Kate Evans Taking Submissions

Kate Evans

Literary Agent & Publisher of Agora Books

Kate Evans is an agent representing books and journalism and Publisher of Agora Books.

She studied English Literature and Journalism in Australia and New York and worked variously in music, magazines, and literary festivals before beginning her publishing career at Hachette Australia in 2012.

She joined PFD in 2014 and launched Agora Books in 2018.

What I'm looking for...

Kate is looking for fresh non-fiction that says something about the way we live…

Beautiful narrative non-fiction with a strong voice, inspiring new approaches to relationships, business, or everyday life, writing that makes social, political, and economic issues accessible and engaging, or intriguing cultural & scientific commentary.

Fiction that does the same and/ or writing that makes her want to read and re-read individual sentences are equally welcome.

Kate also commissions commercial fiction at Agora Books. For more on the submissions process, go to agorabooks.co

Kate Evans @kateeevans

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v exciting news for the only girl that could convince me 'networking' isn't just a particularly pure form of torture. SO excited for you and all the people you'll inspire @Stefaniesw 🍾

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this isn’t a topic I typically cover, but it’s taken me my entire adult life to write about it.


please read and share, to help normalise the long overdue conversation about this country’s problem with alcoholism.

Sylvie Fleury, ''Moisturizing Is the Answer'', 1996, neon installation #womensart

You guys, the Twitter reaction to my book about women and anger is serving as a kind of meta advertisement for the reactions I write about in my book about women and anger: