Kenya Hunt

Kenya Hunt

Author, Broadcaster, Journalist

Kenya Hunt is an American, London-based, writer and editor whose award-winning work spans two continents.

In September 2019, she became the Fashion Director of Grazia UK after having previously worked as the Deputy Editor of ELLE UK. She has written articles for The Guardian, American Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, The Evening Standard and more and is a former contributor to Kenya is a highly sought after voice on issues pertaining to the cross section of fashion, representation and identity and has appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Woman’s Hour, Sky News, Lifetime Television and more. As the founder of R.O.O.M. Mentoring, she advocates for greater diversity within the fashion industry by providing a supportive network for some of the best and brightest aspiring designers, journalists and image makers of colour London has to offer.

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When a group of headshots really says it all. Scroll down and check out the fashion section (well, check out the whole thing, but also the fashion section) -

Received my first book review today! And it's Kirkus. And it's good! Had a little cry and wall slide. #kirkusreviews

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She’s on both sides of the Atlantic! Here’s the American cover of GIRL - out in early DEC in the States and available to pre-order now, should you feel inclined. A massive thank you to @editortara and amistadbooks…

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“Words are not enough” - pioneering model and activist Bethann Hardison has a message for all the brands looking to make a statement about Black Lives Matter

What impact will COVID-19 have on the multi-million dollar fashion industry worldwide? @KenyaNHunt from Grazia UK and merchandise manager Annie Clarke discuss:

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