Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis is a debut Sri Lankan-British author born and raised in London. She is a London Writers Award recipient in the Commercial Fiction cohort 2021. Her debut novel, ‘Miles Away’, was longlisted for the Blue Pencil Agency First Novel Award 2021. She has a BA in English Literature from Exeter and a Masters in Newspaper Journalism from City University. She has written for Closer, Woman’s Own, Grazia and a variety of national newspapers in the UK, and her fiction has been published in Dear Damsels. She’s currently the life sciences and medicine communications lead for a Russell Group university. She is editing her debut novel while planning her second.


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This week, I’m up for an award for work on the ZOE COVID study.

Cobbled together over a weekend, the app had 4m people logging their symptoms. We spotted hotspots, identified new symptoms and caught the existence of long COVID.

Here’s how we did it

All this chat about kidney donation and I wonder - is Selena Gomez the bad art friend?

This is such a gripping debut!

A dark, page-turning novel about female friendships, family secrets, jealousy and power. I lived out my nosy neighbour fantasy with this and couldn’t put it down!

Congratulations future superstar @shahvmira 👏🏾

HER is out March 2023 @HodderBooks

Pol toffee!

Bright green and pink coloured squares of desiccated coconut and sugar. I was always enamoured by the colour, not so much the sickly sweet taste.

After LOTS of anxiety dreams, I've got notes back from my agent about my second book.

The good news? She loves the characters and the writing.

The bad news? The plot doesn't work😩

Time to regroup, rethink and hope I find a solution!

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Rishi Sunak becoming Prime Minister is not a story of meritocracy. It is a story of how parentage and privilege continue to dictate who governs Britain. In modern Britain, it is inherited wealth, private education and extensive family connections that pay the real dividends.

Been lucky enough to read parts of this over the last two years and BUCKLE UP for Rita. 🙌🏾

Claire Keegan on writing Small Things Like These @GuardianBooks

Late to the party, but the hype is real with this one.

Almost missed my stop reading Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin, but I could happily ride the Circle line all day with this book.

If you don’t run, you cheer.

Such a fascinating thread. I’m amazed anyone could afford to be an author full time. Not without adding lots of other strings to your bow like freelance writing, editing, workshops etc.

Last night I went to the TCR Foyles and they were playing Christmas songs.

I ran out of there as quickly as I could with these in my bag ⬇️

Finished my first edit of my novel today.

Among many of the changes made was renaming characters Marcus, Marie, Martha and Mohan. Only two of these characters meet which is why I hadn’t noticed in my first draft.

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jo march: estranged from her best friend, dead sister, writing career in shambles:

amy march in paris:

As part of our collab w @MMLitAgency, we're opening a callout for UK writers from underrepresented backgrounds writing literary fiction or narrative non-fiction to apply for a 121 feedback session with @liv_maidment or @rachel_yeoh.
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