Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie is a young transgender YouTuber from rural Dorset. While still attending school at just 14 he started making videos on sexuality and gender identity, continuing to do so today with weekly uploads. To this day, he has reached over 300,000 subscribers. His work has been picked up by organisations such as Childline and Stonewall, and has been recognised by the Independent, YouTube magazine TenEighty and trans publication FTM Magazine.

His book – Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard – is a brave and ground-breaking first-hand account of his life, struggles and victories as a transgender teen. It was published by Wren & Rook on November 2nd, 2017.


Alex Bertie @Alex_Bertie

We wanna introduce you to some of our favourite Muffin Time cards!

How I feel after the gym vs how I look

Dude I cant wait to play fallout 76 again when human npc's get released

the two genders are people who found out what lapis lazuli was from Minecraft and people who found out from Steven Universe

Day 3 at the gym. My arms hurt but I'm starting to get excited! Will defo post a video about my experience so far soon! Also, here's an unrelated photo of my dumb head to prove that I'm still alive and havent been taken by aliens

How to tell you're an adult:

• you gain 30lbs overnight

• you'd rather sleep than go out

• everything hurts

• comfort comes before style

• you have a favorite spatula

• everything feels like a chore

• college students look like 12yr olds

• you're always annoyed af

YAY FINALLY! I tested this a while back 11/10 would reccomend!

Got @Alex_Bertie to watch #TheDarkCrystal. The result: "The main one looks like Micheal Jackson"

okay guys I've got a consultation date, so its getting more real... I know I keep sharing it but, it truly is going to change my life and peoples kindness is genuinely amazing me. if you can't donate please share it x

I've been to the gym TWICE and I officially dont hate it! It's scary and I need a nervous wee every time but it's so worth it!

I work at a vet’s office and I never paid any attention to this chart but please look at this 😭

We are in 2019 but this cosplay is living in 3019

This flag represents trans and non-binary people. We need to see more of it!

When your drone runs out of battery over a lake, timing is everything...

So I'm at the gym for the first time and my little sis sends me this. Love fam encouragement 😂😂

With prolonged hunger, the balance of hormones within Morpeko’s body changes. This causes its fur color to change and triggers more aggressive and volatile behavior.

In short, Trainers...Morpeko tends to get hangry.

(Again, retweet if you can relate!)