Helen Donohoe

Helen Donohoe


Helen Donohoe is a Londoner of Irish-Scottish parentage who studied politics and government at Manchester University and the LSE. She recently completed the MA in Creative Writing (Novels) at City University, London, winning the PFD Novel Writing Prize with Birdy Flynn. She was mentored by Sarah Waters.

She has twenty years experience of representing the powerless and invisible as a campaigner, lobbyist, volunteer and writer. In her last role as Director of Public Policy at Action for Children she led the successful campaign to establish emotional child neglect in criminal law. She is a highly experienced public speaker and media spokesperson with frequent appearances on BBC News, SKY News, ITN and BBC Radio including Women’s Hour. Her written work has ranged from peer-reviewed papers through to blogs for The Huffington Post and New Statesman.  She is also the author of the young person’s book World Issues Today: Terrorism.

She is an Arsenal season ticket holder and has previously played football for West Ham United. She lives in north London.

Birdy Flynn is published by Oneworld Publications.


Helen Mai Donohoe @HelenDonohoe

We are proud to join over 700+ organisations calling on the Chancellor to #BuildBackChildhood by putting babies, children and young people at the heart of the #SpendingReview. Read more about our vision here. https://bit.ly/2Z5RtV3 #ChildrenAtTheHeart @RishiSunak @hmtreasury

There were 229,000 new cases of coronavirus in the world yesterday. The UK provided 20% of them. 1 in 5 of the new cases in the whole world was on our little island.

A brilliant opportunity - open for applications now!


How sad on this October day
To see our hedges shorn away
Small creatures would have liked to eat,
The hawthorn berries, rose hips sweet,
Blackberries and nuts and sloes,
But through the blades the banquet goes
Won’t somebody heed our words,
And leave the berries for the birds.

Barcelona has an amazing school cycle bus every Friday. Wherever you are in the world, few kids will see this and think “I’d like to be driven to school instead”.

When the project started there were just five children taking part. Change can happen fast.

"If you're never given that opportunity, then you're losing so many girls."

#Lionesses legend @kelly_smith10 on the importance of equal access to football in schools. 👏

Help #LetGirlsPlay today ➡️ http://www.englandfootball.com/letgirlsplay

The real reason for Brexit https://twitter.com/vonderleyen/status/1446516302408032259

Today the Government is going ahead with the Universal Credit cut, slashing over £1040 a year of vital income from UK families @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak. Parents could be forced to decide between heating and eating this winter. #KeepTheLifeline. Retweet if you're with us!

The richest man ever to set foot in the House of Commons is about to take £20 a week off our poorest citizens today. As the cost of food, fuel and inflation rises. Doesn’t get bleaker than that really, does it?

Tomorrow 4.4 million households, with 5.1m adults and 3.5m children, will see their incomes fall by £1,000 overnight. For 1 million households that will mean an immediate loss of over 10% of their income as we take the basic rate of benefits to its lowest level since 1990

This is a hard watch! You can see how much this means to him… https://twitter.com/PoliticsJOE_UK/status/1445032358269313025

"We've checked - in France Poland, Germany, Italy, NL, Spain - no other country in the EU - not even N. Ireland - is seeing the kind of problems in the UK"

Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you ! #Marr

1st UK journalist I've seen who did this, AND to the man responsible for it 👇

Quarter of Johnson Cabinet took Russia-linked cash as Tories head to Conference https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/quarter-boris-johnsons-cabinet-took-25123091?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar


“Never mind cancer outcomes”

I do, as it happens. So do millions of others.

This is stomach-turning, insightful and outrageous.