Justine Bothwick

Justine Bothwick


Justine Bothwick grew up in Kent and Hampshire, and studied in London. In 2005, she moved to Italy and now teaches English in an international secondary school in Rome. She is married to a Roman architect. Together they have a flat in the city with a small balcony on which she grows her ever expanding collection of plants and watches the local birdlife.

Justine is a graduate of the Manchester Writing School’s Creative Writing MA programme and has short stories published in Fictive DreamVirtual ZineConfingo Magazine, and forthcoming in The Lonely Crowd, and with Nightjar Press.

In the Mirror, a Peacock Danced is her debut novel.

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Just seen this on an ad for a position as art teacher. Is this normal now?
I suppose they aren’t allowed to write “only able-bodied applicants under the age of 35 will be considered”, but that’s what it amounts to, I feel

@MrsFawdry @FloraSCooper Indeed it must. https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/news/education/toxic-schools-the-unfolding-tragedy-in-state-education-in-england/

This new blog was a lot of fun to write. I got to read 7 new novels + found out that English teachers possess talents beyond the reach of ChatGPT!
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People looking for your next book to read, do take a look at @LouiseWalters12's list - she has a great range, and with a #3for2 offer just now.

Great article from the great ⁦@RebeccaSolnit⁩ A similar theme runs through my LILITH: What if we looked at the world completely differently? What if we had never prioritised the patriarchal values of progress, domination and control? https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2023/03/15/rebecca-solnit-climate-change-wealth-abundance/

Subscribe to TripFiction on YouTube for balanced, unbiased, articulate and informed book reviews. Great if you are looking for book recommendations and reading inspiration. It’s not just about the setting #amreading

OMG YES. Even just at 36 I feel like it’s impossible to try and get an entry level role as I’m already past it! Great to see this raised 👏 https://twitter.com/thebookseller/status/1636397914279890947

Ok, look, no promises or anything, but here's an account some of you might want to follow: @WCRandomWords

On a brighter note, very much enjoying all the snowy UK photos today. I’ll always think there’s something magical to waking up and opening the curtains to an unexpected snowscape. Doesn’t happen often in Rome though!

On this day three years ago, Italy woke up in lockdown. How it looked at the Colosseum:

Just read the comments beneath a sponsored post for an AI writing app.
Do I even bother going on with novel no.2?
Perhaps we need the lit equivalent of a Doc label, like fine wines, to let readers know it’s genuine, human generated writing, with no crappy AI mixed in 🥺

Everything about this is brilliant! Good to have a positive news article to read for a change

"It feels as if a window has been opened wide and we can finally enter a new Italy, and this is a good thing.” @ellyesse

Loved this book, its bittersweet, nostalgic tone as Pietro recounts events from his childhood, youth and journey into adulthood. It’s about family, friendship and the allure of the mountains. And much more than that. There’s a film of it just been released, too. #amreading

Tomorrow! Still time to grab a ticket for our panel at @LeedsLit, and see me, @MarkMorris10, @Ali__L and @LMcKnightHardy discuss the lasting appeal of horror fiction. See you in #Leeds!
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Last September I met a snail farmer in Piemonte who had lost his entire escargatoire of snails. The rice fields in the region were dried out. There’s been so little rain this winter. @GiuffridaA writes about the crisis in the north of Italy

I’ve just signed up. More perceptions to be challenged to move to a more inclusive society. https://twitter.com/Ageing_Better/status/1622923376972136449

Ageism means we don’t value older people or invest in ways to help people age well.

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