The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods

The Peculiar Peggs of Riddling Woods

Samuel J Halpin

“A thrilling read… flavoured with fairy tales, drizzled with a syrup of fear and sprinkled with heart.” –M.G. Leonard

“A story woven in the finest of silk threads and stitched full of imagination. Poppy and Erasmus will warm even the coldest of beating hearts!” –Helena Duggan, author of A Place Called Perfect

“A deliciously dark tale with an original premise.” –Lisa Thompson

“Halpin said that he wanted his book to be frightening, and much of it is – with a darker tone than much of the fantasy in this age range. But he is too witty a writer to be truly ghoulish. The real joy of his writing lies in his ability to observer adult vanities through the eyes of a child.” —The Telegraph

This is the story of a sleepy town called Suds. A place where stories fill the air of children who keep turning grey and disappearing without a traceā€¦

Poppy and Erasmus are certain there’s something peculiar going on in Suds, and they’re determined to unravel its secrets. But when they discover the answers might lie in the dark and twisting woods, can they find the courage to creep inside and solve this riddling mystery?