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Robert Skidelsky


Robert Skidelsky is Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at the University of Warwick. His three volume biography of the economist John Maynard Keynes (1983, 1992, 2000) received numerous prizes, including the Lionel Gelber Prize for International Relations and the Council on Foreign Relations Prize for International Relations. In Norman Stone’s words, “This three-volume life of the British economist should be given a Nobel Prize for History if there was such a thing”. Robert is the author of the The World After Communism (1995). He was made a life peer in 1991, and was elected Fellow of the British Academy in 1994.

Robert has given countless speeches at conferences, the Social Market Foundation and elsewhere. Most recently, he addressed the House of Lords on currency fluctuations in November 2016.

Robert Skidelsky @RSkidelsky

Here's my latest interview with Georgian Public Broadcaster.

New episode! What if government promised a job to anyone who needed one at any time? We discuss the jobs guarantee with @RSkidelsky & @ptcherneva.

AND @AmikaGeorge talks about the Free Periods campaign!

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I make the case for the Job Guarantee while @RSkidelsky explains why the old Keynesian full employment model failed.
Thank you for having me @Ed_Miliband and @GeoffLloyd
on the @CheerfulPodcast

My interview with @Ed_Miliband on why a public sector job guarantee is the modern way of fulfilling the full employment commitment made by democratic governments after WW2, and abandoned by free market ideologists Thatcher, Reagan, and their successors.

What it takes to make the euro work:

Placido Domingo: is he a victim of cancel culture? #PlacidoDomingo #CancelCulture

I am happy to announce the launch of a new video series with @INETeconomics, where I cover the parts of economics usually left out of Econ 101—such as history, methodology, and ethics—and I lead lectures and discussions with a group of students.

'A service economy need not be a servant economy' says Robert Skidelsky. Check out @phillipinman latest column on @ObserverUK for more.

We're at last paying the price of an unwritten constitution.The Supreme Court has ruled that the Queen has acted unlawfully. If this were the 17th, she would set up her Parliament in Oxford leaving the London parliament to the Speaker John Bercow (not exactly Oliver Cromwell)

Shorter working hours to be achieved by investment and a Job Guarantee, not legislation.
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I have been asked to declare my position on Brexit. My position is that I voted to Remain but believe we should now Leave, because a majority voted for leaving in a referendum, and all the political parties promised to respect the results of the referendum.

Robert Skidelsky champions a public job guarantee as part of a package of policies to reduce average working hours. See my latest post here:

Here’s the full version of INET promo about my new series of filmed lectures on 'What’s Wrong With Economics'. The ‘book of the film’ will be published by the Yale Univ Press early in 2020.

Watch more at If we’re headed for a #recession, blame the #economists who flunked #history class.

Economic historian @RSkidelsky explains why the past is vital to making sense of the present. #INETanimates

See why and I many like-minded economists think the austerity policy which UK Chancellor Sajid Javid has now officially abandoned was always a dreadful mistake:

My latest Project Syndicate article is about the devaluation of moral courage as a public virtue:

Here’s my latest On Point column For Project Syndicate, in which I argue for a job or training guarantee for all Job Seekers who cannot find a job through ordinary labour market either because automation or an economic downturn has made them redundant.

It would take too long to do justice to the nonsense of investment adviser @johntamny account of Keynesian economics. Here’s a link to his article:

Brilliant documentary film, made in 2017, on the life and murder of Russian dissident Boris Nemtsov, a genuine hero of post Communist Russia. Directed by @krichevskaya, scriptwriter @MikhailFishman