Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams


Olivia Williams is a journalist and author. She graduated with a scholarship and a master’s degree in modern history from Oxford University. In her final year she won a Rupert Murdoch student scholarship before working as a graduate trainee at the Daily Mail. She left to write her first book, Gin Glorious Gin: How Mother’s Ruin Became the Spirit of London (2014)

Her second book, The Secret Life of the Savoy, was published in 2020.

Olivia has been a guest on Radio 4, Bloomberg, Sky Arts and CBS News. She often contributes to The Economist, Country Life, House & Garden, and the Evening Standard.

Click here to buy Gin Glorious Gin: How Mother’s Ruin Became the Spirit of London

Click here to buy The Secret Life of the Savoy

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One of the best music documentaries ever is now on Netflix

Candle-lit vigil for Tiananmen, Victoria Park, Hong Kong, 4 June 1997, weeks before the handover. Hong Kong people exercising the freedoms they were promised would continue under the Joint Declaration for 50 years after 1997. Tonight, Victoria Park is empty, the vigil banned

This review made me laugh so much, I might be buying my first novel of the year

The idea of ‘official pudding’ makes me happy

If you’re curious about Claridge’s boardroom drama (niche, granted) you could also skim through my book ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/1472269802/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?ie=UTF8&qid=&sr= ) https://on.ft.com/3xeLUBZ

Not sure @AppleNewsUK thought through their story placement tonight

To the person who first said “cheer up, it might never happen!” - I hope you’re happy, now that everything has indeed happened.

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Morning in Whitehall #StandingWithUkraine

Whenever I pour myself a glass of wine at home, I like to pretend I’m a lady detective whose personal life is a mess.

Could Anna Delvey and Simon Leviev please cross paths soon so we can watch the inevitable Netflix series? 🍿

she looks like she's going to pack me off to boarding school as soon as she marries my dad https://twitter.com/ViralFinds/status/1491125685817319425

Marginally upstaged by the neighbours

Sometimes I like to watch 'Frasier' instead of listen to the news in the morning, just so the only thing I have to worry about is whether Niles has found his cufflinks or not.

Discovered three extremely nice white wines under £20 @berrybrosrudd (bottles one to three👇)