Rita Clifton

Rita Clifton

Rita Clifton CBE has been called ‘Brand guru’ by the Financial Times and ‘The doyenne of branding’ by Campaign magazine. The Daily Telegraph described her as ‘The brand leading the brands’. She is a speaker, writer and portfolio non-executive director.

Rita graduated from Cambridge University and started her career in advertising, where she became Vice Chairman and strategy director at Saatchi & Saatchi in its most successful period. She then joined Interbrand, the leading global brand consultancy, as London CEO and then became Chairman for a ten-year term. She now has a portfolio of chairing and non-executive director roles, including ASOS, Ascential plc and Nationwide. Past board roles have included Dixons Retail plc, Bupa, Emap and Populus, the opinion pollster and research company. In 2013, she co-founded and is Chair at BrandCap, the brand consultancy for the boardroom, which now has offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Rita speaks around the world on all aspects of brands, branding and business leadership. She is also a regular columnist and commentator on the range of TV, radio and social channels and was a judge and mentor on CNBC’s award-winning business series ‘Pop Up Start Up’. Her writing has included the best-selling book ‘The Future of Brands’, and two editions of The Economist book ‘Brands & Branding’.

Pro bono board roles have included WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature), the Henley Festival and the UK Government’s Sustainable Development Commission. In the 2014 New Year’s Honours List, Rita was awarded a CBE for services to the creative industries.

Rita Clifton @@cliftonbrand

Thanks @ReputationOxfd. Interesting to talk about world (hopefully) post Covid, about how business needs to get its ‘good’ act together...& will more ‘saviour’ brands please step forward...

Love this idea of urban mini-forests (whilst we also protect and re-build the big ones...) #biodiversity

Was v therapeutic reflecting on what we’ve all learned from Covid stuff for @bitc &The Leadership Council. Words I never want to see again. Business being more human. Advantages of elasticated trousers. Need for ‘saviour’ brands to step forward...

#LeadershipinFocus #COVID19Reflections featuring Rita Clifton CBE @cliftonbrand, Chairman @TalkBrandCap and Non-Executive Chairman @PopulusPolls. Rita explains: "The world needs changing, business runs the world, so we need to change business. #Leadership https://bit.ly/2CL6vnm

See our 5 step blueprint for a #ResilientRecovery – published today: https://bit.ly/31loA5G

🏗️1. Invest in #netzero #infrastructure
🌲2. Restore #nature
🚮3. Stop wasting #resources
⛅️4. Ensure #cleanair & healthy places
🫂 5. Make the #recovery fair

We are delighted to host this piece by the chairs of the three major governmental environment bodies.

It's an important message at a pivotal time.


Let’s try this again. Episode 4 of our Perfect Day podcast series is out now. Businesswoman and ‘Doyenne of Branding’ Rita Clifton CBE reveals the experiences and events that make up her imaginary Perfect Day. : https://perfect-day.simplecast.com/episodes/rita-cliftons-perfect-day-89wRoilC

The 4th episode in our podcast series has just been published. Businesswoman and ‘Doyenne of Branding’ Rita Clifton CBE reveals the experiences and events she would re-live to make up her Perfect Day. http://perfect-day.simplescast.com

Thanks ⁦@dangerdonnyb⁩ & Moray Hunter for inviting me to describe (fantasy) Perfect Day on new podcast series. Nothing like waking up ⁦@stmawesroseland⁩, walking in New Zealand, lunch in Venice, dinner in Greece, & reading childhood books... https://perfect-day.simplecast.com/

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Female CEOs, directors boost company values, research shows ⁦@cliftonbrand⁩ https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/female-ceos-directors-boost-company-values-report-20200617-p553i0.html

Electrifying new Australian research has established direct proof for the first time that companies do better when they appoint more women to leadership positions.⁦@JaneCaro⁩ ⁦@AICDirectors⁩ ⁦@WLIAus⁩ ⁦@OurCommunityAU⁩ http://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-06-19/women-in-leadership-boost-success/12370516

Some much-needed therapy & a clear plan on what's needed for life on earth. Thank you, as ever,
Sir David Attenborough. #WorldEnvironmentDay2020


Some much-needed therapy & a clear plan on what's needed for life on earth. Thank you, as ever, @wwf_uk and Sir David. #WorldEnvironmentDay2020 https://twitter.com/wwf_uk/status/1268814860302929920

Yes - whether we like it or not, finance is the language of boardrooms, and if people want to be there, they need to be able to speak it (even with a duff accent)...

Thanks - looking forward to this...

what a great briefing Zoom yesterday for tomorrow's Meet the Speakers Branding webinar - that's @katieeking Ashley @MerlinFDC4 Rita Clifton CBE Sylvia our MD and @Kirstys_ Kirsty Henshaw along with the lovely @PPaulCharles who is also joining us tomorrow too

Great news. Now for the 50%...(and at least 33% of CEOs and Chairs...)

Thank you. Podcast interviews with the wonderful @SeanPdeC are often enjoyable therapy for interviewees too...#TheSpeakerShow

It was fab talking to Sean too. Podcasts great for personal and professional therapy (and I mean for the interviewee...)