Tim Samuels

Tim Samuels


Tim Samuels is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, BBC and National Geographic broadcaster, author – and one of the most distinctive and acclaimed journalists in the business.

He has won three Royal Television Society awards and best documentary at the World Television Festival.

Tim’s presenter-led documentaries are broadcast across BBC One and BBC Two – and he is a global correspondent on the National Geographic Channel’s Explorer show.

On radio, he is a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service, created Men’s Hour on 5 Live, and is launching one of the BBC’s first bespoke podcasts: All Hail Kale  – a ‘discerning yet loving look’ at wellness.

Tim’s first book – Who Stole My Spear?: How to be a Man in the 21st Century – was an Amazon bestseller, serialised in The Sunday Times and hailed as a Vanity Fair must-read.

As a leading expert on modern masculinity, Tim appears on media across the world and has received the top media accolade by the mental health charity Mind. He has written features and op-eds for the likes of the New York Times, GQ and the Guardian.

Tim finds provocative and entertaining ways to bring serious issues to light. To highlight the plight of the elderly, he formed the world’s oldest rock band – The Zimmers. The Zimmers broke into the pop charts, went to number one on YouTube globally, were shown at the UN and upstaged George Clooney on the Jay Leno show.

As a creative director, Tim works with broadcasters and brands to produce content. He also delivers keynote speeches and has voiced commercials.

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"Skilled workers—like tradesmen—are twice as likely to be 'extremely happy' in their jobs compared to those of us that work in offices."

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Now joining us in studio author of the new book "Future Man: How to Evolve and Thrive in the Age of Trump, Mansplaining, and #MeToo" @TimSamuels #SUPD

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