Kenya Hunt

Kenya Hunt

Author, Broadcaster, Journalist

Kenya Hunt is an American, London-based, writer and editor whose award-winning work spans two continents.

In September 2019, she became the Fashion Director of Grazia UK after having previously worked as the Deputy Editor of ELLE UK. She has written articles for The Guardian, American Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, The Evening Standard and more and is a former contributor to Kenya is a highly sought after voice on issues pertaining to the cross section of fashion, representation and identity and has made live and taped television appearances on BBC Breakfast, BBC Woman’s Hour, Sky News, Lifetime Television and more. As the founder of R.O.O.M. Mentoring, she advocates for greater diversity within the fashion industry by providing a supportive network for some of the best and brightest aspiring designers, journalists and image makers of colour London has to offer.

Kenya Hunt @KenyaNHunt

Y’all are doing everything EXCEPT getting the cops to stop killing bLACK people. I love murals, voice actors, and capital letters as much as anyone else, but I can’t enjoy it if cops are still killing bLACK people. A nice dinner in a burning house is not a meal I want to eat.

Happy to just win two awards at the British Book Awards #Nibbies: Fiction Book of the Year & Author of the Year. And there are TEN books by POC in the Top 10 charts - a 1/4 of all books! We can no longer be ignored. Here are my rec. new titles from my UKsisterwriters from March.

She’s on both sides of the Atlantic! Here’s the American cover of GIRL - out in early DEC in the States and available to pre-order now, should you feel inclined. A massive thank you to @editortara and amistadbooks…

Well, he got his wall! 🤷🏾‍♀️

“Words are not enough” - pioneering model and activist Bethann Hardison has a message for all the brands looking to make a statement about Black Lives Matter

What impact will COVID-19 have on the multi-million dollar fashion industry worldwide? @KenyaNHunt from Grazia UK and merchandise manager Annie Clarke discuss:

Add these talented Black authors to your shelves in 2020. Feat @KenyaNHunt's Girl, @BeeBabs's Love In Colour, @StephanieYeboah's Fattily Ever After, @slayinyourlane's Loud Black Girls & @CandiceAboderin's I Am Not Your Baby Mother #R29UnbotheredUK

What does luxury mean in the age of COVID-19? Coming this Tuesday: a special fashion issue of Grazia, featuring original artwork by @erdem @richardquinn and Instagram artist @sarashakeel on the covers 🌸 ‘I have often…

We are thrilled to be introducing the striking and vibrant cover for @KenyaNHunt's debut non-fiction book, ​GIRL: Essays on black womanhood! #GirlWeSeeYou

Arriving in hardback this November, and available to pre-order now!

Books and snacks have been getting me through this quarantine, so it is with great pleasure that I reveal the cover of my collection of essays, GIRL, out in November! After having worked between magazines,…

Racial inequality *IS* the Covid-19 pre-existing condition.

“Why shouldn’t an African-American have facilities that are at the same level of other patient populations?” the University Hospital of Brooklyn's chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine.

FREE ebooks for all @NHSuk staff from a range of fantastic authors published across @HachetteUK - inviting NHS workers to take some much needed respite from their vital work & lose themselves in a book
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Join us tomorrow! Regram @fash_rev - “Presenting: Fashion Question Time 📅
During unprecedented circumstances, bringing our annual #FQT event online means that we can share this exciting discussion on the future of…

Love you @sara_mcalpine 😍🥺

Forcing people to wait in line for 7 hours to vote is essentially imposing a poll tax as it requires workers to take off the entire day to exercise their constitutional right. I’d be curious how many voters in wealthy, white areas had to wait this long.

So #PFW went from a Sunday service to the whole Book of Revelations this morning. And the first three rows were submerged in apocalyptic floodwaters at Demna’s epic @balenciaga show 💨🌊🌪🔥 #Jesustakethewheel

Milan begins gucci

In addition to pages full of looks, the Big Fashion Issue has some very lovely writing including a relatable piece by Lisa Taddeo on how ageing, motherhood, and a cross-country drive altered her attitudes towards…

What does it mean to embrace the decadence of glamour during a time as fraught as the one we’re in? In this season’s Big Fashion Issue (my first w/@graziauk ) we’re exploring the return of OTT glamour on the runway…