Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper


Carol Cooper is a doctor, journalist, and author.

Born in London, she was only a few months old when her cosmopolitan family took her to live in Egypt. She returned to the UK at eighteen and went to Cambridge University where she studied medicine and her fellow students. On her path to a career in general practice, she worked at supermarket checkouts, typed manuscripts in Russian, and spent years as a hospital doctor.

Following a string of popular health books as well as an award-winning medical textbook, Carol turned to writing fiction. Her first two novels were contemporary tales set in London. Ever a believer in writing what you know, she mined the rich material of her childhood for The Girls from Alexandria.

Carol lives with her husband in Cambridge and Hampstead. She has three grownup sons and three stepchildren.


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"With my 1 year old daughter being diagnosed with Leukaemia and already needing 5 blood transfusions and 7 platelet transfusions this definitely made me want to start donating.

"So here I am giving blood, the first of many I hope!❤️🩸" - Charlotte


So many strangers have been kind to me over my 66 years in the world, lifting my spirits with a smile, a small act of courtesy and, once, a kiss on the cheek from a Muslim shoemaker (female) to wish me luck in a French immigration office. Kindness matters.

What do you keep on your desk? Mine has always been messy but I like to keep the essentials within easy reach.
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And it’s well worth reading!

The Xbox game #AssassinsCreed took off in 2007 but ‘assassin’ has much earlier origins. Although opinions vary, the most often quoted root word is the Arabic hashasheen, meaning someone who’s on hashish (hash) & becomes murderously out of control.
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Marcus will be discussing take up of #PlGF testing in Wales where we need to see progress to support clear diagnosis of pre-eclampsia.

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Writers, do you describe a character’s appearance in detail? Thought about it today when I read @SebastianFaulks in @thetimes saying it liberated him not to. Realised I too prefer to leave physical traits to the reader’s imagination.
What about you, #WritingCommunity?

Genuinely are we as women not safe anywhere?

Here’s a thread of something that happened to me and my best friend tonight in a pub in Marlow.

Why should you read 'Not Little Women'?

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If you write fiction, or want to, this event on October 24 is not to be missed.

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Vandalising Auschwitz is the strongest sign it is needed even more.

Getting a blood transfusion today. Can’t know who gave it, but am hugely grateful to them. To everyone who donates their blood - thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy memories this #TBThursday of taking my (eldest) son to see the ducks in Ruislip when he was 18 months old. Back then, I didn't nag him to wrap warm. I just wrapped him up myself.

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