Yasmin Ali

Yasmin Ali

Author, Broadcaster

Photo credit: Institution of Engineering and Technology

Yasmin Ali was born in Iraq, and recalls experiencing power cuts during a time of political turmoil. At the age of eleven, Yasmin and her family settled in the UK. She went on to study chemical engineering, becoming fascinated by the industry that powers society, and joined the energy sector.

In addition to being an engineer, Yasmin is an author, currently working on Power Up, an accessible popular science book about global energy, due to be published by Hodder & Stoughton in spring 2024. Her articles have featured on the BBC and Metro, and her radio and television appearances include “Ten Mistakes that Sank the Titanic” and “Food Factories: How They Work”.

Yasmin has given well over a hundred live talks about engineering and energy to students, teachers, parents, engineering professionals and members of the public. In recognition of her public engagement work, she has been awarded and shortlisted for multiple industry awards, including the 2020 Women’s Engineering Society’s top 50 female engineers in sustainability.

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Anyone working in #Sustainability. Can you recommend any courses or classes for someone who wants to move from engineering into sustainability? Your help is appreciated thanks!

Fancy spending Wednesday night in a nice warm lecture theatre listening to a fascinating event on sex/gender science, with wine to follow? Look no further: https://rss.org.uk/training-events/events/events-2023/rss-events/at-last-the-truth-the-numbers-behind-the-narrative/. Event (and wine) is free but you need to register (follow link). Hope to see you there!

This 6-month post for @ExponentialView might be interesting for someone out there?💡 Hiring a researcher: https://open.substack.com/pub/exponentialview/p/hiring-a-researcher?r=1o8ymh&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

We're excited to have @EngineerYasmin join our #PlanetPossibility online physics club with @AMWarriors1 this evening!

This week's subject is on careers in the energy sector and we will be learning about pathways into the energy industry for young people. https://twitter.com/EngineerYasmin/status/1612797543427055621

Looking forward to talking about #energy to @GetMeMotoring's online STEM club tomorrow, and the creatively curious questions that young people always have for me!

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Congratulations to one of our #WE50 winners @EngineerYasmin Yasmin Ali on her appointment as a Trustee for @nmite_ac https://www.fenews.co.uk/executive-appointment/nmite-bolsters-its-board-with-new-trustees/

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Written during the hardest few years of my life, I do believe the result is the most honest, raw and rich writing I've ever done!


Happy #NationalEngineeringDay! A leaflet from @IChemE convinced me to study engineering all those years ago, and I now contribute to making the #EnergyTransition happen.
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Did you miss Ada Lovelace Day Live Online? Never fear – you can watch the entire evening now on YouTube, featuring @suw @Sophiescott @pritiparikh73 @marciarankin Aphra Le Levier-Bennett @EngineerYasmin @dothemathsthing @frans_facts @helenarney https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3sJRjMWJ4 #ALD22

Did you miss #ALD22 Live Online last night? Catch-up now on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3sJRjMWJ4

See all the talks, from @Suw @Sophiescott @pritiparikh73 @marciarankin Aphra Le Levier-Bennett @EngineerYasmin @dothemathsthing & @frans_facts with @helenarney compéring.

The last ever #ALD22 Live is today, my talk on #energy and #EnergyTransition will feature @TheHayleyLoren, @carito_escudero, and @TheErusa! Join online from 20:00 BST here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO3sJRjMWJ4

Presenting at #ALD22 today will be bitter sweet, as this will be the last one of these fantastic events. I spoke to the BBC about the benefits of @FindingAda: #WomenInSTEM https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-63201313

We've got some awesome talks linked up for #ALD22: 

@sophiescott – science of the human voice
@EngineerYasmin – the future of energy
Aphra Le Levier-Bennett – on staying curious
@helenarney – compère

Don't miss out! 

Tues 11 Oct, 20:00 BST 

Join us next Tues for some awesome talks at #ALD22: 

@sophiescott – science of the human voice
@EngineerYasmin – the future of energy
Aphra Le Levier-Bennett – on staying curious
@helenarney – compère

Don't miss out! 

11 Oct, 20:00 BST 

#ThrowbackThursday to this year's @IChemE medals & prize winners! 🎖️https://fal.cn/3sv2L

The nomination deadline for 2023 is 31 October 2022. 📅https://fal.cn/3sv2M

Who would you nominate? 💭

#IChemEMedals #icheme

For any #chemical #engineers looking for jobs: @IChemE is holding a free, online global #Careers fair on 18th October - details and sign up here https://www.icheme.org/global-careers-day

We have an absolutely amazing line up for the last ever #ALD22 Live Online: @Sophiescott @pritiparikh73 Marcia Rankin-Smith, Aphra Le Levier-Bennett @EngineerYasmin @dothemathsthing @frans_facts with @helenarney compèring. 🧵 incoming!

Energy runs the world: heating & cooling homes, moving cars, powering devices. Chemical engineer @EngineerYasmin explores the rise in awareness of climate change and looks at the energy transition ahead of us. Streaming live at 20:00BST on 11 Oct. Tix https://ald22.eventbrite.co.uk/