Emma Rosen

Emma Rosen


Emma Rosen spent a year working in 25 different jobs before her 25th birthday – from archaeology in Transylvania, tour guiding amid violent protests in Venezuela and investigative journalism with a national newspaper, to an extra in a star-studded movie, alpaca farming in Cornwall and assisting the British Council’s crisis team during the terror attack on Parliament in March 2017.

The 25before25 project aims to promote portfolio careers, highlight the importance of work experience for all ages and advocate for more diverse careers education for young people.

Since completing 25before25 in August 2017, Emma has launched her own portfolio career, the highlight of which is writing her debut book.

Prior to the project, Emma worked as a Civil Servant for the UK Government and completed an MA in Applied Security Strategy. She enjoys adventurous travel and mountaineering in her spare time.



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We've got just over a week until our next Debut Real Talk! 💃 To get you in the mood, here's a clip of one of our speakers - @25before25 - chatting about portfolio careers, the importance of work experience and more: https://t.co/69SwozbqI5

Not sure what to do when you graduate? Don't want to do a 9-5 office job? Want to try several careers?

If so, checkout @25before25's page to see how Emma tried 25 careers before the age of 25

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'The future of our world is only as bright as the future of our girls' - Michelle Obama. Happy International Women's Day 💪💃

A massive thank you to our wonderful speakers! Our Beyond A Levels Careers Evening was smashing. @25before25 @Raleigh_ @AmazingAppsUK

Did a whole speech this evening with my top back to front. Excellent.

The Radical Sabbatical is the brilliant book from Emma @25before25 who’s behind the project of working in 25 different careers in 12 months before her 25th birthday. It highlights the importance of gaining #workexperience to inform the right fit. https://t.co/hDpM76nVEh

When finding a park bench in the sun with your laptop is your office of the day ☀️

Great to meet you too!

Loved taking part in @HODigital panel today on resilience and innovation, & great to hear fellow panellists views on diversity in the workplace too @katyarnie @SineadBunting @clare0young.

Really enjoying learning about Emma's @25before25 experiences on #SquiggleyCareers podcast
Career Possibilities & The Radical Sabbatical @Amazing_If
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Year 11 enjoyed a fantastic talk by Emma Rosen about her @25before25 project and the value of work experience. Students were fascinated by the range of roles she had tried, from Farming to Crisis Management, learning some valuable tips about securing placements #careerlearning

I spoke to the @FT about how a sabbatical can benefit you — and your employer @JaninaConboye https://t.co/DqsoaWB755

Two years ago today, I was learning what it's like to be an alpaca farmer with @MoorViewAlpacas. It was one of the best placements I did. Here's why... 1/6

The report argues that “career stereotypes” can form at an early age and put constraints on what young people think they can achieve @CareersWeek https://t.co/6DGwWJHate

Join Love Her Wild founder @Bex_Band and author @25before25 for a writers retreat in the Pyrenees: https://t.co/rOVz2rzONv

Got a bad dose of #BlueMonday? The Radical Sabbatical is all about how to take charge and make a change 📚☑️ https://t.co/7xEGbPmtxo

Fancy joining a Writers Retreat in the Pyrenees? It's as good as it sounds! Now down to our last 4 spaces: https://t.co/LMj1P8doFv @25before25

37% of millennials have a side hustle! They can be a great way to earn extra cash, explore alternative career options, find purpose and develop skills. https://t.co/4miXzAYfqb

We are delighted to see 'The Radical Sabbatical: The Millenial Handbook to the Quarter Life Crisis' as one of the @FT's business books of the month! @25before25 https://t.co/4h33Ax3G4I