Simon Booker

Simon Booker


Author and screenwriter Simon Booker writes prime time TV drama for the BBC, ITV and US TV. His credits include BBC1’s Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Holby City and The Mrs Bradley Mysteries starring Diana Rigg; ITV1 thrillers The Stepfather and The Blind Date; and Perfect Strangers, the CBS romantic comedy starring Rob Lowe and Anna Friel. He has written many plays for BBC Radio 4, worked extensively as a producer in television and radio and as a journalist.

Without Trace, his debut novel, was the first in a series of psychological thrillers featuring Morgan Vine, a single mother and investigative journalist who specialises in miscarriages of justice. He followed this with Kill Me Twice in 2017. His latest book, Animal Instinct, begins a new series focusing on ex-policeman Joe Cassidy.

Simon lives in London and Deal. He is a volunteer facilitator in Restorative Justice, working with offenders at HMP Brixton.

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Happy pub day .@WhittyAuthor Hope it flies!

Thank you for your service. Our nation salutes you.

This doctor worked in the NHS for 40 years, and returned from retirement to help fight Covid-19. He has since died of it. Heartbreaking story.

Not in the same league as health concerns, obvs, but SO many casualties in the arts world - theatre, concerts, films, books, TV shows etc. Feel for all those who have put in years of hard work, slogged through development hell etc, only to be thwarted at the final hurdle.

I've just donated to @RefugeCharity . Very afraid for people locked in abusive relationships right now. If you can afford to do so, please consider supporting them ❤️

The Llandudno goats are so much better with a West Side Story soundtrack.

(thanks to @AndrewStuart and the Bergamo boars)

This is brilliant & probably The BEST thing you'll see today on Twitter 😂🤣😂🤣😂

Isn't it nice without Nigel Farage...

Don't forget: the clocks go backwards or forwards tonight or tomorrow. The one on hugging is brilliant.

"Americans are buying more guns, though mass school closures mean there are fewer favoured locations to use them." Genius.

When the #quarantine is over, I want to buy this man dinner. Who is he? This might be the best thing I've seen in weeks.

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Hillary Clinton is at home when she should be ruling the world.

What an absolute tragedy.

don’t worry andy samberg is only trending because people keep tweeting about how much they love andy samberg. anyway here’s the greatest scene in television history.

The trump campaign sent a cease and desist letter to Priorities USA for this ad. So I’m retweeting it.


BREAKING: Fauci discusses new life-saving face mask.