Leo and the Octopus

Leo and the Octopus

Isabelle Marinov

A brilliant book for building empathy. — Get Kids Into Books ― Get Kids Into Books

An excellent book to help classes in KS2 understand and empathise with how children on the autistic spectrum experience the world ― School Reading List

The world was too bright for Leo.

And too loud.

“I must be living on the wrong planet,” Leo thought.

Leo struggles to make sense of the world. He doesn’t understand the other children in his class, and they don’t seem to understand him. But then one day, Leo meets Maya.

Maya is an octopus, and the more Leo learns about her, the more he thinks that perhaps he isn’t alone in this world, after all.

“The sensitive descriptions throughout the book of what it is like to have autism are accurate and perceptive on so many levels” (Professor Tony Attwood, author of Asperger’s Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals).

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