Neil Woods

Neil Woods

Author, Journalist

Neil Woods spent fourteen years (1993-2007) infiltrating drug gangs as an undercover policeman – befriending and gaining the trust of some of the most violent, unpredictable criminals in Britain. With the insight that can only come from having fought on its front lines, Neil came to see the true futility of the War on Drugs – that it demonises those who need help, and only empowers the very worst elements in society. Neil is now a board member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), a pro-legalisation advocacy group formed exclusively of ex-law enforcement officials, and he also starred on Channel 4’s Drugs Live.

Neil’s memoir, Good Cop, Bad War: My Double Life Undercover with the Drug Gangs, co-written with JS Rafaeli, was published by Ebury (Random House) in 2016.

His follow-up, A Very British War will be published by Ebury in 2018.

Neil appeared in BBC 3’s Drugs Map of Britain, where he discussed his time undercover and how it informed his current approach to drug legislation. Various publications, including the Guardian, The Mirror and Huffington Post have also featured his work.

Listen to his SOAP podcast here or hear him talk about Writing an End to the War or Drugs here.

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Out now: listen to the @UKLEAP podcast with Danielle Marin talking about her incredible life story and her book Top Girl

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I’m fortunate to have met Danielle. An incredible woman. Y’all need to hear this.

Are you activist curious? Then this meeting is for you.
There’s some serious talent there in Leeds. Good people making the movement grow.

Today we release an incredibly special podcast, we urge you to listen:

Top Girl: The Frontline of County Lines


For decades, successive governments have locked people up for longer and longer, purely to look “tough on crime”, and this is where we have ended up.

Prisons full.

Police resources diverted to the prison system.

When will these politicians learn?!

Anyone else find this an irritating news story?
It’s the wrong headline. If there really *has to be a response to Farage the headline should be “Londoners don’t care either way”

Brilliant work from our Nuria of @EuropeLEAP exposing the dangerous and unethical use of police drug sniffer dogs

County lines was an inevitable tactic of the ever diversified drug trade. Every time we try and ‘crackdown’, another string of opportunity will be tugged, and another gap to fill by someone who wants to get involved in the lucrative trade.

At @EuropeLEAP we have members in all of these relevant nations. We can all tell you, this will have no positive impact. The market will be unaffected. No one will go without their drug of choice. But, violence will inevitably follow this police activity

🎉 Curious Issue 28 with @timlovejoy is out now

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Totally agree. It’s a psychiatric nurse that helped me understand what was going on. His knowledge and expertise and care is astonishing.
Support the nurses. All of them

This week @timlovejoy has been curious about drug reform and spoke to ex-undercover operative @wudzee0

You can listen here:

Absolutely yes @russellhoward, thank you: Why it’s time the UK reformed drug laws.

Always fantastic when someone puts this into perspective for people to understand. As an organisation of police personnel, we agree with what Russell says:

Movement in Poland? Let’s keep an eye on this…

Heldere uiteenzetting als antwoord op @HBoutelier zijn oproep voor een debat over #drugsbeleid. "Waarom wordt alcohol niet in een donker steegje verkocht, maar xtc wél?" #ondermijning #ikmaakmedrug #drugsmanifest

5 decades of state sponsored abuse: #Spycops is about the mass surveillance of people fighting for a better world. Defend the right to protest free from violence against women!
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🎉 Curious Issue 28 with @timlovejoy is out now

🚨 Featuring @TheSumoGuy @OwainArthur @thebodycoach @wudzee0 @drchatterjeeuk @simonrim @jjenas8 @ugomonye


I joined policing 40+ years ago seen hundreds of 'drug busts' that have no impact on markets. It's time to legalize all drugs and put an end to this facade.

Police arrest six in Sydney over drug network ties

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