Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper


Carol Cooper is a doctor, journalist, and author.

Born in London, she was only a few months old when her cosmopolitan family took her to live in Egypt. She returned to the UK at eighteen and went to Cambridge University where she studied medicine and her fellow students. On her path to a career in general practice, she worked at supermarket checkouts, typed manuscripts in Russian, and spent years as a hospital doctor.

Following a string of popular health books as well as an award-winning medical textbook, Carol turned to writing fiction. Her first two novels were contemporary tales set in London. Ever a believer in writing what you know, she mined the rich material of her childhood for The Girls from Alexandria.

Carol lives with her husband in Cambridge and Hampstead. She has three grownup sons and three stepchildren.


Carol Cooper @DrCarolCooper

What's happening today? Well, Action on Pre-eclampsia's Christmas campaign starts right now. Please find out more and help if you can. Your donation this week will be doubled #preeclampsia

Safari is the Swahili word for expedition, so it became linked with African game tourism. But the Swahili word came from the Arabic safar (= journey). Your journey may involve big game, or travel to the #WorldcupQatar2022 ⚽
Your conscience, your decision #wordsfromArabic

Stephen Fry feels sorry for straight men because women don’t like sex as much. Whatever happened to a shag behind a bush in Hampstead? Perhaps the fact that every 3 days a woman is killed by a man — that might have something to do with it.

Both the lute & its name come from the Arabic el-’oud, a fretless pear-shaped stringed instrument. The earliest instrument of its type goes back some 5,000 years. Since then, the number of strings has varied from 3 to 25. I think modern lutes may even have frets #wordsfromArabic

I’ve yet to disagree with a single thing @TrevorPTweets says.
“The belief that what can be spun matters more than what can de done has spawned a generation of charlatans & clowns.” Today’s column is a powerful must-read.
Via @thetimes

Please give a thought for parents of deaf children and have a look at this petition for free BSL courses. I hope you'll agree and add your name.
Thank you!

Here is the full APEC statement on the @mbrrace report from our Chair @OBSevidence and CEO @HelloFromMarcus both of whom are available to talk to the media

Shocked by today's MBRRACE report that shows 4 times as many women in the UK die from pre-eclampsia than in 2012-14.
Nearly 11 women per 100,000 giving birth died - 24% higher than 2017-19.
And only 22% of the women who died received good care.
Action clearly needed.

Latest MBRACE report out. A worrying upward trend in maternal mortality in the UK even after excluding covid deaths. 4 fold increase risk in pre-eclamptic deaths compared to the lowest previous. Care also not good. We need to learn from this. ⁦⁩ ⁦@APEC_UK⁩

It's #TrusteeWeek and we'll be celebrating some of our amazing team this week starting with the brilliant @OBSevidence our Chairman, who last week got up at 3am to chair our annual Experts Meeting.
Please give him a follow

t's #TrusteeWeek and we'd like to give a shout out to @robcruss a bereaved dad who does so much for APEC, speaking at study days, our expert day and being a voice for dads who have been through baby loss. Thank you for all you do Rob.

Do you know that even if these words were tattooed across my forehead, after 29 years in #ophthalmology, some patients still:

⁉️Value 2nd opinion of my trainee Dr
⁉️Ask when they’ll see the Dr
⁉️Ask when they’ll see the consultant
⁉️Ask who’s doing the operation


A native of the Southern Ocean & North Pacific, the albatross gets its name from the Arabic “el-ghattas” (the diver). You might not want to kill an albatross: these huge birds mate for life. Plus, as Coleridge warned, the deed could hang around your neck forever.

For #Halloween: ghoul comes from the Arabic word "ghoul", meaning a demon that inhabits burial grounds. In ancient folklore, ghools were said to be offspring of the Prince of Darkness.
Thousands of English words come from Arabic. Collect ‘em with the hashtag #wordsfromArabic

Cometh the hour, cometh the cat.

AFAIK it's illegal as well as stupid and dangerous #theresecoffey

As a doctor and medical professor, I strongly advise people ***NOT*** to give prescription drugs to family members and friends who are unwell. Please leave the practice of medicine to people who are appropriately qualified.

They say it's "Fetch Day". Not on my watch, pal.
#Caturday #fetchday