Simon Schama

Simon Schama

Sir Simon Schama CBE is University Professor of Art History and History at Columbia University, a Fellow of the British Academy and the Royal Society of Literature and Contributing Editor at the Financial Times.

He is the author of eighteen books which have been translated into 16 languages and the writer-presenter of fifty documentaries on art, history and literature for BBC2 and PBS. He was art critic for the New Yorker in the 1990s and won a National Magazine Award for his art criticism in 1996, published as Hang-Ups, Essays on Painting (Mostly) His film on Bernini from the Power of Art series won an International Emmy and his series on A History of Britain and The American Future. A History won Broadcast Critics Guild Awards. His art history work also includes Rembrandt’s Eyes, (1999) The Power of Art, (2006) and The Face of Britain (2015)

He has published a work of fiction, Dead Certainties: (Unwarranted Speculations) and his work for the theatre includes the stage adaptation of Rough Crossings (with Caryl Phillips) for Headlong Theatre, and in 2011, a short play for Headlong’s site-specific production about 9/11, Decade.

He won the NCR nonfiction prize for Citizens. A Chronicle of the French Revolution; the WH Smith Literary Award for Landscape and Memory, and the National Book Critics Circle Award in the United States for Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the American Revolution. His latest book, Belonging, volume 2 of The Story of the Jews was short-listed for the Baillie-Gifford Prize and was among The Economist Magazine’s Best Books of 2017. In 2011 he received the Kenyon Review Award for Literary Achievement and in 2015 the Premio Antonelli Feltrinelli in historical sciences from the Accademia nazionale dei Lincei in Rome. He has delivered the Andrew W Mellon Lectures at the National Gallery in Washington DC in 2006 on “Really Old Masters: Infirmity and Reinvention”, and the Anthony Hecht Lectures in the humanities at Bard College on memory in contemporary art; and most recently the Jerusalem Lectures for the Israel Historical Society. He curated the Government Art Collection exhibition “Travelling Light” at the Whitechapel Gallery and “The Face of Britain” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 2015,

in conjunction with a 4-part television series and a best-selling book. His latest book, Belonging, volume 2 of The Story of the Jews was short-listedfor the Baillie-Gifford Prize and was among The Economist Magazine Best Books of 2017. He has collaborated with Anselm Kiefer, John Virtue, Cecile B Evans and Damien Hirst on exhibitions and catalogue essays.

For the past year and a half he has been working on the BBC/PBS series on world art history, Civilisations, broadcasted on March 2018. 

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Farage did not found the Brexit Party. Catherine Blaiklock did. He can't even get his excuses right.

FARAGE: We had a choice of one candidate how is that democracy?

LUKE: Who voted for you as the Brexit party leader? How many votes were cast for you as leader?


FARAGE: Well I founded it....

Absolute gold.

Stern is an embarrassment to some in his community

When you wish to be seen meeting someone Jewish in public but can only rustle up this guy

When you turn 100 years old you get a letter from The Queen. But from next year, our analysis shows, over 11,000 centenarians will also get letters demanding payment for a TV licence. It’s nothing short of a scandal.

This is lovely news. The Paston Letters are a must-read for those interested in medieval England, and Margaret is front and centre in them.

Guto Bebb(Tory) - I was not elected to see a quarter of all the farmers in my constituency disappear with a #NoDeal... if I have to bring down the government to stop the destruction of my constituency then I will do it.

#PeoplesVote #alloutpolitics #politicslive

Congratulations, Imogen Lang on your graduation day!

I mean the guy who’d be running against the thrice-married accused rapist and serial sexual abuser party buddy of Jeffrey Epstein who paid $130K in hush money to a porn star.

great piece but should have mentioned Le Fooding.. (and @RebeccaSpang book on origins of the restaurant from which much of historical detail taken)

@simon_schama @IanDunt A Congress in which Nancy Pelosi and Sen Richard Neale have stated will not pass any UK/US trade deal should the GFA be undermined.

and yes it was "Jews go back to Palestine" before it was "Jews get out of Palestine"

really EXCELLENT, important piece by the laser-focussed and invincibly informed @IanDunt