Mark Anchovy: War and Pizza

Mark Anchovy: War and Pizza

William Goldsmith

Meet Mark Anchovy: pizza delivery boy and private detective on his second mission – to Russia.

‘LOVE this proper funny series … Funny, fast-paced adventure with loads of cheese (the good kind!).’ – Pamela Butchart

Join Colin Kingsley, aka Mark Anchovy, on his second case for the Golden Spatula League.

Posted to Russia on a school exchange programme, he must find a missing casket of jewelled egg cups. His only lead is a frail ex-detective called Swirly Ben. Who happens to be on the hit list of a jewel thief called Heidi Hyde High.

On top of all that, crusty Mr Hogstein is directing the school play. Oh, and Colin’s sister Alicia has found out what ‘extra anchovies’ really means.

Written and illustrated by William Goldsmith – with hilarious black and white artwork from start to finish.