Samantha Brace

Samantha Brace

Samantha Brace

Sam Brace is  building a list of crime and reading group fiction.

After completing a degree in Classics and English at Memorial University of Newfoundland, she worked within a variety of roles and industries across Canada. She joined Peters Fraser + Dunlop in 2017, after attending the inaugural year of the Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford. Within PFD, Sam worked as Publisher of Agora Books, working on everything from editorial and production to sales and design. There she launched the Lost the Plot Writers Competition as well as the Uncrowned Queens of Crime series, which celebrated forgotten female crime writers.

What I'm looking for...

I’m looking for anything a bit dark and twisty. I’m still chasing the high I got from reading Gillian Flynn that first time, so I’m desperate for psych-suspense and thrillers with a sinister twist.

I also love a mysterious family drama in the style of Eve Chase – weave together a moody historical setting with a few dark family secrets and I’m hooked.

Mostly I’m on the lookout for superb writing that draws me in the from the first sentence, complex characters who I feel for, and explorations of conversation-starting issues.

I also like historical fiction, coming of age stories, and literary fiction, but I always prefer a mystery at the heart.

Just a note that I’m not looking for children’s, YA, fantasy, or sci-fi.