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Beryl Kingston


Beryl Kingston is the author of 30 novels with over a million copies sold. She has been a writer since she was 7 when she started producing poetry. She was evacuated to Felpham at the start of WWII, igniting an interest in one-time resident poet William Blake which later inspired her novel The Gates of Paradise. She was an English teacher from 1952 until 1985 when she became a full-time writer after her debut novel, Hearts and Farthings, became a bestseller. Kingston continued writing bestsellers for the next 14 years with titles ranging from family sagas to modern stories and historical novels. She currently lives in West Sussex and has three children, five grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.



A Time to Love (1987)
Tuppenny Times (1989)
London Pride (1990)
Sixpenny Stalls (1990)
Fourpenny Flyer (1990)
Kisses and Ha’pennies (1991)
Hearts and Farthings (1991)
War Baby (1991)
Two Silver Crosses (1992)
Maggie’s Boy (1994)
Alive and Kicking (1995)
Laura’s Way (1996)
Gemma’s Journey (1997)
Avalanche of Daisies (1998)
Only Human (2001)
Only Young (2001)
Neptune’s Daughter (2005)
The Gates of Paradise (2006)
Octavia (2007)
Octavia’s War (2009)
Girl on the Orlop Deck (2010)
Off the Rails (2011)



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If my Company had around 10% of its staff under investigation and others seeking psychiatric help to carry on with their work, I'd consider reviewing recruitment policy.
Then again, my Company isn't in the business of screwing the country.

Dear Mogg
Do you get the impression that every Monday the press dump some new mess on my doorstep? Why me? I'm just a decent, jolly, kind guy making sure that people around me have a good time. Why does it keep going wrong? But I will fly on and on like Icarus.
Ego in sugo

On a Metropolitan Line tube from Watford to Harrow. Must be 40 odd people in this section of train and I have counted three masks. #CovidIsNotOver !

Please retweet if you want Labour, LibDems and Greens to cooperate at the next election in order to oust the Tories and introduce PR so that we never again have to endure a Tory Government with an eighty seat majority obtained with just 43% of the popular vote.

Beginning to discover what it's like to be officially old. I phoned to activate my deferred state pension, & at the end of the call the nice lady said 'Now you take care'. When was the last time someone on a gov phone line said that to you? Guess it will happen all the time now.

Dear Mogg
This week I will have the hacks strung out trying to prove the unprovable: what I knew or didn't know about Pinchy when he was blotto or not. Hah! Even I don't know what I knew or didn't know about what I knew or didn't know about Pinchy.
Debris in cranium

It's not forty new hospitals
- it's faulty old hospitals

The leader of the LABOUR Party should, as has already been said this week, support those striking for fair pay & conditions 'unequivocally'.

No ifs, no buts.

If MPs are getting so "incredibly drunk" they can't control their own behaviour, they probably shouldn't have a tax payer subsidised bar

Sunak’s cut to the bank surcharge is now worth a tax give away to banks, due to their super profits, of an enormous £7.3bl.

At the same time Sunak took £20 off those on universal credit.

So Epstein and Maxwell have been punished for trafficking children for sexual pleasure of rich & powerful men

There is ample evidence of the identity of these abusers

WHY are they not arrested?

WHY is the mainstream media in US & UK not pressing this question?

Above the law?

Private Eye used to be a satirical magazine now it is the only serious investigative newspaper we have.

Of course Johnson knew about the allegations surrounding Chris Pincher, he didn't care, Pincher was a loyal creep, that's all that matters on planet Johnson, morals/values/respect/honesty/integrity mean nothing, i mean he had his mistress suck his dirty dick in Parliament..

@BDoug99 Our local NHS hospital is 1 of the handful where the govt plans to build a new hospital, they have to because the current 1 is collapsing.

Not a trench has been dug or a brick laid.

At this rate we won’t see a new hospital for another decade if at all.

People aren't poor because another poor person came to our country. People are poor because rich people exploit their labour.

Dear Mogg
We need some brand new stuff this week, to get the hacks on to how bracing and innovative we are. I know it's all a bit Dom-com but getting things 'done' was good is always good. What are we getting done next week? Harvests? Fireworks? Bridges?
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If capitalism (neoliberalism) is so fantastic, how come it only works for one percent of the population?