James Kinross

James Kinross

James Kinross

‘Addictive and illuminating’ Dr Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

‘Exactly the guide I want for a journey through the new universe that has been discovered within us’ Heston Blumenthal

From a world-leading microbiome scientist and surgeon with over two decades of experience comes Dark Matter Рthe definitive book on the science of the microbiome and how unlocking its potential can protect our health, our immunity and our planet.

Why are we living longer, but not happier?

The microbiome – our inner ecosystem of viruses, bacteria and other microbes – is critically important to our health and wellbeing. It is given to us by our mothers at birth, adapts with us as we age, influences our moods, determines how fast we run and even who we choose as a partner.

Yet it is only now, as we are beginning to discover the microbiome’s enormous potential, that we are realising it is in grave danger, being irrevocably destroyed through the globalisation of our diets, the war on bugs and the industrialised world.

But we can look to reverse this damage. Drawing on cutting-edge research and years of clinical experience, Kinross shows how to unpack the microbiome’s secrets, explaining that if we work with, not against, our microbes, we can live better, healthier lives.