Rossalyn Warren

Rossalyn Warren

Author, Journalist, Broadcaster

Rossalyn Warren is a feature and investigative journalist. She has written for The New York TimesWashington PostGuardian, BuzzFeed News, VICE, CNN, BBC, ELLE and Teen Vogue, among other places. She was previously a senior news reporter for BuzzFeed News in London.

She’s reported from across Latin America, Europe, and Africa, covering world news, women’s rights, Internet culture, and humanitarian crises, and often, the intersection between all of these areas. Her investigation into press exploitation of mothers in poverty was nominated for a 2017 Orwell Prize, and her interactive WhatsApp conversation with a refugee was nominated for a British Journalism Award. Her work has been used by CNN to grill Donald Trump about his ‘Muslim ban’ and condemned as “fake news” by the Burundi government.

Rossalyn was a 2018 Ochberg Fellow at Columbia Journalism School. In 2017, Forbes named Rossalyn ’30 Under 30′ in media in Europe. She named news reporter of the year at the 2016 Words By Women Awards, and she was shortlisted for new journalist of the year at the 2015 British Journalism Awards for her coverage of Europe’s refugee crisis. She was also shortlisted for the Gaby Rado Award for best new journalist by Amnesty International in 2016.

Following her leading coverage of online harassment for BuzzFeed News, she published a digital book on the issue, Targeted and Trolled: The Reality of Being A Woman Online, with Penguin in 2015. She was a Press Fellow for the UN Foundation that same year.

Rossalyn Warren @RossalynWarren

Zara Aleena was a carer to her mother and grandmother, and her family described her as “a joy to all of us” and “our love in human form”, as well as friendly, with “a passionate spirit and indomitable energy”.

4. Donors to anti-abortion committees since '16

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The clinic staff spent Friday canceling the appointments of 60-70 patients scheduled for abortions in the coming weeks.

“Some patients broke down and could not speak through their sobbing. Some patients were stunned and didn't know what to say. Some patients did not understand.”

⚡️ Reporters Without Borders: Ukrainian photojournalist Maks Levin 'executed' by Russian troops, possibly after being interrogated, tortured.

day 2 of just scrolling my feed, waiting for a new serotonin hit*

*a new Mick Lynch clip

A monthlong investigation by The New York Times found that the bullet that killed Shireen Abu Akleh was fired from the approximate location of the Israeli military convoy, most likely by a soldier from an elite unit.

a perfect song you can listen to a million times and it never gets old. gorgeous video, too.

I’m going to miss living on this street, home to the best planter in London - aka where our neighbours replaced their parking space with a mini green oasis 🍃 🌺

I’ll share some highlights from the 2022 @risj_oxford News Report about journalism trends - firstly, 46% of people (mostly women and young people) actively avoid the news because it has a negative impact on their mood. That’s up from 24% in 2017.

Breaking: European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg grants rule 39 request to stop the flight to Rwanda from leaving. Basis: real risk of inhuman and degrading treatment (Art. 3 ECHR). Please share - government must comply.

The "single mums not working trope" really doesn't work any more.

not all cities need to be concrete everywhere - walked through this grassy tramline in the middle of Barcelona today. cc @notjustbikes

watched 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' last night and *wow* what a weird and wonderful movie. it somehow merges about 10 different genres (?) one of the most original movies i've seen in a long time.

this is all very true: how experiences of childhood poverty stay with you for life

so thrilled the brilliant Hedley Thomas is back with the follow up to the groundbreaking 'The Teachers Pet' - it's been 4 years, and now the case unfolds in real time. can't recommend it enough:

For people who have been studying the misinformation campaign around the Depp v Heard trial, this verdict is chilling. The success of Depp’s “redemption arc” narrative reveals a lot about our social media platforms and ourselves.

A thread of things I learned during Depp v Heard:

What a deeply bleak outcome. There will be victims who watched this case unfold as a vicious abuse spectacle and a joke on social media, and they will not come forward. And all this case has done is fuel a false narrative that women make domestic violence claims to ‘ruin’ men.

refreshing to see a big data-led graphics project focusing on an original topic like this. great story on the underreported cost of breastfeeding, debunking the myth its "free."

start-ups (like this one) have the advantage of laying out a pay band structure from day one. unfortunately, all these new roles don't say the salary, and just say 'competitive.' Competitive against what?