Emma Rosen

Emma Rosen


Emma Rosen spent a year working in 25 different jobs before her 25th birthday – from archaeology in Transylvania, tour guiding amid violent protests in Venezuela and investigative journalism with a national newspaper, to an extra in a star-studded movie, alpaca farming in Cornwall and assisting the British Council’s crisis team during the terror attack on Parliament in March 2017.

The 25before25 project aims to promote portfolio careers, highlight the importance of work experience for all ages and advocate for more diverse careers education for young people.

Prior to the project, Emma worked as a Civil Servant for the UK Government and completed an MA in Applied Security Strategy. She enjoys adventurous travel and mountaineering in her spare time.

Her debut book, The Radical Sabbatical, was a Financial Times business book of the month.


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Students (and staff) were enthralled by @25before25 Emma Rosen’s brilliant presentation on her jaw-dropping 25 jobs in her 25th year. So many lessons: be brave, be daring, be creative, have fun, be open-minded about every opportunity & embrace the power of networking. Thanks Emma

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Radical Sabbatical .@25before25?, having graduated from @weareonetech's Pioneer Programme, are now looking to partner with other startups for their pilot scheme. Email hello@radicalsabbatical.co.uk for more details. Otherwise visit: https://t.co/PfJVPgr0Zn

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Advice from @25before25 author Emma Rosen via @NationalStudent -

" #WorksForMe is about encouraging people to smash their ‘side-hustles’ and embrace a portfolio approach towards the world of work." #TuesdayMotivation #StudentJobs


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