Justine Bothwick

Justine Bothwick


Justine Bothwick grew up in Kent and Hampshire, and studied in London. In 2005, she moved to Italy and now teaches English in an international secondary school in Rome. She is married to a Roman architect. Together they have a flat in the city with a small balcony on which she grows her ever expanding collection of plants and watches the local birdlife.

Justine is a graduate of the Manchester Writing School’s Creative Writing MA programme and has short stories published in Fictive DreamVirtual ZineConfingo Magazine, and forthcoming in The Lonely Crowd, and with Nightjar Press.

In the Mirror, a Peacock Danced is her debut novel.

Justine Bothwick @Bothwick_Cro

Enjoyed this. Not what I expected. Uncanny/ horror set in long term care residence. Taut, spare style. Explores ideas about art & surrealism, logic vs emotion, reason vs instinct, the loss of identity through the loss of autonomy, time, and what it means to grow old.#amreading

Delighted to welcome aboard the fantastic @spookypurcell as our third author for the UK Ghost Story Festival - one of the best writers in the form working today! https://www.ukghoststoryfestival.co.uk/speakers

A terrible loss. Marcus wrote wonderful novels for secondary readers - gripping, playful, experimental + challenging. We'll continue to recommend widely. Dark Horse, Midwinterblood, Revolver, My Sword Hand is Singing to name a few

Really sad to hear that Marcus Sedgwick has passed away. I have so many precious memories of reading this book with classes over the years. The students always loved it, always excited to come to the lesson to read on, a round of applause when we finished. It made readers of many

Big thumbs up for this beautifully written, excellently plotted, creepy tale. Set in late 1600s on the Yorkshire Moors, full of gothic atmosphere. Thanks to @Rebecca_Netley for recommending it

If any teachers (or school students) read this and like it, I'd love a review or two up on @EngMediaCentre website on the publication page for the book, or Goodreads. It'd be great to get some reactions (she said a little nervously!!!). https://twitter.com/stevewillshaw/status/1590830041554092032

An incredible find in Tuscany. The Riace bronzes are stunning, so I look forward to seeing these.
Lots of interesting detail in this article by ⁦@GiuffridaA⁩

‘Exceptional’ trove of 24 ancient statues found immersed in Tuscan spa https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/nov/08/exceptional-trove-of-24-ancient-statues-found-immersed-in-tuscan-spa?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Amazing photo, frightening stats. When will the politicians wake up to this?

Climate crisis: past eight years were the eight hottest ever, says UN https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/nov/06/climate-crisis-past-eight-years-were-the-eight-hottest-ever-says-un?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Great description ‘bundles of fluff’ crossing 400miles of sea from Scandinavia to the isle of the May. Birds are just brilliant! https://twitter.com/SteelySeabirder/status/1585967403304902660

GCSE English help needed. My neph has been told not to use any statistics in his paper 2 q5 non fict transactional writing. I’ve always taught that judicious use of credible sounding stats is a good way to demonstrate logos.Any thoughts? #aqaenglishlanguage #gcseEnglish #educhat

Nightjar will be at @SmallPublishers sharing a table with @Confingo Fri 28 & Sat 29 Sept. Do come down if you’re around. We’ll have new & old titles for sale. https://twitter.com/SmallPublishers/status/1572961566030704645

Very pleased that this clutch of nightjars made it to Rome, and with no random customs charges either. Thank you @nightjarpress. That’s my halloween weekend reading sorted #amreading #shortstory #uncanny

I’ve just done one of Alex’s courses and would highly recommend. Alex is an excellent host and ready to help in any way. We had some really good discussions in the workshops.

Hello people. Quick question. If you were publicising a creative writing tutored retreat (in Greece), with only a small budget, where/ how would you do that? Writing mags? Any particular bloggers or influencers? Any suggestions most welcome. #WritingCommunity #AuthorsOfTwitter

Undeterred by the experience of publishing London Gothic, @Confingo are bravely honouring their commitment to the series, with Manchester Uncanny due on 29 Nov & available now to pre-order https://www.confingopublishing.uk/product-page/manchester-uncanny

I definitely recommend The Whistling for the spooky season. Now out in paperback

Glad I waited to read this when I had time to really appreciate it. A masterclass in subtlety and subtext, an exploration of friendship, disease and art, with layers of meaning that make rereading it a must. Looking forward to the collection, @polyscribe2