Lynsey James

Lynsey James

Lynsey James was born in Fife and is an incurable bookworm. A careers adviser at school once told her writing wasn’t a “good option”, so Lynsey has tried a little bit of everything, including make-up artistry, teaching and doing admin for a chocolate fountain company. Now, she finally has fulfilled her dream and is writing full-time. Her most recent novel, THE SINGLE DAD’S HANDBOOK was published by One More Chapter, HarperCollins (2021). When not writing, she drinks coffee, eat lots of cake and dreams of owning her own island in the Outer Hebrides with a sheep called Steven. It’ll happen one day.

Lynsey James @Lynsey1991

I would 100% watch a Muppets adaptation of this, complete with songs.

Ok, confession time: I’ve never seen The Princess Bride.

It’s available to watch on Prime. Do I go for it?

“I love you, you dobber” is my favourite line in any movie ever. #acastleforchristmas

A Castle for Christmas is like Take The High Road on steroids. I’m here for it.

I’m watching A Castle For Christmas and I am VERY excited.

My favourite part of true crime shows is when people say “oh this town is lovely, everyone knows everyone, it’s a great place to live. Apart from, you know, the brutal killing spree that happened. Other than that, it’s fine.”

Final day of edits. Let’s go!

I’m looking at the Christmas films on Prime and I found… this!

I have to watch it, right? Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a chef? A nutcracker that comes to life as a love interest? Sign. Me. Up.

Those spines 💙

I hope this is just the start and more books with my name on them join this one soon. But even if this is the only paperback I ever have, it’s a reminder that I achieved a dream. That a machine somewhere printed my words. That I did what I thought I couldn’t.

Blue and yellow sky with pink candy floss clouds. Fit ❤️

*gulp* I think I might finish my edits this week, lads. One and a half points to go before I’ve ticked everything off.

This is how A Christmas Inheritance could and should’ve ended, and yes I’m still mad about it.

Happy Selling Sunset Day!

Meanwhile, I’m getting emotional at the McDonald’s advert where the girl shuts her imaginary friend in the wardrobe so she can go out for a Big Mac.

Pitch: Rose Matafeo hosts the 2022 Bake Off. #GBBOFinal

“The oven is…off!” #GBBOFinal @BritishBakeOff

Paul when he knows he’s given the bakers as few instructions as he can get away with. #GBBOFinal

Chigs should be in a Hallmark movie about a baker who’s never been able to find love, until he enters a baking contest and falls in love with one of the other contestants. I mean. Look at that face. #GBBOFinal

Can we just call off the contest now and give them all a giant cake to share? Such a lovely group of contestants. #GBBOFinal