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Beryl Kingston


Beryl Kingston is the author of 30 novels with over a million copies sold. She has been a writer since she was 7 when she started producing poetry. She was evacuated to Felpham at the start of WWII, igniting an interest in one-time resident poet William Blake which later inspired her novel The Gates of Paradise. She was an English teacher from 1952 until 1985 when she became a full-time writer after her debut novel, Hearts and Farthings, became a bestseller. Kingston continued writing bestsellers for the next 14 years with titles ranging from family sagas to modern stories and historical novels. She currently lives in West Sussex and has three children, five grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.



A Time to Love (1987)
Tuppenny Times (1989)
London Pride (1990)
Sixpenny Stalls (1990)
Fourpenny Flyer (1990)
Kisses and Ha’pennies (1991)
Hearts and Farthings (1991)
War Baby (1991)
Two Silver Crosses (1992)
Maggie’s Boy (1994)
Alive and Kicking (1995)
Laura’s Way (1996)
Gemma’s Journey (1997)
Avalanche of Daisies (1998)
Only Human (2001)
Only Young (2001)
Neptune’s Daughter (2005)
The Gates of Paradise (2006)
Octavia (2007)
Octavia’s War (2009)
Girl on the Orlop Deck (2010)
Off the Rails (2011)



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Dear @BorisJohnson & @MattHancock, for the avoidance of doubt, could you please name the 40 new hospitals, the timescale for completion, the cost, how the need for each was determined & precisely what you mean by ‘new’ and ‘hospital’? Thank you.

News about Blake's Cottage would you believe it?!

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Just one example of #JC4PM support for Jewish communities. In 1987 he took part in a campaign to overturn a decision by Islington Council (then led by one Margaret Hodge, ) to allow a Jewish cemetery to be sold to developers,

@jeremycorbyn Johnson blithers on about getting Brexit done & Swinson does nothing but bleat about how great a PM she'd be. Neither have anything to offer in terms of real change in society. Meanwhile Corbyn & @UKLabour continue to offer policies that will end homeless, tackle poverty & more.