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Ordnance Survey (OS) is Great Britain’s national mapping agency. It carries out the official surveying of GB, providing the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data, relied on by government, business and individuals.

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PSGA members are invited to join OS experts, OS Partners and APGB contract suppliers at our in-person event in Leeds on 26 April to hear about the future of the location data and services available to public sector organisations 👉 http://ow.ly/a0zu50NtxvU


Access to OS data has been transformed with OS Select+Build and the OS NGD API - Features. Discover what's new 👇

The @OrdnanceSurvey has a handy Vector Tile API that provides detailed, UK-specific context for your #maps and #apps. This blog takes you through the basics of adding the API directly into #ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Pro. Happy tiling!

Will you be switching your lights off for #EarthHour tonight? 🌎

These images by @esa show London at night - a decade of changes in street lighting (2012 vs 2022). #London shines brighter with the introduction of LED lights by early 2019. 💡

Image: ESA/NASA/A. Sánchez de Miguel

Join our Positive Impact Panel session (online), where our panellists will focus on how we can continue to Create and Protect Urban Green Spaces.

Read more and register: http://ow.ly/Fapf50Nkm9K

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#newarticle | @OrdnanceSurvey has undergone #DigitalTransformation to deliver a range of new environmental and #location #data and will provide faster & easier access of location data to users across the public and private sectors.

How often do you walk around your neighbourhood? 🌳

The concepts of 'walkability' and the '20-minute neighbourhoods' are recent initiatives that link people to places, with the opportunity to improve health and our environment: http://ow.ly/EYhs50NqseP


From laptops to hilltops, blue lights to street lights and congestion to relaxation – our location expertise shows the world how to get to a better place. 💡

Discover our latest roles and be part of meaningful projects every day: http://ow.ly/kJ1c50NpXJB

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It was great to see so many members at the PSGA Edinburgh event today! We're supporting member organisations with better location data for better public services. #PSGAEvents23

Learn more about the PSGA: http://ow.ly/obkI50Nqjbs @GeospatialC

Excited about my first @OrdnanceSurvey #PSGAevent23 up in Edinburgh today

We are excited to be at the next #psgaevents23 roadshow in #edinburgh It has been great seeing the response to speed data being added into the #psga. If you're here come and say hi. @OrdnanceSurvey @GeospatialC

The #PSGAEvents23 roadshow goes on!

Today we're at @ourdynamicearth in Edinburgh with @OrdnanceSurvey to showcase the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA).

PSGA members will hear speakers from @scotgov, @location_data, @europatech and more.

"Through my role in the Data Visualisation team, I work with a whole range of customers, helping them to solve problems and make better decisions."

Meet Hannah Wright, as she tells what Embrace Equity means to her, and how she's helping to create a better place 👇

Pleasure chatting to @DrAmirKhanGP about green prescribing, making outdoors accessible and his new @OrdnanceSurvey ambassador role https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/amir-khan-bradford-people-good-morning-britain-asian-b2305659.html

This #InternationalDayofTheSeal gives us a chance to celebrate these amazing marine world creatures, and raise awareness about seal conservation around the world. 🌊

Today is #IntlForestDay - a day to celebrate our vital forests and favourite local woodlands.

From family-friendly forest parks to less-trodden ancient woodlands, here are some of the best woodland walks not to be missed: http://ow.ly/gO0p50No93r

Is your favourite on the list?

It's good to catch up with attendees at the #PSGA event in Cardiff today. What a view.

As well as free pencils, we provide pre-styled @OrdnanceSurvey data, training, mentoring, consulting, custom developments and a popular end-to-end GIS, iShare.

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Great to speak to @ColinMurray and the Monday Night Fan Club guests on @bbc5live last night.

Listen back to our MD Nick Giles talk about OS history, a love of maps and the detail and uses of our data here: http://ow.ly/KR5x50NnPAO (from around 2hr 16min).

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Did you hear our recent news?

30 businesses across the globe have committed to harnessing the unique power of infrared mapping technology through our Early Access Programme 🛰

Get the full picture ⤵️

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We’re thrilled to be hosting our first PSGA Members event of 2023 in Cardiff! Supporting member organisations with better location data for better public services. Find out more about the PSGA: http://ow.ly/TXUh50NnP15

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