Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams


Olivia Williams is a journalist and author. She graduated with a scholarship and a master’s degree in modern history from Oxford University. In her final year she won a Rupert Murdoch student scholarship before working as a graduate trainee at the Daily Mail. She left to write her first book, Gin Glorious Gin: How Mother’s Ruin Became the Spirit of London.

As a result of her cultural history of gin she has been a guest on Radio 4, Bloomberg, Sky Arts and CBS News. She often contributes to The Economist.com, Country Life, House & Garden, and the Evening Standard, and was shortlisted for the 2016 Richard Beeston bursary for foreign news reporting.

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Most clickable Wikipedia subsection headlines:
*Personal life
*Corruption trial
*Reputation for excess
*Involvement in failed coup
*Failed political comeback
*Alleged death

.@SMagazineUK Non-Fic Gift Guide is full of crackers today! I'd love @CatRentzenbrink @officialnhaynes and fab to see @tweetingolivia #TheSecretLifeOfTheSavoy Thanks @CharlHeathcote #ChristmasBooks

Lovely to see #TheSecretLifeOfTheSavoy @tweetingolivia on this christmassy list! @headlinepg @HeadlineNonfic @TheSavoyLondon https://twitter.com/Culturefly/status/1331982393100668932

This is quite possibly the subtlest joke I've ever seen on Twitter. Applause. https://twitter.com/IvoGraham/status/1330849359076995073

Buying my book through the @V_and_A shop (link in my blog post here) supports this gem of a museum 👏🏻 which I relied on for my research https://www.vam.ac.uk/blog/museum-life/bridget-doyly-carte-an-archive

Once again my first Christmas card of the year is from the Karkoubi family of Aleppo, now firmly settled in Aberystwyth, where they are bedding in for their fifth Welsh winter

Fantastic 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟review of @tweetingolivia #TheSecretLifeOfTheSavoy @AboutHistoryMag this month!

Thinking about Tracey Emin today and how happy it always makes me to come across her work in unexpected places: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/tracey-emin-on-her-secret-cancer-battle-to-get-past-christmas-would-be-good-r00rsb5h8

“Here’s how to have a productive meltdown” is the most hilariously WSJ thing

How fabulous! I LOVED Lady in Waiting. Lady Glenconner loved #TheSecretLifeOfTheSavoy whoop! @headlinepg @HeadlineNonfic

An appropriate observation for today's weather: Monet came to the Savoy and painted the view from his balcony. ‘London would be quite ugly if it were not for the fog,' he opined - but he did the best he could. https://mol.im/a/8795819

Mad respect for King George III's long game. https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1309526023478874114

We are thrilled to feature in the enchanting new book by Olivia Williams which unveils some of The Savoy’s most eccentric characters and entertaining memories and shares some insights into the life of the hotel's pioneers, the D’Oyly Carte family! https://twitter.com/Tatlermagazine/status/1301930310922383360

Been doing press for Australia for the book and it reminded me of my one trip there when my friend and I had no imagination for our itinerary...🙈

Esteemed company on the top table. Thank you @Hatchards. I’d love to lug all my neighbours away on holiday somewhere exotic

What a beautiful picture: Sama, the daughter of filmmaker @waadalkateab, was born amid the horror of Aleppo’s brutal battles. She had her first day at school in the U.K. this week. https://www.instagram.com/p/CE7kGjbpiu9/?igshid=13tloio4mk2b2

A reminder that Ursula Le Guin's writing schedule was the best writing schedule.

Ooo! An actual in the flesh event with @tweetingolivia at @gfordbookfest #TheSecretLifeOfTheSavoy @headlinepg @HeadlineNonfic

Lesser-spotted Corby trouser press. For executive travel of 1978 / strangely comforting in 2020