Jamie Susskind

Jamie Susskind


Jamie Susskind is an author, speaker, and practising barrister. A past Fellow of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, he studied history and politics at Magdalen College, Oxford, graduating first in his year. As a youngster, he was ranked the best debater in the world.

Jamie is passionate about technology (from AI to Blockchain, Robotics, and Virtual Reality) and politics. This year he will publish Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech (Oxford University Press, 2018). He writes and speaks about the future of power, freedom, justice, and democracy.


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Is the opposite of a triumvirate a tragedumvirate

It seems inappropriate to me that amidst a national crisis, when the country is scared and divided, that the PM is out campaigning and leafletting for the Tories in local elections.

This is almost impossible to believe. I can’t believe this is done in our name. The Home Office needs root and branch reform.

Just a reminder that the conflict in Israel and Palestine has more than one front

My thread from last year about the best leadership in a crisis I ever had the privilege to see up close: when Gordon Brown led Britain through the 2008 Crash, & led the EU when they & we needed it most.

You can all draw your own comparisons & contrasts with today. https://t.co/LiON6Lh1gj

Please take a look at this @johnharris1969⁩ film about Wigan after Brexit. It perfectly captures the pride, spirit and frustration I see and hear everyday. So proud of these amazing people who feel, rightly, that they still aren’t being heard https://t.co/VAW36iTDDo

@jamiesusskind As a psychiatrist I would add that even people with extensive training should refrain from commenting on the mental health of public figures.
It’s a form of psychiatric name calling, almost always directed at people who make decisions you don’t like

Tell you what I’m not wild about: people with no training in psychology/psychiatry/psychotherapy - or access to the person in question - soberly opining that badly-performing public figures must have “some kind of mental illness”

Things of value which Theresa May has obviously eroded:

1. Ministerial responsibility
2. Cabinet responsibility
3. Parliamentary sovereignty
4. Foreign trust in the UK
5. Popular trust in political institutions

Things of value which TM will leave as her legacy:

T May and Parlt-a pattern forms-no running commentary , tried to stop vote on article 50, meaningful vote imposed on her and not offered, judged in contempt of parlt and made no apology and now blaming parlt for daring to scrutinise her view that only she speaks for ‘the people’

Huge, huge debate over whether this is true. Gordon Brown was faced with a potentially far more serious crisis and did everything right. She has got absolutely everything wrong. https://t.co/NydvcEO9WT

If the deal is voted down, TM could (a) take the country off the cliff into a hard Brexit, or (b) resign, ask the EU for a year, and call a general election. Which would she do?

Watching this smuggery actually makes me feel ill

Sometimes I think we should give politicians a break. Then they say stuff like “people are coming up to me on the tube and saying just get on with it” and “I’m a vegetarian but I love kebab shops” and I think we aren’t nearly hard enough on them