Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie is a young transgender YouTuber from rural Dorset. While still attending school at just 14 he started making videos on sexuality and gender identity, continuing to do so today with weekly uploads. To this day, he has reached over 300,000 subscribers. His work has been picked up by organisations such as Childline and Stonewall, and has been recognised by the Independent, YouTube magazine TenEighty and trans publication FTM Magazine.

His book – Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard – is a brave and ground-breaking first-hand account of his life, struggles and victories as a transgender teen. It was published by Wren & Rook on November 2nd, 2017.


Alex Bertie @Alex_Bertie

It’s so sad that you would deny a person who wants to defend, and is will to die for, their country because of how they identify. Trans individuals are so strong and brave already. They do battle everyday. I can’t think of a better solider.

“Mentioning same-sex marriage in schools will sexualise children”

@Alex_Bertie watching the season finale of GoT season 7: "Sansa has been a wet mop for the last 300 million years"

The Trump trans military ban continues to have real world consequences. This is shameful for our nation.

Why do I drive 20 minutes further just to go to a shop that has self service machines?

Dude I love this

Hi friends!
Please remember that the social media influencers you look up to are NOT therapists. We are regular folks and not trained professionals. Please seek out help from real licensed professionals!!
Thanks 💞💘💕💗💖

That comparison tho! I have a 3 years on T video scheduled for Friday next week - keep your eyes peeled!

3 years already? i remember watching the first few testosterone videos like it was last week. everything happened so quickly but i guess that’s a good thing

Thinking of starting a mini series on my experience moving out for the first time with my boyfriend - is this something you'd want to see?

Just filmed a quick 3 years on testosterone video for you guys! 😅 Out tomorrow!

Transgender Day of Not Being Hounded By The British Press

It’s not just the shocking 1980s style headline - @thetimes @TimesLucy have given us a bumper edition of prejudice against the #Trans community today. Do they have *any* idea or even care about the harm this risks causing? @LGBTLabour @stonewalluk @PinkNews @TransMediaWatch

"Why does that horse look so weird" - @Alex_Bertie pointing towards a donkey

Watching the final episode of @CW_CrazyXGF and just absolutely in awe of how incredible @Racheldoesstuff and @DLChamplin 's vocals are. Thank you for a beautiful show 💙

48% of trans people in Britain have attempted suicide at least once; 84% have thought about it. A national public figure ridiculing the trans community on daytime TV is dangerous and very irresponsible of @GMB who seem only too happy to legitimise Piers' bigotry on the daily.

Put on a happy face. #JokerMovie - in theaters October 4.