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Mark Diacono


Mark is one of the country’s foremost food writers, known for his original take on all things edible. His A Year at Otter Farm, published in 2014, won the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year; A Taste of the Unexpected won the Guild of Food Writers Food Book of the Year 2011; and The New Kitchen Garden was published this spring. Mark has also written three River Cottage Handbooks, and is one of the authors of the forthcoming River Cottage Bible. He has won numerous Garden Media Guild awards for his writing and photography.

His unique smallholding, Otter Farm, is home to orchards of – among many other things – pecans, peaches, almonds, Szechuan pepper, apricots, a vineyard and the most delicious varieties of vegetables and herbs.  His idea is not only pioneering, it is also beautifully sustainable – taking advantage of climate change to grow low carbon food helps arrest its acceleration. It also means he’s lucky enough to spend most of his time eating, growing, writing and talking about food. Mark has now established his gardening and cookery school at Otter Farm, as well as running the blog relating all its daily joys.

He writes regular features for the Daily Telegraph, occasionally for the Observer, the Guardian and a host of other publications, and has a monthly column in The Simple Things. Mark’s award-winning Otter Farm blog has run for 10 years, has many thousands of followers.

Mark also led the Garden Team at River Cottage, appearing in the TV series, running courses and events at River Cottage HQ. He is one of the authors of the widely popular River Cottage series, of which the most recent is River Cottage A-Z: Our Favourite Ingredients and How to Cook Thempublished in September 2016.

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Mark McCabe X Adam Handling

Friday 7th April 2023

We are so looking forward to welcoming @adamhandling to cook with @mccabedoesstuff and the team at The Ethicurean next month.

You will have watched these two on your TV screens a couple of weeks ago;…

Such a great great book - if you don't already have it, then do yourself a very great pleasure and buy it. An modern classic

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Online cooking classes: I've teamed up with the American-Romanian Cultural Society to teach two online Romanian cooking classes this Spring: 19th March and 30th April. The link is here: and the time is from 12pm-2pm PST.

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This is a knock-out blow from Jess. If Braverman had any decency she’d resign in shame. She doesn’t. So she won’t.

Gary Lineker suspended by the BBC for upsetting the Conservatives because he stood up for some of the most vulnerable people in the world. The same BBC whose chairman gave the Conservatives £400,000 before helping to arrange an £800,000 loan for Boris Johnson

Ok to be Lord Sugar speaking his political mind, or Pru Leith exercising her right to free speech, but not Lineker. What could be the difference…

You won’t get to see Gary Lineker on Match of the Day on Saturday night

But don’t forget to tune into Lord Sugar on the Apprentice. 9pm BBC1 every Thursday!

Next on the @BBCFoodProg we’re taking a look at the recent 🍅 🥒 & 🫑 shortage - diving deep into the supply chain & asking bigger Qns about the food system. A story featuring empty shelves, an Italian energy company, eggs & chickpea diversity (@BBCSounds long version).

Kavey (@Kavey) writes fab cookbook reviews. Her latest is @MarkDiacono's 'Spice: A Cook’s Companion' where you'll find advice on how to source, blend, and cook with these hero ingredients. (Published by @QuadrilleFood)

Has the @bbc actually analysed @GaryLineker’s tweet? Because it is factually accurate. A lot of the tropes used now by Govt: ‘invasion’, ‘menace’ etc, are pretty similar to those used by nationalist parties in 1930s Germany. Why no analysis? Are BBC history presenters muted too?

NEW COOKBOOK RECIPE | @MarkDiacono's Lebkuchen recipe from Spice: A Companion's Cookbook (published by @QuadrilleFood)

NEW COOKBOOK RECIPE | Pan-fried chicken with Pimentón de la Vera by José Pizarro from @MarkDiacono's Spice cookbook.

NEW RECIPE: Bacon and Caraway Tart from @MarkDiacono's Spice cookbook.

NEW KAVEYEATS COOKBOOK REVIEW | @MarkDiacono's 'Spice: A Cook’s Companion' in which he provides advice on how to source and blend spices well, and how to make the best of them in your kitchen.
Published by @QuadrilleFood.