Silvia Molteni Taking Submissions

Silvia Molteni

Literary Agent

Silvia Molteni is the dedicated children’s books Agent at PFD. She is building her own list of clients alongside selling foreign rights in our children’s and YA titles worldwide. Silvia also handles all audio rights for the agency.


What I'm looking for...

I am actively looking for Middle Grade novels, strong and diverse voices with brave narratives and contemporary and realistic settings, edgy, funny and moving Middle Grade fiction.

I am also looking for YA fiction across all genres, but on my wish list at the moment is finding a great psychological thriller.

I am also on the hunt for non-fiction books aimed at children and YA – from memoirs to manuals, popular science and humorous books.

Generally speaking, across MG and YA fiction, I am drawn to voice-driven and character-driven narratives, LGBTQI story-lines and characters, endearing narrators, magical realism and upmarket literary fiction.



Silvia Molteni @sfmolteni

We're also delighted that The Star Outside My Window is shortlisted for the Children's Fiction Award!

Good luck @OnjaliRauf 🌟


TA DA! Terrified and proud to share with you my debut book, In Their Shoes out on 21st October with @JKPBooks & @PFDAgents - Pre Order your copy below, and I am just beyond words with how I feel right now. This book broke me, but allowed me to just be.

I'm so happy about this. Thank you, @MimiThebo, for reading so quickly and saying such lovely things. @sarahodedina @PoppyBookPR @sfmolteni

What should you do if you get stuck for ideas while writing a story? Start by stepping away from your desk! Watch award-winning author @OnjaliRauf share her top writing tip #FamilyZone

Just in case you haven't had enough of me waffling xxx

Happy Monday!

This week is #RefugeeWeek2020 - the perfect time to read the brilliant The Boy at the Back of the Class by @OnjaliRauf

There are some great teachers' notes & activities for the classroom or #homeschooling too:

@HachetteKids #unitedbybooks

July is coming up and we have some amazing books publishing from @PushkinPress

🌟ALL YOU CAN EVER KNOW - a memoir of motherhood, adoption, family & fitting in.
🌟SCHOOL FOR NOBODIES - a magical middle-grade delight.
🌟MISS ICELAND - An atmospheric story of creative fulfilment.

For #RefugeeWeek2020 here are some titles from our #ReadforEmpathy lists allowing children to experience and understand other lives @ABagForKatie @strangelymagic @catherinebruton #elizabethLaird @lucyjpop @OnjaliRauf @SitaBrahmachari @nicolakidsbooks @Frenci_San @WendyMeddour

Er...This just happened!👀Thanks to the lovely @hollywills & her son Harry's reading adventures, #theboyatthebackoftheclass is in @hellomag!!! Stick a thermometer in me. I'm done. (🤓 @lenamccauley @sfmolteni @HachetteKids @PippaCurnick) #FridayMotivation

In the lead up to #RefugeeWeek2020, you may catch me flying around on a hoverboard. If you do, it's OK. Your eyes are fine! It's just the magic of books and a genius called Pal Hansen making it so... Watch out for the free #Imagine anthology launching @RefugeeWeek on Monday...

Drum roll please!...we're delighted to say that the amazing #TheKidWhoCameFromSpace has been chosen as #ReadMCR's first ever Transition read. All 7,200 Y6 children in the city will be reading it! It would be 'out of this world' if author @rosswelford could join us too!

Say whaaaaaat? Er...I'll take it!THANK YOU to everyone buying #TheBoyAtTheBackOfTheClass even in lockdown & to all The Epic Booksellers still making this madness happen🤗I know it won't last long, so to celebrate, here's a peek of what's happening re Book 3: #TheNightBusHero 👀

@WilliamSitwell @sauldavid66 @JoffeBooks We have a treat for you in the #LockdownLibrary today - @rosswelford is bringing you an important newsflash from his new book The Kid Who Came From Space!
Read more about it here, and find out where you can buy Ross's books:

Don’t miss @OnjaliRauf’s brilliant talk on #TheBoyAtTheBackOfTheClass and her experiences of the refugee camps on @hayfestival digital - you can find it here ➡️

THIS IS THE COOLEST. Look at what it's right underneath wowowow!😱😱😱

SAY WHAAAAAAAT?! I didn't even know it was in the top 10!!! Thank you @andyjshepherd for sharing your bril news 🎉 or I'd never have seen this!I'll take being squeezed between @jk_rowling books any day of my life!🙃 Thank you to everyone supporting Ahmet's journey🎒You did this⚡

Strike me with a thunderbolt and batten down the hatches Storm is up for the next #PrimarySchoolBookClub ! Do you think it should be their May read? Head over to @PrimarySchoolBC lightning quick and follow the links to vote it for the May read 👇🏼 @HarperCollinsCh

The 5th May is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands in WW2. To mark this occasion, Billy Bones are releasing paperback editions of Owen And The Soldier with some incredible artwork by Karl James Mountford.
I think it looks absolutely stunning!

Don't miss the brilliant @OnjaliRauf on @ZoeTheBall's Homeschooling feature on @BBCRadio2 this morning at 07.40am! 📚🖊️

Lockdown Lesfic: Witches of Ash and Ruin, by E. Latimer