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A quick plug for a book that has kept my attention despite *everything* that is going on: Explaining Humans by @millzymai. Dr. Pang explores the oddities of human behaviour and customs through a hard science lens, and her own ADHD autistic one. Extremely good!

Who doesn’t love a good villain?! Here are some tips on the inspirations behind some of mine...

Feeling proud to be in @OKMagazin today sharing tips 💖💖

So my agents @PFDAgents are cleverly harnessing the collected power of the *quite* a few increasingly insane authors on their books to do a #lockdownlibrary . This is my contribution. Note that the offending water ice was from Aggie Marshall (1880s) so totally, um, 'on-brand'...

First up in our #LockdownLibrary we have the hilarious @DrAnnieGray presenting our first #LockdownLunch, and teaching us how to get creative with ‘unusual’ ingredient substitutions...

Today we are so excited to be launching the Lockdown Library 📚🎉 bringing together our wonderful authors to offer up some fun, learning and relaxation during these strange times ...

The audiobook of The Boy Who Fooled The World is now available! You can borrow for free from the brilliant library app @BorrowBox or purchase from all great booksellers; including @Bolindaaudio and @audibleuk
Happy listening!

Great interview with @Misskeeleyhawes, helping to raise awareness about honour based violence in a new drama “ Honour” to be aired on ITV later this year.

'Future Politics' by @jamiesusskind is now out in paperback! Grab yourself a copy here

If you are after some light-hearted relief this evening, don’t miss @RevRichardColes 's appearance in Celebrity Murder Mystery on Channel 5 at 9pm ! 📺

Thank you to my thoughtful agent @PFDAgents for these beautiful flowers to celebrate publication day for my book, Honour- achieving justice for Banaz Mahmod. Available on line through all good book shops 👍🏻

'You'll Never See Me Again' by the fantastic @LesleyPearse came out in paperback on the 5th March and has already sold over 30,000 copies! Congratulations Lesley 🎉

Let's get in the mood for Easter! 🐰🐣🍫💐 Read this fantastic article in the @FT about @georgescu_r and her traditional Easter flavours ! Irina's Romanian cookbook 'Carpathia' came out on the 17th March.

Explore here ...

To celebrate the Magical Fact that #TheDayWeMetTheQueen is #2 in The Charts👑, I'm launching a mini competition for beans aged 5-14!

If YOU could ask the Queen just ONE QUESTION, what would it be & why? All answers by 12pm Tuesday! Mystery prize awaits!


🎉Happy Publication Day to Caroline Goode's 'Honour'🎉📚This follows the fascinating investigation into a shocking story of betrayal and a web of community lies, Goode pieces together the details to bring the killers to justice...

Listen to @EagleJudith read an extract from her sensational new novel, The Pear Affair🍐
Available now from:

A bit of good news ... congratulations to @OnjaliRauf and her book 'The Day We Met the Queen' which is #2 in the Official Children's Charts! Check out the @thebookseller for more information on the charts! 🎉🗒️

So exciting that ‘Daughter of the River’ by Irene Northan is now out in audio! A poignant family saga set in the heart of Devon.

@Bolindaaudio 💿

Pick up your audio edition here ...

Wanting something to read in isolation? 'Disaster by Choice' by @IlanKelman has a clear message. There is no such thing as a natural disaster. The disaster lies in our inability to deal with the environment and with ourselves.

Find out more here ...

It's virtual! Such a great cause and so important in these strange times! @Rubywax 's charity Frazzled Cafe have now launched Zoom meetings in order to stay connected - find out more here