Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie

Alex Bertie is a young transgender YouTuber from rural Dorset. While still attending school at just 14 he started making videos on sexuality and gender identity, continuing to do so today with weekly uploads. To this day, he has reached over 300,000 subscribers. His work has been picked up by organisations such as Childline and Stonewall, and has been recognised by the Independent, YouTube magazine TenEighty and trans publication FTM Magazine.

His book – Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard – is a brave and ground-breaking first-hand account of his life, struggles and victories as a transgender teen. It was published by Wren & Rook in the UK on November 2nd, 2017 and by Little Brown Books for Young Readers in the US on May 14th, 2019.


Alex Bertie @Alex_Bertie

If Spider-Man: No Way Home was a PS1 game...

Could voice actors just stop announcing NFTs


Unfortunately said goodbye to my beloved fully custom arcade machine (pic 1) due to lack of space in the new house, so replacing it at last with a mini version from @pimoroni! The Picade is absolutely awesome and so fun to build! (Both using @Raspberry_Pi of course!)

The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set has everything: the Blue Blur, a loop, a rearrangeable layout, Dr. Eggman, annoying robot crabs that make you lose all of your rings, and more!

Got so much @PlayStationUK merch this year! My fam and friends know me too well!

Michael Keaton will reprise the role of Batman in HBO's Batgirl!

Chaos (and Chao) were first unleashed to the world 23 years ago today, when Sonic Adventure made its debut on the Dreamcast in Japan.

It doesn’t matter when you first played it – open your heart and tell us your favorite character!


I seriously hope this is true...I play through BULLY at least once a year! PLEASE!

Sega reveals Sonic Frontiers, the first open-world Sonic game:

@alokvmenon @scarlettraces @cnlester @junodawson @susanstryker @Charlie_Craggs @OhMiaGod Last on the list is ‘Trans Mission; My Journey to a Beard’ by @Alex_Bertie. An incredibly brave and ground-breaking autobiography which details his experiences as a trans man, including the struggles and sweet victories.


My verdict on the #GTATrilogy so far (PS5)...

Great textures and lighting
Improved draw distance
Building interiors way more detailed
Nostalgia kick

Frequent crashes
Rain makes it hard to see and glitchy
Couple of dodgy character models
No music plays in clubs

#GTATrilogy drops tomorrow I CANT CONTAIN MYSELF! The textures look great, its such an upgrade. San Andreas is defo my first to play, but can't wait to finish the other 2 for the first time!

hey guess what it's ♪ Juice That Makes Your Head Explode ♫

I'm unbelievably hyped for the #GTATrilogy. The updated style of graphics look great and I cant wait to play through the stories with modernised controls!!

26 today! Think it's about time I removed my age from my bio 👀

Words can't describe how excited I am to decorate for Christmas in our new house 🎄

Ready? Let’s go! 🎃➡️🎄

Me being jealous of my cat getting spayed? More likely than you think

I honestly think that most people who aren't trans don't understand how upsetting it is to have our lives, our health needs and whether we deserve to be treated with respect presented as a constant public debate. It's why I often disappear for months at a time now. It's horrible.