Mark Carney

Mark Carney

Mark Carney is an economist and banker who served as the Governor of the Bank of England from 2013 to 2020, and prior to that as Governor of the Bank of Canada from 2008 until 2013. He was Chairman of the Financial Stability Board from 2011 to 2018. Prior to his governorships, Mr. Carney worked at Goldman Sachs as well as the Canadian Department of Finance.He is a long-time and well-known advocate for sustainability, specifically with regard to the management and reduction of climate risks, and is currently the United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance.

His book Value(s): Building a Better World For All was published in 2021.

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I’m proud to live in a country where a woman’s right to choose is so strongly supported. But the devastating decision today in the US is a clear reminder that progress should never be taken for granted.

Our commitment to protecting fundamental rights must be unwavering

Larry has been (literally) a giant of central banking. Big man, big brain and even bigger ❤️. Thank you Larry for all your service. @bankofcanada

NEW: Today #GFANZ announced our common framework to support the financial sector in a credible transition to net zero. This is essential to helping capital flow to companies w/ robust and credible plans to reduce emissions while growing jobs and economies

Thrilled to be in Singapore for the launch of #GFANZ’s Asia-Pacific network. @MikeBloomberg and I are clear: we need GFANZ in Asia and Asia at the heart of GFANZ to support investment, jobs and #NetZero action across this diverse region

A huge step towards a net zero economy was made today thanks to @EmmanuelMacron, @MikeBloomberg & Mary Schapiro who continue to bring the world together. Open and accessible #climate data is a critical next step for #GFANZ—providing accountability for the net zero transition.

Welcome the @CommonsEAC timely review of the transition of the financial system to net zero. #GFANZ will begin consulting on frameworks to underpin the financial sector transition. Looking fwd to engaging w/ the Committee to ensure the entire financial system plays its part

Our world is afflicted by a series of simultaneous shocks: climate change, war in Europe, the end of globalization as we know it.

There’s no hiding from these profound changes for us here in Canada. 1/5

Great discussion w/@Diop_IFC, @CHerweijer, @LSEGplc, Anne Richards at @WEF. We need a new financial system to fund an energy transition on the scale of the industrial revolution, at the speed of the digital transformation. #GFANZ

🌍 We’re halfway between #COP26 and #COP27. So where are we? In London, I explained that for the world to achieve its objectives, we need a sustainable revolution on the scale of the industrial revolution and at the pace of the digital transformation. 1/7

The @TPTaskforce has now launched its consultation on private sector climate transition plans. Credible and ambitious transition plans are vital for achieving Net Zero. @hmtreasury @johnglenuk

Always good to catch up with my friend, colleague and finance pioneer @hiromichimizuno #ClimateFinance

Ambitious, credible #netzero transition plans are vital to deliver the #climateaction needed to achieve net zero. #GFANZ looks forward to working closely with the UK Transition Plan Taskforce, launched today by @hmtreasury, @RishiSunak and @JohnGlenUK

The conduct of #climate policy will directly impact the efficacy of fiscal & monetary policies, and its interactions with the financial system will heavily influence the pace of job and wealth creation

The advance market commitment launched today by @stripe and partners has the potential to transform how we fund carbon removal. This is a $925M key to unlock project finance and other investment. 1/2

Today’s @IPCC_CH’s report reaffirms the urgency in limiting climate change. We must be resolute. Without accelerated investment in clean energy, more extreme weather will endanger our jobs, health & livelihoods while building problems for our kids and grandkids @UNFCCC #GFANZ 1/2

Great that @antonioguterres picked @cathmckenna to lead this crucial work so 🌎 moves forward on all levels. GFANZ will enable countries, companies and cities that catalyse NZ transitions that deliver emissions reductions, jobs and prosperity. #netzero #COP27

Investors need clear, comparable, & useful climate disclosure to manage risks & back companies that invest in job creation. That’s why the private sector-led @FSB_TCFD was launched 6 yrs ago in Paris. It’s why the world backed the @IFRSFoundation’s new #ISSB @COP26 in Glasgow 1/2

An encouraging start: >er accountability, sectoral targets, new policies (& clarity on the need for more). It will create more jobs, reduce costs for Cdns, improve our resilience & grow the competitiveness of 🇨🇦 energy & exports 👏 ⁦@s_guilbeault⁩

Today at #NABE2022 I had the honour of delivering the Volker Lecture. I set out why climate policies will heavily influence the pace of job and wealth creation, having an effect on all our lives from the stock market to the shop floor 1/9 #GFANZ