Emma Rosen

Emma Rosen


Emma Rosen spent a year working in 25 different jobs before her 25th birthday – from archaeology in Transylvania, tour guiding amid violent protests in Venezuela and investigative journalism with a national newspaper, to an extra in a star-studded movie, alpaca farming in Cornwall and assisting the British Council’s crisis team during the terror attack on Parliament in March 2017.

The 25before25 project aims to promote portfolio careers, highlight the importance of work experience for all ages and advocate for more diverse careers education for young people.

Prior to the project, Emma worked as a Civil Servant for the UK Government and completed an MA in Applied Security Strategy. She enjoys adventurous travel and mountaineering in her spare time.

Her debut book, The Radical Sabbatical, was a Financial Times business book of the month.


Emma Rosen @25before25

Today my 7th & 8th graders were NOT asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” but rather, “if you could try any job, what all would you choose to try?” I ❤️ that. Ss listed 25 & then watched TEDtalk @25before25 and discussed career portfolios. Thank you, Emma Rosen! 👏🏼

Teenagers struggling to get meaningful work experience during the pandemic?

We asked Emma Rosen, author and Chief Operating Officer of a careers-tech start-up, for her advice on how to secure virtual work experience during the coronavirus outbreak. http://bbc.in/33d2imS

Give it a listen 😎

It was a pleasure to speak to @LRGSLancaster virtually!

Corona left you with some time? Come join @BritishRedCross Community Reserve Volunteers! I'm worked with @TrussellTrust Brent today 😊😷 #FreelanceLife

Powerful new ad campaign from the Baltimore City Health Department.

Freelancer and worried about #corona? You and me both. Great article from @annacod on what the hell to do https://bit.ly/2xs6MsH #Freelancers

My advice for #NCW2020 is to explore ALL your options first. Don't jump into the first thing that comes along just because it's there/easy. In the long run, you'll be more productive and work harder in a job you actually care about (and this will earn you more $$)!

Next up on Work Happy we chat with Emma Rosen - author and TED talker famously known for her @25before25 project - about how to propel your career through work shadowing. Listen up now at: http://bit.ly/2OCVA2l

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Every high school should be showing this presentation to their pupils -before they choose their future career! https://youtu.be/8Swu8iiuFx4 @25before25 #inspiration #empowerment #careers #purpose #jobs

Have a listen to my #podcast with the awesome @workdotlife, where we talked all things work shadowing!

'All the stories about endless rejections are true, but that doesn’t mean you are a bad writer. Have some faith in your own abilities and remember to send very targeted proposal to specific agents.'

Big thank you to @25before25 for sharing her #MyWritingTip with us!

Really looking forward to our International Women's Day event at 4pm on 12th March. We have some great speakers lined up for our panel discussion, chaired by Emma Rosen of @25before25 and including inspirational women from @elthamians @ElthamSixthForm put the date in your diary.

Know any creative girls? We need their help designing our relay baton. Prizes to be won! Full details here: https://www.loveherwild.com/blog/competition-time-looking-for-girls-to-design-our-baton/amp/

After 300 interviews with people working in 25 industries @25before25 nailed these 10 questions to ask people about their careers https://www.25before25.co.uk/post/10-questions-to-ask-someone-about-their-career

This is super exciting from @Bex_Band - get involved!

Absolute pleasure to have spent yesterday with these lovely ladies at @everywomanUK, I've found plenty of new role models!

Congrats to Kelli Aspland of @solar_buddies who started her biz with 4 children, 1 with leukemia and 1 needing heart surgery. What a role model ♥️

Love that there is an @everywomanUK award specifically for women entrepreneurs with young children. Female entrepreneurs get only 1% of investment in the UK.

Congrats to Judy Murray - whose response to sexism at the start of her career was "f*ck you." My kind of woman! @everywomanUK