Simon Booker

Simon Booker


Author and screenwriter Simon Booker writes prime time TV drama for the BBC, ITV and US TV. His credits include BBC1’s Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Holby City and The Mrs Bradley Mysteries starring Diana Rigg; ITV1 thrillers The Stepfather and The Blind Date; and Perfect Strangers, the CBS romantic comedy starring Rob Lowe and Anna Friel. He has written many plays for BBC Radio 4, worked extensively as a producer in television and radio and as a journalist.

Without Trace is his debut novel, the first in a series of psychological thrillers featuring Morgan Vine, a single mother and investigative journalist who specialises in miscarriages of justice.

Simon lives in London and Deal. He is a volunteer facilitator in Restorative Justice, working with offenders at HMP Brixton.



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What is Boris Johnson hiding?

Sydney shrouded by smoke from the fires

"I'm dumbfounded that this government won't release the report about Russian influence. Because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens" @HillaryClinton tells us.

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It has notes of corruption, hints of sociopathic lying, robust racism & finishes with a pronounced quid pro quo.

This is John Cantlie.
Hostage of ISIS.
Held since 22.11.2012.
He will never be forgotten.

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Happpppy pub day @lickedspoon

I’m trying to find the identity of this girl, called I think Esther, for an old friend in Australia. The photograph was taken in Paris in 1939. Would you mind retweeting this as widely as possible on the offchance?

Oh, this is superb

How much do you love your cat? If you don't buy this book, the answer is probably 'not enough'.

Congrats to @lickedspoon for her fabulous feline follow-up to Dog's Dinners!

Consider it considered .@JohnJCrace

Me cooking the food I bought with all the “EXPOSURE” I got from working for free. 🤤

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Worth watching for the truly revealing bit, when he turns to his aide at the end of the clip: the phony smiles disappearing in a nanosecond, revealing the true face of the man.

There is an actual course on how to train as a presenter on TV shopping channels.

Si je vois un tel artiste dans la rue, je cale direct pendant des heures. J’adore 😍 !

The ever-brilliant .@JohnJCrace dangerously close to achieving National Treasure status ...

This is just lovely