Silvia Molteni Taking Submissions

Silvia Molteni

Literary Agent

Silvia Molteni is the dedicated children’s books Agent at PFD. She is building her own list of clients alongside selling foreign rights in our children’s and YA titles worldwide. Silvia also handles all audio rights for the agency.


What I'm looking for...

I am actively looking for Middle Grade novels, strong and diverse voices with brave narratives and contemporary and realistic settings, edgy, funny and moving Middle Grade fiction.

I am also looking for YA fiction across all genres, but on my wish list at the moment is finding a great psychological thriller.

I am also on the hunt for non-fiction books aimed at children and YA – from memoirs to manuals, popular science and humorous books.

Generally speaking, across MG and YA fiction, I am drawn to voice-driven and character-driven narratives, LGBTQI story-lines and characters, endearing narrators, magical realism and upmarket literary fiction.



Silvia Molteni @sfmolteni

I am taking submissions!

Currently looking for commercial YA and middle-grade fiction, picture books, illustrated fiction for younger readers, returnable series for all ages, and SFF.

Read more about PFD and how to submit here:

It’s COVER REVEAL time 🛸✨🛸 for #TheKidWhoCameFromSpace, @rosswelford’s mind-blowing new adventure, out in Jan 2020. Can’t wait for you all to read it!!!

When Georgie befriended an eccentric scientist, she didn't expect a strange illness threatens the life of all dogs - including her own, Mr Mash!

The Dog Who Saved The World by @rosswelford is today's audiobook choice for our #60for60 celebrations!

We are SO delighted to be publishing this new book from @rosswelford It's out of this world!
RT @rosswelford: COVER REVEAL! This is the first look at my new book, in shops January 2020. The artwork is by the ever-brilliant @tomclohosycole I love it! #kidwhocamefromspace

COVER REVEAL! This is the first look at my new book, in shops January 2020. The artwork is by the ever-brilliant @tomclohosycole I love it! #kidwhocamefromspace

I am thrilled that my next book will be published next January. It’s called The Kid Who Came From Space. Cover reveal tomorrow at 11.00! #kidwhocamefromspace

A very happy #bookbirthday to THE BOY AT THE BACK OF THE CLASS, a middle grade about the refugee crisis that touches on tolerance, resilience, and friendship 🎉🎉🎉 #newreleasetuesday #kidlit #booklove

VERY exciting delivery today courtesy of @DelacortePress. Everyone needs to read this book (if you haven't already). @OnjaliRauf @sfmolteni @PFDAgents

Happy US publication day @OnjaliRauf 🎉 #TheBoyAtTheBackOfTheClass @DelacortePress

All the books I’ve painted in the library #diaryofawimpykid #harrypotter #howtotrainyourdragon #wonder #thegraveyardbook #thehousewithchickenlegs #coraline #TheBoyattheBackoftheClass 📚❤️

Witches of Ash and Ruin is basically a weird, dark, gay love/hate triangle between two Slytherin girls and a Gryffindor.
Oh, and there are also serial killers.

THE MAIL IS HERE! THE MAIL IS HERE! And comes bearing hardback copies of the #bookbaby due for release next month in the USA!I'm so excited I may run up to random people & scream.(So sorry dear random people!)Thank you @penguinrandom! Beyond a dream. #TheBoyAtTheBackOfTheClass ⚡

I'll be at the lush-sounding @octaviabookshop in August, if you're in the area please come and say hi!

Looking for a spooky story for summer? @kidsbookcentre recommends The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray by @ELatimerWrites for ages 10 and up!

I also want to give a big shout-out to @ELatimerWrites. She recently revealed her cover for her YA Fantasy book, Witches of Ash and Ruin! Pre-order your copy now!

SO BLOOMING EXCITED to see Bloom nominated in the #NSTBA19 longlist. This has made my day! @flaviasorr @nicklakeauthor @sfmolteni

OMG IT'S HERE!!! I can finally reveal the gorgeous cover for Witches of Ash and Ruin 😭😭😍🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️

Exclusive Cover Reveal: Witches of Ashes and Ruin by E. Latimer

Thank you @Booktrust for letting me speak out about how difficult it's been to slay Book 2 demons - and the demons that need to be slayed in the real world too. 🤺 #TheStarOutsideMyWindow 🌠 With @HachetteKids & @lenamccauley

A fare compagnia ad Alexa durante l’avventura scolastica ci sono Tom, Josie e Michael. Con loro tutto si trasforma in divertimento puro...
@nuovafrontiera @OnjaliRauf