The Radical Sabbatical

The Radical Sabbatical

Emma Rosen

For fans of Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Work Week, Emma Gannon’s The Multi-Hyphen Method and Otegha Uwagba’s The Little Black Book, this is the careers book for millennials.

So, you hate your job and your avocado obsession will apparently prevent you from ever owning a home? You are not alone; 72% of millennials want to change career completely. Every Sunday night we dread Monday morning and try to cover it up with Netflix binges and office beanbags. It doesn’t have to be that way, and nor should it be.

If you’re feeling trapped in your job, The Radical Sabbatical offers a way to rethink your career and figure out what is right for you, by helping you to:


  • identify exactly why you don’t like your job
  • figure out what you would like to do instead
  • offering practical and realistic guidance on how to move from your current job to your dream job
  • the importance of work experience at any age
  • 25 career profiles of jobs that you’ve always been told aren’t real jobs, from archaeology, tour guiding and blogging to alpaca farming, travel writing and being a movie extra
  • how to network like a boss, including how to use social media to get a new job
  • why a portfolio career might be the answer you’ve always been looking for
  • how to start your own portfolio career
    This step by step guide shows you how to find the opportunities, time and the money to set a new course towards work that you love, while challenging us all to question our career assumptions.

    In this candid and inspiring, yet highly practical book, Emma sets out the crucial roadmap for overcoming the quarter-life crisis.