Rossalyn Warren

Rossalyn Warren

Author, Journalist, Broadcaster

Rossalyn Warren is a feature and investigative journalist. She has written for The New York TimesWashington PostGuardian, BuzzFeed News, VICE, CNN, BBC, ELLE and Teen Vogue, among other places. She was previously a senior news reporter for BuzzFeed News in London.

She’s reported from across Latin America, Europe, and Africa, covering world news, women’s rights, Internet culture, and humanitarian crises, and often, the intersection between all of these areas. Her investigation into press exploitation of mothers in poverty was nominated for a 2017 Orwell Prize, and her interactive WhatsApp conversation with a refugee was nominated for a British Journalism Award. Her work has been used by CNN to grill Donald Trump about his ‘Muslim ban’ and condemned as “fake news” by the Burundi government.

Rossalyn was a 2018 Ochberg Fellow at Columbia Journalism School. In 2017, Forbes named Rossalyn ’30 Under 30′ in media in Europe. She named news reporter of the year at the 2016 Words By Women Awards, and she was shortlisted for new journalist of the year at the 2015 British Journalism Awards for her coverage of Europe’s refugee crisis. She was also shortlisted for the Gaby Rado Award for best new journalist by Amnesty International in 2016.

Following her leading coverage of online harassment for BuzzFeed News, she published a digital book on the issue, Targeted and Trolled: The Reality of Being A Woman Online, with Penguin in 2015. She was a Press Fellow for the UN Foundation that same year.

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A heavily pregnant nurse who had tested positive for Covid-19 has died, Channel 4 News has learned.

We understand that the 28-year-old nurse underwent an emergency caesarean to deliver and save her baby daughter.

Newborn babies at a hospital in Bangkok are being given mini face shields. 📷 @GettyImages

The last real taboo in Britain is to ask someone who went to public school what role they think it played in their success

just met this dog on my daily walk (her owners were on a canal boat nearby.) please note her tiny paw on my shoe.

*me in 10 years*

cashier: sir your bill is $20.20


Kimberley Finlayson, 53
Darrell Blakeley, 88
Leonard Gibson, 78
Craig Ruston, 45

just some of the more than 300 have died from coronavirus in the UK:

never seen London like this. there’s something quite beautiful about empty cities.

would be interested in seeing what this looks like in London, too.

I am tired of being a part of a major historical event

NEW: Sunday 22 March update of our coronavirus mortality trajectories tracker

• US has recorded 100 deaths *so far* since Saturday — already its highest daily total
• UK & US well beyond death tolls when many countries locked down

Live version here:

Waterstones has reversed its decision and now plans to close its stores.