Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper


Carol Cooper is a doctor, journalist, and author.

Born in London, she was only a few months old when her cosmopolitan family took her to live in Egypt. She returned to the UK at eighteen and went to Cambridge University where she studied medicine and her fellow students. On her path to a career in general practice, she worked at supermarket checkouts, typed manuscripts in Russian, and spent years as a hospital doctor.

Following a string of popular health books as well as an award-winning medical textbook, Carol turned to writing fiction. Her first two novels were contemporary tales set in London. Ever a believer in writing what you know, she mined the rich material of her childhood for The Girls from Alexandria.

Carol lives with her husband in Cambridge and Hampstead. She has three grownup sons and three stepchildren.


Carol Cooper @DrCarolCooper

It's artichoke season. Yum!
Did you know that ‘artichoke’ comes from the classical Arabic al-kharshafa? The word also led to the Spanish, Italian & French names. The French added T at the end (artichaut) while the English has a K sound.
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Up in arms over first octopus farm. And no wonder.

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Today I had a slice of chocolate layer cake with author @DrCarolCooper

You can read the interview here:

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I’m having fun (and a delicious cake) with Claire Buss on her blog. Care to drop by?

Did you know saffron comes from the Arabic word za’faran? That’s also the origin of the Latin safranum, the Italian zafferano, Spanish azafrin, French safran and so on. Bon appetit (or rather bilhana w el-shifa)
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Aged 38 I applied to be a firefighter

Driven to make a difference

My partner strangled me in rage when I was accepted & left me

I've subsequently endured 12 years of harassment in the fire service for daring to be a woman

Do we still need #InternationalWomensDay


First pregnancy, twins - I was refused aspirin by a pharmacist due to potential "dangers" in pregnancy. She sold it to me only after I told her I was a Doctor & loaded up the NICE guidance. So much work to be done to change the mentality of HCPs around prescribing in pregnancy!

It's a happy, happy day when The Author pops through the letter-box.
Thank you, @Soc_of_Authors

Heard on #midsomermurders: "We are modern women. We fear nothing."

Antakya/Antioch doesn’t exist anymore. Not even one building is standing. My grandmother and aunt are missing. My friends and their families are missing. Every passing minute we hear bad news from friends & families.

No food. No electricity. No fuel. No nothing.


Another reason to love trees 🌳 🌳 🌳
Planting more trees could decrease deaths from summer heat in cities by a third
Via @TheLancet

My child is banned from the school playground/canteen for her hair, its neatly braided in a natural colour, I gave them a lesson on the history of black womens hairs cultural significance of braiding, they chose violence, @BishopChalloner has a racist hair policy!!!

Breaking News: Taliban issued a new ruling in Balkh province, Afghanistan, stating that women are not allowed to visit male doctors !!

And, no education to women as well, so no female doctors either !!
#Afghanistan #Taliban

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Giving jewellery this Christmas?
The synthetic diamond lookalike cubic zirconia gets its name from Arabic. The word “zirqon” (meaning gold-like) led to the name zirconium (element with atomic number 40). Cubic zirconia ZrO2 is denser than diamond but less hard.