Welcome to Peters Fraser + Dunlop, we are one of the longest-established literary and talent agencies in London.

Peters Fraser + Dunlop is one of the longest-established literary and talent agencies in London. We are proud to represent our clients with specialist expertise in the fields of literature, film, television and radio, public speaking, digital platforms and journalism.

We offer our clients the best people to work with and the expertise to develop long-term value in their work across all media while protecting their rights in today’s changing market. Our business is about creativity, enhancement, innovation and service. We believe in maximising new opportunities swiftly but also developing and nurturing talent over time. Our list is a testament to almost a hundred years of such long-term vision and belief and it continues to grow and strengthen.

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Interested in winning some #bookswag?

Laura Pearson, of our publishing branch @AgoraBooksLDN, is currently running a fantastic #Giveaway for the release of her new book #NobodysWife!

Details on how to enter here 👇

Congratulations to @OnjaliRauf, whose stunning book 'The Boy At The Back Of The Class' has won the @Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2019! #waterstones #onjalirauf #TheBoyAtTheBackOfTheClass #ChildrensBookPrize2019

'a book that will have your heart skipping, aching and soaring all at the same time.'

OUR hearts are soaring for this #NobodysWife blog tour review from @LiteraryElf!

Read her thoughts on Laura's latest novel here 👇


We've teamed up with @GHmagazine and @AirCraftHome to offer one lucky person the chance to win a copy of @QueenofcleanUK's new book #HowToCleanYourHouse AND an AirCraft PowerGlide HardFloor cleaner worth £249. For a chance to win - enter here: https://t.co/hb8IycU4sv

We’re so excited for Lynsey, The Queen of Clean - cleaning expert, local celeb, Instagram sensation and sometime missmoneypenny pa client, on the publication day of her first book. We can’t put it down! Congratulations @QueenofcleanUK

When you pop and @asda and see your book on the shelf and selling well 😊😊😊 #howtocleanyourhouse

Presenting the winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2019: @OnjaliRauf’s The Boy at the Back of the Class – a story focusing on a child's perspective on the refugee crisis, highlighting the importance of friendship and kindness. #WCBP19

Bursting with pride that this important and beautiful book won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize!! What a journey @OnjaliRauf and huge congratulations to all the other shortlisted authors #TheBoyAtTheBackOfTheClass ❤️❤️ @HachetteKids #WCBP19 https://t.co/Hoz7UEjTY2

Good morning Happy Friday and waking up to a best seller is just amazing! #queenofclean #bestseller #friday

'I found myself hooked to this addictive read from the very beginning.'

So were we, @bksonbookshelf. So were we.

Read the second stop on the #NobodysWife blog tour here 👇


BANDERSNATCH RETURNS!! @BearGrylls new interactive series 'You vs. Wild', will be hitting @netflix on the 10th April. This first-of-its-kind interactive series will be an absolute MUST WATCH! https://t.co/AHC5jtNibJ

This beautiful Korean edition of orlandoweeks 'The Gritterman' has just arrived in the @pfdagents office and it is STUNNING! The hand drawn illustrations in particular are… https://t.co/UT2jd8tEwD

Happy publication day @naomiannedevlin! THE GUT FEELING is out in paperback today. ‘Both me and my trillions of gut microbes love these great recipes!’ - Tim Spector.


Have a read of this @SUITCASEmag article covering topics such as activism, third-culture children and filmmaking with the trailblazing @Deeyah_Khan!! ☄️☄️
Full article here: https://t.co/B77AjpM9An

COMPETITION TIME!!! @QueenofcleanUK @HQstories #HowToCleanYourHouse #QueenOfClean

Enter here: https://t.co/kRbyM3jbZq

Remember @Hanna_Jameson is appearing at @feministbooksoc at @Waterstones Tottenham Court Road tonight! Grab the last few remaining tickets here:


Friday 22.03 a preview of A Private War with special guest, war photographer Paul Conroy (@reflextv) (played by Jamie Dornan in the film). After the screening @fayvanderwall will conduct an interview with Paul Conroy. Tickets: https://t.co/zLWLvr5E5O #aprivatewar #mariecolvin

How much plastic can you pick up in 2 minutes on a #2minutebeachclean ? More than you'd think.... https://t.co/Sff650JAdy

ONE DAY UNTIL PUBLICATION! @QueenofcleanUK @HQstories @HarperCollins #cleanqueen '#howtocleanyourhouse

Hot off the press from New York to me in West Dorset, the US paperback edition out on 4 April. ⁦@PFDAgents⁩ ⁦@StMartinsPress⁩