Jamie Susskind

Jamie Susskind


Jamie Susskind is a barrister and the author of the award-winning bestseller ‘Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed’ by Tech (Oxford University Press, 2018), which received the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize 2019, and was an Evening Standard and Prospect Book of the Year. With fellowships at Harvard and Cambridge, the Evening Standard has written that Jamie “could be one of the great public intellectual rock stars of our time.”

Jamie speaks around the world about politics and technology, and appears regularly on the media. Recent engagements include Microsoft, Google, Harvard, Stanford, various professional services firms, investor and private conferences, and all the main literary festivals. He is equally comfortable delivering set-piece speeches to large crowds as he is in discussion in more intimate settings.


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If you’re struggling to afford Xmas this year and have someone in your life who loves tech and politics, send me a DM and I’ll sort you with a signed book. I have ten crisp copies waiting.

You are carrying a closed full-length umbrella. In your head are you:

The dystopian futurists of the 20th century never foresaw the gruesome horror of having to look at your own knackered face in an early morning Teams meeting

The antisemitism is just out in the open now.

Good to see a Star Wars series focusing on rebel lawyers.


90% of being a dog owner is devising and performing dog-related songs around the house

Extraordinarily brave, sad, and hopeful. We are all rooting for you.

There is little more obscene and cynical than multimillionaire footballers flogging worthless “NFTs” to their adoring fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo on Monday: "Manchester [United] is a marketing club, they will get its money from the marketing, the sports they don't really care, in my opinion."

Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday: https://twitter.com/Cristiano/status/1592520297290551308

Rishi Sunak [sweating, glancing offstage where Dominic Raab is menacingly tossing a tomato]: Dominic Raab is not a bully and I have full confidence in him

Did you ask him why he didn’t want people to edit paragraph numbers

This week's crypto-shenanigans should prompt a bit of soul -searching for those who work in the field.

Some thoughts on how to think about the social implications of blockchain technology.

If M.C. Escher wrote IKEA instructions
[source + read more: https://buff.ly/3TJypTk]

This is brilliant. Now do one for taking a long shower

When you unsubscribe from an email account and it sends you one last email to tell you you’ve unsubscribed. This is the face of that email

The idea that you can be made to pay for meaningful access to what wants to be the “town square” of our politics is a neat illustration of the difference between a market individualist and a civic republican view of the world. (H/t to @jamiesusskind’s excellent book.) https://twitter.com/StephenGutowski/status/1590407495339503616

Whipping sounds like one of those things where people chuckle about the “dark arts” in the same way they used to chuckle about casual racism or sexism. Then there’s a tipping point and everyone looks back like what on Earth was going on

when you’re a bit sad because you got bitten by a bigger dog whilst defending your girlfriend in the park but it’s ok because sometimes love hurts and you have to be brave