Kimberley Chambers

Kimberley Chambers


Kimberley Chambers is the Sunday Times Number One Best-Selling author of thirteen novels, including the hugely successful ‘Butlers Series’ and ‘The Mitchell/O’Hara Saga’.

Her novels are set in the gritty underworld of the East End/Essex. Her distinctive style, full of humour, warmth and violence has developed a loyal and growing fan base. She has been hailed as ‘the next Martina Cole’.

Kimberley had not written a word until the age of thirty-eight when she decided to change her life and write her first novel, ‘Billie Jo’. She’d previously worked as a market trader on East-End markets, a pub DJ and a mini-cab driver. She was born in Romford, grew up in Dagenham and now lives in Hornchurch.

Her latest novel, Life of Crime, reached number 1 in the Sunday Times bestselling hardback list, and the top 10 in the paperback list.

Her fourteenth novel, The Sting, is due to be published in February 2019.

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