Josh Martin

Josh Martin


Josh Martin writes and draws his way through life and is currently residing in London. He has aspired to novel writing since he was a tadpole and has since graduated from Exeter University before completing Bath Spa’s Writing For Young People MA.

His particular interest in heroines, fantasy, environment, gender studies and wisdom led him to write his first book Ariadnis, published by Quercus Children’s Books in February 2017, and its sequel, Anassa, published in February 2018.

Josh Martin @whatjoshwrote

Women are more likely to have a good idea 🙃

Honestly one of the more exciting things about #GoodOmensS2 is knowing there will be more excellent commentary from the world's biggest Good Omens fan @ldlapinski

Luca was better than Soul. There, I said it.

i think this is in no small part why we are standing in a frozen conversation about feminism, because of the incredible myopia this particular vocal movement of bigots have - as well as their couching of oppression within what, ideally, would be an intersectional language. shrug

literally can’t imagine accruing that much social capital on the back of a children’s books series about ~not belonging and ~triumphing against evil then spending my latter career pivoting really hard into the elimination of a vulnerable minority’s rights idk man

Hi @Better_UK I really need some help with your app. I haven't been able to book swimming for four days because of this showing up when I hit "book swimming".

Oh super well deserved @AliceOseman! LOVELESS was so relatable and beautiful ❤ very pleased that this won among all those brilliant books.

✊🌚☁️☂️ much love and solidarity to all my ace pals and colleagues.

Some thoughts on gender. Mine, specifically.

I saw you on TV @BorisJohnson saying that Brexit would give you the power to ban destructive boats in UK waters. So why are they still allowed to fish in Marine Protected Areas? @VictoriaPrentis, @pow_rebecca - any idea? #DestructiveFishing

Like never in the world did I think she would be my queen decades later and the woman to her right would be selling $75 vagina candles

It is so fucking embarrassing to see fellow lesbians use the exact same Focus on the Family-ass arguments to attack trans people that were used against us like...less than a decade ago. Grow the fuck up

Did anyone else hear this set to "Sweet Disposition" when they read it??

When I immigrated to Canada, I was the only Chinese kid in a very white school

There, they made me hate myself. It took me years to learn to be proud of my heritage again.

Now I've poured my love into a book that's like YUGIOH, BUT CHINESE, and IT'S ACTUALLY GETTING PUBLISHED!!

I really really enjoyed this video and I feel like so much of what was said is applicable in so many areas. Especially in how femininity is handled in spaces. Thanks for making something meaningful out of the mess gorg.