Josh Martin

Josh Martin


Josh Martin writes and draws his way through life and is currently residing in London. He has aspired to novel writing since he was a tadpole and has since graduated from Exeter University before completing Bath Spa’s Writing For Young People MA.

His particular interest in heroines, fantasy, environment, gender studies and wisdom led him to write his first book Ariadnis, published by Quercus Children’s Books in February 2017, and its sequel, Anassa, published in February 2018.

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You heard Baffi! One more week until the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance!

I hadn't even thought how difficult the mulefa will be to animate for the adaptation in a few years but here is a handy reminder they will likely be nightmare fuel.

Wow! That's gorgeous!!

I just laughed out loud because this is my life philosophy.

Say what you like about the movies - I keep coming back to Fantastic Beasts for creature inspiration... these designs are INCREDIBLE.

Fun facts: this is the Greenland shark. They have a lifespan of around 400 years. Most are blind due to a parasite attracting itself to its eyes. Their meat is poisonous and they do not attack humans. Let’s protect and save our oceans for these cool beasts.

#nonbinary and #genderfluid folks - what is your opinion of Spivak pronouns? I'm trying them out but I feel like they're too difficult to say but I like them because they're like singular "they" with a twist.

Me trying to figure out who's related to whom, who's good, who's bad, and who is when on #DarkNetflix.

This feels like a really important thing to be thinking about when we're talking about the Mulan remake👇

Everyone is right, Mulan is the best Disney film.