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Kate Evans

Literary Agent

Kate Evans is an agent representing books and journalism.

She studied English Literature and Journalism in Australia and New York and worked variously in music, magazines, and literary festivals before beginning her publishing career at Hachette Australia in 2012.

What I'm looking for...

I am actively building a list of authors writing non-fiction and fiction.

I’m looking for non-fiction that says something about the way we live- from beautiful narrative non-fiction with a strong voice to passionate manifestos from experts in their fields. Whether it’s popular science, big ideas, nature writing, memoir, fresh approaches to history or insightful takes on pop culture, I am drawn to writing that makes social, political, and economic issues accessible and engaging.

On the fiction side I read widely but the common thread that runs through most novels I love is a sharply observed take on relationships and strong characters I’ll think about long after I’ve left them on the page. I want a book I can gleefully, greedily consume- that kind of crying in public, ignoring your friends level compulsiveness… but I also want it to be beautifully put together. To steal from Donna Tartt, who explains this better than I ever could, I’m eternally looking for a balance of “density and speed”.

Some writers I love (in addition to all of my own): Claire Lombardo, Meg Wolitzer, Rachel Cusk, Sloane Crosley, Lauren Groff, Helen Fielding, Emily Rapp Black, Mhairi McFarlane, Dani Shapiro, Anna Hope

Kate Evans @kateeevans

The first of approx 7000 tweets/ messages/ phone calls/ incidents of borderline street harassment from me regarding this book. If the idea of talking about yourself makes you want to break into a run this is an essential purchase for 2020. Gift it to your future self now, go on.

Very very excited for what will be a wildly important book. CONGRATULATIONS @MariliaSavvides @Joeli_Brearley

She’s not wrong.

Thrilled I now have an excuse to push this thought on even more people #IWantedYouToKnow

Making me cry at my desk/ on the street/ in a coffee queue (as ever)... but also kicking off my favourite thing @LauraPAuthor has ever let me work on #IWantedYouToKnow is coming in Oct 3 until then we're sharing wisdom from amazing women in our lives& we'd love for you to join us

Could not be more excited about this book. Working with @KenyaNHunt is a dream and I couldn't be happier her amazing work has found a home with @Charlo_Murs and @editortara @HQstories cannot wait to see GIRL in the world. https://www.thebookseller.com/news/hq-snaps-elle-deputy-editors-take-womanhood-and-blackness-1033796

THE NEWS IS OUT!! @KenyaNHunt your words blew me away when I first read them and I'm beyond thrilled to be publishing the phenomenal GIRL next year! Welcome to @HQstories! 💥🍾 @kateeevans https://twitter.com/thebookseller/status/1147065327768879104

In the brief gaps between being really opinionated about what you should read, I occasionally get really opinionated about plastic cups- here's our guide to cutting festival waste without really trying @medo_cup https://medocup.co/blogs/news/is-it-possible-to-go-plastic-free-at-a-festival #plasticfreefestivals

Legitimately useful.

‘Recycling of single use plastic cups is so scarce that it’s basically not a thing.’ @oldspeak1 in @DJmag on the big big problem with single use cups.

Making Trump land at Stansted is more insulting than not inviting him

The people who belittle @AOC for being a former waitress are the same faulting @ewarren for billing out at $675/hr. So how much exactly should world-changing women make?

Top review for a top book. Primarily because it uses the phrase 'odd duck' more than once, but it has other strengths also... @laurabirdland @richardroper https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/28/books/review/richard-roper-how-not-to-die-alone.html

This book is gonna be AMAZING. Congrats to @Stefaniesw @kateeevans and @SusannahOtter! https://twitter.com/thebookseller/status/1126762547640717313

v exciting news for the only girl that could convince me 'networking' isn't just a particularly pure form of torture. SO excited for you and all the people you'll inspire @Stefaniesw 🍾

Don’t miss @BBCRadio4 at 11.30am for @KenyaNHunt on race and fashion. Or if you’re WAY too busy & important, catch up here... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0004f1p

Sold on this from the dedication alone ❤️

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this isn’t a topic I typically cover, but it’s taken me my entire adult life to write about it.


please read and share, to help normalise the long overdue conversation about this country’s problem with alcoholism.

Sylvie Fleury, ''Moisturizing Is the Answer'', 1996, neon installation #womensart