S.M. Wilson

S.M. Wilson

S.M. Wilson lives on the west coast of Scotland with her fiancé and two sons. Her day job is as a nurse in public health – and her dream job is writing fiction. Her love of YA fiction started as a teenager and has never stopped. She has written five YA books so far covering dinosaurs in THE EXTINCTION TRIALS, EXILE and REBEL, and space in THE INFINITY FILES and THE INFINITY GUARDIANS. Who knows what will come next?

S.M. Wilson/Scarlet Wilson @susanwilsonbook

Oor own @ifulton81 has a Burns poem to deliver from the community pharmacy team in @NHSaaa 🎶 💊

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Do not turn on the lights.
Do not go to sleep.
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She wrote the perfect murder. 🖊
Someone carried it out. 😲

Happy Publication Day to @RavenaGuron's gripping YA thriller #ThisBookKills 🤩

Perfect for fans of Holly Jackson and Karen McManus!

#ukteenchat. Just finished the book. Loved it. Creepy as……. And thank you for introducing me to the creepy pasta term which had passed me by. After a few google searches I will not do that again!!!!

That old preorder game when you order books months before they come out, then find out you’ll get them more than a week after release day. Remember the days when if you preordered you got them on the day of release? I’m starting to think I imagined it.

The best and simplest explanation around pay.

When you make yourself three crackers with cheese but recognise that not all three will be for you….

Thank you secret Santa! #BertsSecretSanta. @bertsbooks

#MerryChristmasJustin from frosty Scotland! 🎄

Love finding my books in @WStonesArgyleST 🦕🦖🦕🦖

Thanks so much to @heraldscotland and @scottishbktrust for including The Infinity Files in the 12 best books to give as gifts this Christmas. Much appreciated! @SarahLStewart_ @SarahHornsley @Usborne @PFDAgents https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/23174441.12-best-books-give-gifts-christmas/

Did I ever tell you I have the best dog on the planet??

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Really fascinated by this. I hope this helps some families

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Happy publication day Fiona ❤️@FionaLucasBooks

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Just watched the Asda Christmas advert with Buddy the Elf. How on earth did they manage that????