Kimberley Chambers

Kimberley Chambers


Kimberley Chambers is the Sunday Times Number One Best-Selling author of thirteen novels, including the hugely successful ‘Butlers Series’ and ‘The Mitchell/O’Hara Saga’.

Her novels are set in the gritty underworld of the East End/Essex. Her distinctive style, full of humour, warmth and violence has developed a loyal and growing fan base. She has been hailed as ‘the next Martina Cole’.

Kimberley had not written a word until the age of thirty-eight when she decided to change her life and write her first novel, ‘Billie Jo’. She’d previously worked as a market trader on East-End markets, a pub DJ and a mini-cab driver. She was born in Romford, grew up in Dagenham and now lives in Hornchurch.

Her latest novel, Life of Crime, reached number 1 in the Sunday Times bestselling hardback list, and the top 10 in the paperback list.

Her fourteenth novel, The Sting, is due to be published in February 2019.

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This clip of New York in 1930s starts on Manhattan's West Side, at 12th Avenue and 42nd Street.

It has been restored, colorized, boosted at 60 fps and sound has been added for the ambiance.

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