Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie is a young transgender YouTuber from rural Dorset. While still attending school at just 14 he started making videos on sexuality and gender identity, continuing to do so today with weekly uploads. To this day, he has reached over 300,000 subscribers. His work has been picked up by organisations such as Childline and Stonewall, and has been recognised by the Independent, YouTube magazine TenEighty and trans publication FTM Magazine.

His book – Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard – is a brave and ground-breaking first-hand account of his life, struggles and victories as a transgender teen. It was published by Wren & Rook in the UK on November 2nd, 2017 and by Little Brown Books for Young Readers in the US on May 14th, 2019.


Alex Bertie @Alex_Bertie

@jk_rowling Seems a good time to share this Thread on 15 Bad Faith arguments used against Puberty Blockers. You've managed to hit most of them.

help me be myself this year - that's the best birthday present anyone could give me today!

Most replies on the Channel 4 news have 10-14 replies. This has over 1000. It’s an intelligent person talking about ideas and a way of seeing the world. Nothing in it is hateful. Ask yourself why people are so angry. Racism and transphobia are diseases.

This is so cool!

Amazing emulator turns 2D NES games into fully 3D worlds

Yes #ConversionTherapy should be made illegal, including telling trans adults and trans children that they're not trans.

Represent the T in #LGBTQ now & call on the Govt to safeguard trans rights.

HOW is this even a question!!? Of course it should be illegal.

@HouseofCommons @HoCpetitions Should torture be illegal? Is this really something that needs to be debated?

Moody beard progress 😱

Lotta folks in the UK - myself included - are finally getting their "I Like Trans" shirts! Ignore the sword. You can get up to 10XL and they're available for another 2 weeks! Ignore the sword. 150% of profits are going to @Genderintell. IGNORE THE SWORD.

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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! @thetomska ever since I played with you guys a few years ago I've been SO hyped for this game! Congratulations on the release!!

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JK Rowling unfollowing Stephen King and deleting her tweets in support of him because he said trans women are women proves she is specifically anti-trans in case you were under the impression that someone who writes for a living was just badly explaining a fair point

moments of artistic licence in Eurovision: The Story Of Fire Saga... a thread! (no major spoilers) #EurovisionMovie

Being a teenager is tricky and if you combine the experience with coming to terms with being a transgender man, it can be even more confusing. @Alex_Bertie takes us on his journey in his book, Trans Mission #ReadWithPride

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Every single therapist I've contacted has said they're unavailable...