Ali Pantony

Ali Pantony

Ali Pantony is a freelance editor and writer. She is currently the acting website director for Glamour and her writing has also appeared in Grazia, BBC Three, Refinery29, Vice, Red and Evening Standard.

Her debut novel, ALMOST ADULTS, was published in 2019. It is a novel about break ups, growing up and the power of female friendships.



Ali Pantony @alipantony

For Glamour: do you have a positive birth story to tell? Please DM for a piece on the importance of sharing positive stories around birth in and amongst the scary news around maternity care & the endless stream of terrifying tales #journorequest

Also looking for someone to write about 'skinny-shaming', please email if that's you with examples of first-person pieces:

I'm looking for a religious writer to write about blasphemy in pop culture (who can turn copy around quickly). Let me know if that's you and I'll explain more:

Looking to speak to an eating disorder specialist for a @GlamourMagUK feature, please get in touch ASAP if that's you – #journorequest

Calling all publishers!! Please send me any non-fiction/memoir catalogues for 2023 and 2024 for a piece in @GlamourMagUK. Contact is #journorequests x

Travel PRs, I’m looking for the best UK wellness retreats for 2023 that aren’t just your standard spa. Also, please no starvation ‘detoxes’/ juice cleanses. This is a diet culture-free space. Thank you! #travelPR #journorequest #UKtravel #wellnessretreats

Looking for someone to speak to me about their experience of downblousing. Please get in touch if that's you (can be anon): #journorequest #casestudy

"Heartstopper is a beautiful show. It’s changed lives. But this? This isn’t progress." Thank you so much @alipantony for asking me to pen my thoughts on queerbaiting for @GlamourMagUK! 🌈

This is so great from my lovely @GlamourMagUK colleague @alipantony xxx

Looking for someone to write about how their friendships change when their friend has a baby. Let me know if you relate and I'll explain more:

Any psychologists who can comment on how mental health impacts our beauty/ self-care routine? I have questions to send via email and would love answers by Monday – #mentalhealth #journorequest

I'm still looking to speak to couples who moved in together earlier than expected due to rising energy bills. Let me know if that's you: or DM me. #costoflivingcrisis #journorequest #casestudy

Looking to speak to couples/ flings/ friends with bens who moved in together to save money during the cost of living crisis. Let me know if that's you: #journorequest #costofliving

Massive props to this lady for calling out, with righteous anger, (a smirking) Health Secretary Steve Barclay for the current state of the NHS.

“12 years, and you’ve done bugger all.” (Except make things much, much worse).

Who wants to write about the Sanna Marin news and what it says about the way we view women in power, vs their male counterparts? I need copy today and would love to commission a new writer with strong political knowledge. Get in touch if that's you:

Today, in niche requests: does anyone have a PR contact for the Croatian tourist board or similar marketing organisation please? #traveljournalism #travelPR #croatia

Travel PRs, I'm looking for the best hotels on the Greek islands, off the beaten track and hidden gems preferable please – #travelpr #hotels #journorequest

My latest for @GlamourMagUK!

For many women of colour coming from conservative cultures getting a #smeartest can be a source of shame and embarrassment. #cervicalcancer #cervicalscreening

Thank you to @alipantony and @frontrowshoes!

Does anyone have any ideas hooked to the news about antidepressants this morning? Pitch me:

Keen to commission a transgender writer today to write about how trans people are being used as political football (or any argument you may have) during the Conservative leadership race. Please pitch me on #journorequest #journorequests