S.M. Wilson

S.M. Wilson

S.M. Wilson lives on the west coast of Scotland with her fiancé and two sons. Her day job is as a nurse in public health – and her dream job is writing fiction. Her love of YA fiction started as a teenager and has never stopped. She has written five YA books so far covering dinosaurs in THE EXTINCTION TRIALS, EXILE and REBEL, and space in THE INFINITY FILES and THE INFINITY GUARDIANS. Who knows what will come next?

S.M. Wilson/Scarlet Wilson @susanwilsonbook

If you care about the NHS, please take two minutes to watch this video.

It explains why the NHS Bill - which MPs will vote on on Tuesday - will be such bad news.

Please let your MP know what you think of it.

Please also RT so others can understand too.

❗️Monday 22nd November - Change of @NHSaaa vaccination centre venue ❗️

Patients with an appointment for their flu & COVID-19 vaccinations on Mon 22 November at Ayr Racecourse should now attend the John Pollock Centre, Ayr, keeping the same appointment time. @sahscp

It’s so important we remember the staff who put themselves at risk for others. Covid is as serious as ever.

#GoodreadsChoice so many books missing this year, as well as the name your own favourite choice. Where is Richard Osman or Janice Hallett?

A photo of you as a child that encapsulates your energy

Happy #SciFiMonth 🚀 🪐 ✨

Looking for an out of this world space adventure?!

Perfect for fans of #Dune and #Eternals - the conclusion to @susanwilsonbook's interstellar duology publishes March 2022

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Who saw #Dune over the weekend?!

If mind-blowing adventure and epic new worlds are your thing - then don't miss @susanwilsonbook's explosive space duology! 🪐

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The Infinity Guardians lands March 2022!

Anyone have tips on how to get a phone answered at Apple Braehead??

Only £429 plus VAT to fix my MacBook Air that’s 1 year and 3 weeks old. No damage caused by me, it’s a hardware issue. Nice. @Apple

Fantastic shortlist for the @scottishbktrust Teenage Book Prize - @PatienceAgbabi @susanwilsonbook @HarryCook https://www.scottishbooktrust.com/reading-and-stories/scottish-teenage-book-prize/about-the-scottish-teenage-book-prize

Rick Astley covering the Smiths is the best thing you'll see all day https://vult.re/3AjtbnQ

It's time for another #ScotTeenBookPrize video!

Author S.M. Wilson (@susanwilsonbook) introduces her brilliant book, The Infinity Files, and answers our questions about writing sci-fi. 🎬 🪐 📚

⁦@WaterstonesPicc⁩ I love you!! 🦖🦕🚀🚀🚀

And in case you missed it, check out the cover for the stunning sequel, out March 2022 (designed by @willsteele and illustrated by @stonenexus1) @Usborne

Today my 12 yr son Tim is 41. His life was ended by an IRA bomb, but it helped bring peace to GB, NI & ROI thro @peacefoundation. Wendy and I wanted to make Tim’s life have meaning and I think we’ve done so. RIP Tim. Your light shines bright x. Please R/T

Escape into space with Ash Yang and her team as they fight to protect not only themselves and their home from a ruthless enemy - but the whole universe... THE INFINITY GUARDIANS publishes 03.03.2022 ✨

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So, someone keeps trying to hack my Instagram account. I have no idea why. And now I’ve just had a veiled threat on someone’s YouTube video that I commented on over a year ago that they will keep trying. Never thought I was this interesting.

By new sci-fi book The Infinity Guardians has just had its cover reveal. What do you think?


We're thrilled to reveal the interstellar cover for @susanwilsonbook's THE INFINITY GUARDIANS 🚀

From the author of The Extinction Trials comes the conclusion to the explosive adventure started in The Infinity Files! 🪐