Neil Woods

Neil Woods

Author, Journalist

Neil Woods spent fourteen years (1993-2007) infiltrating drug gangs as an undercover policeman – befriending and gaining the trust of some of the most violent, unpredictable criminals in Britain. With the insight that can only come from having fought on its front lines, Neil came to see the true futility of the War on Drugs – that it demonises those who need help, and only empowers the very worst elements in society. Neil is now a board member of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), a pro-legalisation advocacy group formed exclusively of ex-law enforcement officials, and he also starred on Channel 4’s Drugs Live.

Neil’s memoir, Good Cop, Bad War: My Double Life Undercover with the Drug Gangs, co-written with JS Rafaeli, was published by Ebury (Random House) in 2016.

His follow-up, A Very British War will be published by Ebury in 2018.

Neil appeared in BBC 3’s Drugs Map of Britain, where he discussed his time undercover and how it informed his current approach to drug legislation. Various publications, including the Guardian, The Mirror and Huffington Post have also featured his work.

Listen to his SOAP podcast here or hear him talk about Writing an End to the War or Drugs here.

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The idea that prohibition is an attempt to prevent death is irreconcilable with the reality: people are dying because others refuse to put in place tried and tested harm reduction strategies. Thoughts are with those who have lost people because of the desire to criminalise this

As always, great work from @WeAreTheLoopUK - harm reduction advice that’s easy to understand:

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New Pod Bible out today! I have to say that I’m particularly fond of my Good Samaritan column this issue, I speak to a blooming wonderful guest! #NoSpoilers


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Exactly this! This is why we unequivocally support @anyoneschild members and their incredibly brave work.

I’m a big fan of the work of Ant Lehane. Well done Ant for this excellent tv interview!
I recommend following @VoltefaceHub and @LabourDrugRef to see more work from Ant

Once again we tragically see a rise in drug related deaths in Scotland. A new record level.

The horror of Scotland's drug death epidemic via @spectator by @JournoStephen

With the latest drug related deaths figures in Scotland standing at 1,339 is is clear to everyone that both @scotgov and @GOVUK have a massive responsibility to act and act now to address issues of support and rehabilitation. We can’t keep on talking as people die.

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Drug policy will fail until Gov realises how dangerous prohibition of drugs is. It’s core of all problems with drugs. Insane to gift supply to criminals,to criminalise/imprison non-violent “offenders” while others die of disobedience,ignorant of content/dose of uncontrolled drugs

Written by five of the women who brought the first case against the Met police for deceiving them into intimate, sexual relationships with #spycops, #DeepDeception is out in February 2022.

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Today, I'm wearing my old @RNLI @RNLI_Whitstable crew shirt, in pride and solidarity. #11

"The best way to help problematic #drug users, reduce crime and the strain on the #criminal justice system is to treat drug use as a #health issue like we used to in the U.K."
@wudzee0 @UKLEAP on @DameCarolBlack's call for change #listentolawenforcement

With much needed comment from @wudzee0 and @crimlawuk, thanks to @alexj_roberts for again taking a deeper delve into why current drug strategies are the same old same old.

Undercover cop explains why Boris Johnson's drug policies won't work via @JOE_co_uk

Undercover cop explains why Boris Johnson's drug policies won't work via @JOE_co_uk

- thanks to @alexj_roberts for addressing the issue, speaking to @wudzee0 and features @crimlawuk

"It suits the #criminal market very well that those with substance use disorders are pushed to the fringes of our society. #Exploitation is the oil in the engine of #prohibition." @wudzee0 @UKLEAP #listentolawenforcement
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Undercover cop explains why Boris Johnson's drug policies won't work

Spot on as always @wudzee0

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