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Beryl Kingston


Beryl Kingston is the author of 30 novels with over a million copies sold. She has been a writer since she was 7 when she started producing poetry. She was evacuated to Felpham at the start of WWII, igniting an interest in one-time resident poet William Blake which later inspired her novel The Gates of Paradise. She was an English teacher from 1952 until 1985 when she became a full-time writer after her debut novel, Hearts and Farthings, became a bestseller. Kingston continued writing bestsellers for the next 14 years with titles ranging from family sagas to modern stories and historical novels. She currently lives in West Sussex and has three children, five grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.



A Time to Love (1987)
Tuppenny Times (1989)
London Pride (1990)
Sixpenny Stalls (1990)
Fourpenny Flyer (1990)
Kisses and Ha’pennies (1991)
Hearts and Farthings (1991)
War Baby (1991)
Two Silver Crosses (1992)
Maggie’s Boy (1994)
Alive and Kicking (1995)
Laura’s Way (1996)
Gemma’s Journey (1997)
Avalanche of Daisies (1998)
Only Human (2001)
Only Young (2001)
Neptune’s Daughter (2005)
The Gates of Paradise (2006)
Octavia (2007)
Octavia’s War (2009)
Girl on the Orlop Deck (2010)
Off the Rails (2011)



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PROTEST: Pensions


We should be on the streets campaigning to LOWER the age of RETIREMENT

In the UK:

• Life expectancy is down by 448 days.

• Retirement age is up by 730 days.


RETWEET if you think he must never hold any office again.

Now we even have Tory MP’s being given their own news shows to spread their bull****. It has never been more important for us to build alternative news platforms to take the truth to the public. If you think more should be watching my films & reports please RT & keep following

New blog today! Mother's day, two amazing presents and some serious thinking.

Today my mum would have been 66 yo & she'd have finally been eligible for her state pension. Sadly she didn't make it, having passed away in 2021. I'll be thinking of her today, but also the many other #WASPI women who didn't get to enjoy their retirement plans @WASPI_Campaign

3 years ago today my dad died of a stroke. We were only allowed to have 9 people at his funeral. We weren’t allowed a wake. I wasn’t allowed to hug my crying sister.

We followed ALL the rules.

But Boris Johnson didn’t. He is a fucking liar and we won’t ever forget or forgive.

While Boris Johnson was lying and partying, three of my friends died trying to save others. Tomorrow he'll be lying to save himself.

I've been left with long covid, salary stopped because I tried to save others. Tomorrow he'll be lying to save himself.



• HSBC banking profits doubled
• Shell energy profits doubled
• BP energy profits doubled
• BP CEO pay doubled
• Shell CEO pay doubled

And they tell you it's YOUR 18 year low wage packet that's causing inflation crisis.

You're ROBBED in broad daylight.


It is of paramount importance that Ministers give accurate and truthful information to Parliament.

Ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their RESIGNATION to the Prime Minister.

RETWEET if you want Boris Johnson to resign.

When you think about it - Johnson has achieved more than a mere footnote in history.
Not by great deeds in the National Interest or as a great social reformer - but as an amoral, hedonistic libertine who by his lies & misconduct disgraced the office of Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s defence today seems to be that he did not understand the rules that as prime minister he drew up. You have to wonder how desperate he must be to confess to being unfit for the job of prime minister. What else about the job “didn’t” he understand?

Good morning everyone 😃
Johnson has never been Right or Honourable.
He has been reckless and intentional in everything he’s done.
Don’t be fooled.
He is a ruthless, self serving, lying, narcissistic, ego driven psychopath who will stop at nothing for personal gain #ToriesOut258

Imagine being grilled on national TV for all to see where the only possible verdicts are ...

- You're a dickhead

- You're a liar

- You're a lying dickhead


Did an established, long-standing, confirmed, hardened, seasoned, chronic. entrenched, habitual liar lie?


Johnson won’t be found Guilty of Partygate. They will say he broke the law but he didn’t know what he was doing, blah, blah, blah.

The rich break the rules and they don’t get punished, same old story.

RT if this makes you sick.

Dear Mogg
My defence is ‘how could I have known the parties were breaking the rules?’ Must have been same for everyone else in the country. They just didn’t know if they were breaking the rules.
Semolina ad astra

The real question for the privileges committee is not whether Johnson lied to parliament. He just did. It’s whether they will actually do anything meaningful about that. It’s whether this will be another moment of empty political theatre or one of genuine accountability.
Big day.

Dear Mogg
At last the world can see my honesty for what it is. The pillow holding up my defence is, 'how could I have known that we were breaking the rules? All the other folks enjoying the jollies, didn't say, 'Stop!', did they?
Alibi baba

Dear Mogg
It's really quite simple: I knew my parties broke the rules but when I told the House I wasn't at the parties, I did so in good faith. Trouble is, people don't understand that I'm saying that I lied honestly.
Panacea mega duplicito

I’m confused help me out. If you’re photographed multiple times sipping champagne at various parties while the rest of the country’s in lockdown… how tf did you not realise you were attending parties? Johnson you were PM ffs, you can’t seriously be that dense!