Yasmin Ali

Yasmin Ali

Author, Broadcaster

Photo credit: Institution of Engineering and Technology

Yasmin Ali was born in Iraq, and recalls experiencing power cuts during a time of political turmoil. At the age of eleven, Yasmin and her family settled in the UK. She went on to study chemical engineering, becoming fascinated by the industry that powers society, and joined the energy sector.

In addition to being an engineer, Yasmin is an author, currently working on Power Up, an accessible popular science book about global energy, due to be published by Hodder & Stoughton in spring 2024. Her articles have featured on the BBC and Metro, and her radio and television appearances include “Ten Mistakes that Sank the Titanic” and “Food Factories: How They Work”.

Yasmin has given well over a hundred live talks about engineering and energy to students, teachers, parents, engineering professionals and members of the public. In recognition of her public engagement work, she has been awarded and shortlisted for multiple industry awards, including the 2020 Women’s Engineering Society’s top 50 female engineers in sustainability.