Tim Samuels

Tim Samuels


Tim Samuels is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, BBC and National Geographic broadcaster, author – and one of the most distinctive and acclaimed journalists in the business.

He has won three Royal Television Society awards and best documentary at the World Television Festival.

Tim’s presenter-led documentaries are broadcast across BBC One and BBC Two – and he is a global correspondent on the National Geographic Channel’s Explorer show.

On radio, he is a regular presenter on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service, created Men’s Hour on 5 Live, and is launching one of the BBC’s first bespoke podcasts: All Hail Kale  – a ‘discerning yet loving look’ at wellness.

Tim’s first book – Who Stole My Spear?: How to be a Man in the 21st Century – was an Amazon bestseller, serialised in The Sunday Times and hailed as a Vanity Fair must-read.

As a leading expert on modern masculinity, Tim appears on media across the world and has received the top media accolade by the mental health charity Mind. He has written features and op-eds for the likes of the New York Times, GQ and the Guardian.

Tim finds provocative and entertaining ways to bring serious issues to light. To highlight the plight of the elderly, he formed the world’s oldest rock band – The Zimmers. The Zimmers broke into the pop charts, went to number one on YouTube globally, were shown at the UN and upstaged George Clooney on the Jay Leno show.

As a creative director, Tim works with broadcasters and brands to produce content. He also delivers keynote speeches and has voiced commercials.

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Absolutely bemused/ disappointed that BBC Radio 3 is cutting Late Junction down to one night a week. A crucial programme for the dissemination of unusual, progressive, independent, challenging music & vital for so many artists we love at eg @theQuietus


New 🇺🇸 version of my manly book coming soon...

I’m excited to share and be part of this new podcast, @AllHailKale, with my friend @TimSamuels. It’s all about living a healthier (and happier life). Enjoy! https://t.co/hBtzovB7ki

A top chat with the v funny @amandlitherland @jessicafostekew. Thanks for having us

Cosmetics companies' testing can be about as scientific as rubbing posh lotions on builders' bums. Which is what we did.
Two out of three builders say their posteriors were peachier. 🍑
All is revealed - about the beauty business - at https://t.co/xmFj9ghszL … .@EasyMixTweets

Bizarrely, no deal #Brexit could mean we're more likely to slap poison on our faces 😳
The EU bans 1,318 chemicals from cosmetics
The US bans 11 (allowing ingredients linked to cancer and reproductive issues) The beauty industry examined at https://t.co/CFcmhObQur
@ewg #NoDeal

What actually slows down ageing? 🤔

The #AllHailKale podcast with @TimSamuels investigates the secrets and crazy claims of the beauty business 💆‍♀️

Listen on Sounds 👉https://t.co/xKGcqUWNgn

.@JamesBlunt if you thought You're Beautiful could never be improved upon, listen to the acapella rendition by Richmond the builder - whose builders' bum had just been freshly moisturised. It's emotionally indescribable - at the end of our new BBC podcast https://t.co/CFcmhObQur

To those who've been asking... the probiotics I took for the Sad Mouse @AllHailKale episode were from @symprove (for high dose) and @ZenfloreIreland (for stress action). Of course, other #probiotics are available bla bla - let me know if any have higher/more alive strains...

Mornings all hell. But can I rewire my brain to become a lark not an owl - and try to actually make sense before 10am?
Delving into the amazing power of our plastic brains with none other than @DeepakChopra - in this week's @AllHailKale on @BBCSounds https://t.co/VdwrmnUBLF

Very nice words from @NZStuff @katyatkinpodca1 🤗 #allhailkale 🙌🥬

Listen to Jamie Redknapp when it comes to milk 🥛 He didn’t play for Accrington Stanley ⚽️ Or should we see dairy as scary? 🤔🐮https://t.co/KrnvsXfl3H .@BBCSounds

Can you beat the genes that make getting-up in mornings hell?
The #AllHailKale podcast with @TimSamuels investigates 🌱

Tackling depression and anxiety via the gut. Fascinating episode from @TimSamuels ’All Hale Kail’ podcast. Well worth a listen! #BBCsounds

.@BBCSounds 🏴‍☠️

.@TimSamuels on why we need to be gut happy. #GQHype https://t.co/APyIg1kaLH

Depression & anxiety tackled via the gut.
This week's @AllHailKale podcast with @TimSamuels tells the amazing story of how a sad mouse could change the treatment of mental health 🐭

It’s a fascinating story...

Want to learn which foods really are healthy - and which are hype? BBC podcaster@TimSamuels cuts the crap: https://t.co/mib37d0hzs #healthyeating @BBC