do you see how it works yet? And this is just one example, of many.

My son's eye-watering mortgage (to me) of £200k @£750 pm, will go up by £500pm if rates rise to the now forecast 5%.His fixed-rate fuel deal has expired and doubled. Boy, will he need the extra £10.17 pm the tax cuts will give him.
THIS. is. a. disgrace.

France: fully nationalising its biggest energy supplier.

Spain: increasing taxes on the super-rich.

EU: imposing a windfall tax on the huge profits of energy companies.

The UK government’s response to the cost of living crisis: cutting taxes for the 1%.

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.

Tax implications aside, lobbyists being 'seconded' to government roles is obviously appalling. Whose interests do they serve, the country's or their company's clientele? You'd have to be a secretly-funded 'think tank' shill to argue that it could ever be both...

Me: it is definitely autumn now

My garden: …


A Chancellor who knows nothing of economics.
A Justice Secretary who knows nothing of justice.
An Environment Secretary who knows nothing of the natural world.
A Prime Minister who knows nothing of the national interest.
People in this country have had enough of non-experts.

The pound has lost 21% of its value in the last twelve months and 8% of its value in the last ten days

Police make an arrest during a National Front demo, London 1977
Photo Chris Steele-Perkins
Can't help think they got the wrong guy.