Jamie Susskind

Jamie Susskind


Jamie Susskind is an author, speaker, and practising barrister. A past Fellow of Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, he studied history and politics at Magdalen College, Oxford, graduating first in his year. As a youngster, he was ranked the best debater in the world.

Jamie is passionate about technology (from AI to Blockchain, Robotics, and Virtual Reality) and politics. This year he will publish Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech (Oxford University Press, 2018). He writes and speaks about the future of power, freedom, justice, and democracy.


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Remember that Boris Johnson hasn’t put together 4 or 5 serious media performances together in several years. Where he’s properly prepared, not pissing around. Says all you need to know about him - he was foreign secretary.


Quiz question - where am I?

“I'm an openly gay parliamentarian in the gayest parliament in the world, I’m an Anglican & my church’s teaching on sexuality is at odds with my own experience"

On the debate around relationships & sex education, Wes Streeting says "it’s about respect & understanding" #newsnight

The thing to remember is that for literally years, Labour officials at the highest level insisted that there wasn’t a problem (and implicitly that Jews were just making it up). Many will hold very high office if Labour wins.

"government is said to be concerned that adopting the definition could mean people who criticise aspects of Islam might be prosecuted under discrimination laws."

This seems pretty far-fetched. Hate crimes and discrimination are defined in law and adoption wouldn't change that https://t.co/rakt5qibNI

Just realised it is #mentalhealthawarenessweek2019 (loooong hashtag). It’s also pretty much bang on three years to the day that my suicidal thoughts and crippling paranoia became so evidently bad that a friend insisted I go to the doctor and ask for help.