Helen Donohoe

Helen Donohoe


Helen Donohoe is a Londoner of Irish-Scottish parentage who studied politics and government at Manchester University and the LSE. She recently completed the MA in Creative Writing (Novels) at City University, London, winning the PFD Novel Writing Prize with Birdy Flynn. She was mentored by Sarah Waters.

She has twenty years experience of representing the powerless and invisible as a campaigner, lobbyist, volunteer and writer. In her last role as Director of Public Policy at Action for Children she led the successful campaign to establish emotional child neglect in criminal law. She is a highly experienced public speaker and media spokesperson with frequent appearances on BBC News, SKY News, ITN and BBC Radio including Women’s Hour. Her written work has ranged from peer-reviewed papers through to blogs for The Huffington Post and New Statesman.  She is also the author of the young person’s book World Issues Today: Terrorism.

She is an Arsenal season ticket holder and has previously played football for West Ham United. She lives in north London.

Birdy Flynn is published by Oneworld Publications.


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We must stand with those broadcasters who are courageous enough to challenge politicians who are economical with the truth, to call out the lie.
It’s time to stand with @Channel4News otherwise democracy is lost. RT

Psst! Have you heard? The #LondonShortStoryPrize is OPEN for entries. We want to see your submission – so send it in! D/L 5pm, 7 October

Hear from campaigners involved in the justice for Windrush campaign, including @SatbirLSingh @mcintosh_kim @ppvernon @ameliagentleman & chaired by @Hargraver followed by an afternoon keynote from @suebakerTTC on the #TimeToChange campaign https://t.co/bbB55OfRir

No holds barred! A #bloodybrilliantwoman https://t.co/10TxfrJvwf

There was worldwide outcry when the Notre Dame cathedral was on fire. Why is there not the same level of outrage for the fires destroying the #AmazonRainforest?

If you only watch one thing today, make it this exchange with @RashidaTlaib and @IlhanMN.

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Brexiteers like to say that Irish border issue is just confected by Irish and Commission - so I went to Polish-Ukraine Border to see how the EU made the poles impose a border during EU accession. TLDR. Borders matter #brexit.


... and dedicated to Bridget Burke - your #allwomen tonight was brilliant @KathyBurke. Nobody does honest, funny but feckin straight talk, laced with real love, like you

Twitter: help me with a food question.

Did your parents feed you “kid’s food” when you were little? e.g. bland versions of adult food. Or did you just eat whatever your family ate?

And what’s your family background?

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Pug found in park. In safe hands. She is very friendly and we all think we recognise her but she hasn’t got an ID tag. If anyone knows who her owner is could you call Karen 07961941557. Thanks

You can pass all the exams you like and still end up just a twat with a shed in a field.

London friends, the brilliant @BrickLaneBooks is hosting a #BeingVarious event on Weds 11th September, 7pm - I’ll be in conversation with rising stars @YanGeMay and @crawjill about their stories & contemporary Irish writing. Hope to see you there!

Have a lovely Sunday, kids. Be kind 😘 https://t.co/bP3UC67OJg

Hey gang, I wrote this for the Guardian about the true human cost of austerity. It's angry. As well it might be. https://t.co/fy6boTymDk

Delighted we have a brilliant Scot amongst us. Just what we need. Sorry @maureeendonohoe 😉We will look after him 💚❤️


The best way to honour Toni Morrison is to continue her legacy by celebrating and supporting Black female writers. So here’s a thread of fantastic women whose work you should read.

'If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.'

RIP Toni Morrison, 1931 – 2019