Josh Martin

Josh Martin


Josh Martin writes and draws his way through life and is currently residing in London. He has aspired to novel writing since he was a tadpole and has since graduated from Exeter University before completing Bath Spa’s Writing For Young People MA.

His particular interest in heroines, fantasy, environment, gender studies and wisdom led him to write his first book Ariadnis, published by Quercus Children’s Books in February 2017, and its sequel, Anassa, published in February 2018.

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South Dakota is planning to execute Charles Rhines tomorrow. Charles, a gay man, was sentenced to death by homophobic jurors. They sent him to death row because he is gay. This is unconstitutional and just plain wrong. I’m calling on @govkristinoem to put a stop to this now.

UK to deport academic to Democratic Republic of Congo – which she has never visited

#UKYAPROJECT mark 2! This is Ruby and Kaz from @NonPratt's amazing REMIX! #UKYA #myart

SORROW VENTAXIS (in a more colourful moment) by the brilliant @MESalisbury

i spoke to more than 100 people about the sartorial choices they make to present as bisexual

Nose rings! Cuffed jeans! VANESSA CARLTON. I had NO IDEA that bi has signifiers but apparently I've been playing them out anyway.

Hello it's still #BiVisibilityDay and I'm using the last 40 minutes of it to direct you to my very bisexual books (made with 100% bi experience) 👉
In which Bisexuals save the world 🏳️‍🌈

42 pages into this glorious proof of THE MERCIES by @Kiran_MH and I had to make sure the window was closed because she writes so convincingly of the grey chill of the norwegian sea that I felt it on my skin. 🌊🌬 my favourite kind of writing!

I love the two Donna Tartt aesthetics: mercurial orphan or affluent baron.

YESSSS. I am more comprehensible as a human being if I meet people who, like me, can quote the whole of MCC and MTI by heart.

I'm about 25 years late but HEY THAT 1994 LITTLE WOMEN ADAPTATION IS CLASSY ISN'T IT??