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Kate Evans

Literary Agent & Publisher of Agora Books

Kate Evans is the Publisher of Agora Books and an Agent representing journalism and a small list of non-fiction.

She studied English Literature and Journalism in Australia and New York and worked variously in music, magazines, and literary festivals before beginning her publishing career at Hachette Australia in 2012.

She joined PFD in 2014 and launched Agora Books in 2018.

Kate Evans @kateeevans

Sold on this from the dedication alone ❤️

To apply for settled status, begin at the London Eye. Do the roly poly and enter a public toilet. Behind the cistern you will find a Game Boy manufactured in 1991. Play and win at Tetris. Send all documentation on pink scented paper to the HO via pigeon. Pay 1000 pounds. EASY! https://t.co/XkPIpvoEaH

this isn’t a topic I typically cover, but it’s taken me my entire adult life to write about it.


please read and share, to help normalise the long overdue conversation about this country’s problem with alcoholism.

Sylvie Fleury, ''Moisturizing Is the Answer'', 1996, neon installation #womensart

You guys, the Twitter reaction to my book about women and anger is serving as a kind of meta advertisement for the reactions I write about in my book about women and anger:

Three thieves stole a shark from an aquarium by removing it from a tank and disguising it as a baby in a pushchair https://t.co/Ly1hXzoCum

When we say "libraries are vital" its interpreted as some kind of twee Rory Gilmore "oh, but i do LOVE to READ!" liberal fantasy, but it's not about the books. It's about a safe, clean, place with computers where you can sit down for as long as you want https://t.co/WYeuYs1AQh