Nick Hall

Nick Hall


Nick Hall is a writer and comedian. He has written and performed for BBC2, BBC3, and BBC Radio 4, as well as appearing on Sky News, The Times podcast and writing articles for The Independent.

Nick is currently performing his history comedy show ‘Spencer’ around the UK, follow a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival. ‘Spencer’ is the story of Spencer Percival, the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated.

Nick is a member of London’s hottest improvised comedy group The Committee, as well as teaching stand-up at the Hoopla comedy school. Since starting comedy in 2013, Nick has reached the semi-finals of So You Think You’re Funny, beaten the Gong at The Comedy Store, beaten the Blackout at Up the Creek, and won the New Act Night at the Comedy Café. Nick has compered for cult movie night Hot Tub Cinema and hit football show Comedy Commentary, as well as hosting and public speaking at numerous other events.

Nick Hall @NickHallSays

I'll never understand the arrogance of a band who make the first track of their new album the lead single

If someone turns down a work request from the Daily Mail and doesn't share it online, can it be said to have actually happened?

Help us spread science not rumours - evidence and facts about the #coronavirus, how people are infected and the treatment options in an easy to understand form #Covid19

Everyone's just humble-bragging they've got kids

Don't even bother. Your sitcom will be be shit.

Thanks to the coronavirus I am now able to put my two favourite words together - 'food' and 'audit'.

@NickHallSays is at a crossroads. We're midway along a block @mangoglasgow but we're coming together for @GlasgowComedy! Book or regret!

Last night I had a nightmare that a TV comedian paid for their own holiday

1917 is just the film Gravity but with Germans instead of space

It's almost like working class Northumbrians don't even read your tweets

My idea for a @Cosmopolitan article submission: 'Top tips for flirting with the new guy at work who you're 99% sure is a ghost'

I love that one of the medical trainers with the #cowboys wears a cowboy hat

We’re so excited to play at the Barcelona Improv Festival tonight. And what a venue 😍 #BIGIF6 @BarcelonaImprov @iamfreyaparker @NickHallSays @maxdickins @KayDLlew

Up bright and early to head to @BarcelonaImprov with @KayDLlew @iamfreyaparker and @NickHallSays

Not to be a pedant but they should be called packs of Whatsits

Tough Mudder to be downgraded to Mildly Inconvenient Mudder

I prefer to be called malignant @nickhallsays but I'll take it. Looking forward to doing Leicester Improv Festival with @maxdickins next weekend!

New Vice-Chancellor @TimJBlackman sharing some of his thoughts on why our research is so important...

#OUResearch #OU50FirstDays

Failure to invest in and support the UK's vital medicines and health science industry👩‍🔬🧪 has cost the economy £45bn since 2010💸

New IPPR research has found the sector has suffered a 'lost decade' and #NoDealBrexit heightens the risk⤵️ 1/5

The irony is that if Joker did that stand-up set nowadays he'd probably end up in the final of Britain's Got Talent