Jennifer Shahade

Jennifer Shahade

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Jennifer Shahade is a chess champion, poker pro, speaker and author. Her first book with us, Chess Queens (Hodder & Stoughton, 2022), captures her career as a professional chessplayer, where she traveled from Istanbul to Moscow to represent the United States in International competition. Intertwined with Jennifer’s own journey, are the fascinating lives of the women who broke down barriers to become champions in the male-dominated sphere of chess. Jennifer’s subsequent book Reset (Hodder & Stoughton, Spring 2024), will reveal the secrets of success from the world of chess, looking at how taking risks, maintaining confidence in the face of failure and challenging the system can lead to not just success, but a new perspective on what success looks like.
Jennifer is a two-time United States women’s chess champion, the first female to win the US Junior Open and holds the International title of Women Grandmaster. She works to bring more women, girls and gender minorities into chess through programmes like US Chess Women, the Madwoman’s Book Club, and a cross-cultural chess club with girls from all the world, from Kenya to Colombia. She’s also a board member of the World Chess Hall of Fame, a museum in Saint Louis devoted to chess.  
Jennifer is also a poker champion, and an ambassador for PokerStars and Poker Power, where she furthers her work to make games more inclusive and empower women through decision-making.  
Throughout her career, Jennifer has shown a passion for educating crowds on the culture and craft of chess and poker, and how the games can be used for anyone to make better decisions. In 2014 she gave a TEDx talk explaining that choosing when to make a big decision can be as important as what you choose. Since then, her speaking has taken her to Bank Of America, Mishcon de Reya, the Boston Consulting Group, Wharton Business School, Harvard University, Yale University and the MIT Sports Analytics Conference. Beyond corporate talks, Jennifer mentors and speaks to thousands of young people about chess via her charity work. She also hosts two award-winning podcasts, The Poker GRID and Ladies Knight.


Elizabeth Sheinkman @@jenshahade

Exhilarating first five days in Las Vegas.

But making choices at the table feels hollow without fighting for reproductive choice and rights for all.

So far I cashed for just under 10K, so I donated 1K to abortion funds and reproductive rights.

@RadaNotSay Shameless @JenShahade promo but ❤️❤️❤️my babypink Away luggage (carryon seen in the background). Chronic overpacker and zippers hold up! Matching under-the-seat bag is a must have, too!

Such a riveting dinner! Thanks so much Jo for putting it together. Connectors like you often don't get as much credit as you deserve: the true GOAT!!!

Good luck to all the GOATS still in the Ladies Event Day 2!

Shirt change because I was sweating @JamieKerstetter & @CoreyPaggeot so hard (beautiful game ♥️) and congrats to @padspoker @UhlenPoker

Now I’m back in the ladies for bullet #2


I doubled up early in the WSOP ladies event 20000 points and a box with these amazing macarons. Thanks @littlestdube the whole table and our dealers de devoured them all!

@JamieKerstetter ‘s number 3 fan on the rail (@JenShahade & I obv locked up the 1 & 2 spots) @NormanChad ❤️‍🔥🫶🪧

Busted the ladies event but jumping back in after dinner, but first: railing @JamieKerstetter chip-leading the tag team. 🔥🔥🔥

@JenShahade's Chess Queens is a stark improvement over our predecessors. Irving Chernev and Fred Reinfeld had little to say on women in 1949, the entirety of it can be read in this image.

First break of the #wsop ladies event, absolutely love this event. Having a blast 🚀

@DougPolkVids @CoreyPaggeot Thanks Doug! It’s twice as important as any other event, that’s why it gets two bracelets

While I'm looking forward to seeing all the friendly faces in the #WSOP Ladies Event today I'd like to remind everyone that the assignment is to accumulate all of the chips ❤️

10 yrs ago today I played my 1st WSOP event: the 1K Ladies where I met @allipearl , & solidified friendships w/ @JamieKerstetter & @JenShahade & countless other inspiring women & friends. This is my 1st package event & I’m just so grateful to be here!🫶TY investors!💙#TeamRunGood

@MichaelaDeelPDX @JenShahade reading it now and it’s captivating.

In the money of the Aria women’s event after a lovely lady slowrolled me with kings and I turned that ace-rivered another one for fun! Great turnout with over 346 entrants.


Chess Queens by @JenShahade is everywhere! Powells books, Portland, Oregon. #chess #chesspunks

One of the most brilliant people I know, World Memory Champion @yanjaaw is playing her very first MTT, thanks to a generous friend! Her brain must be protected at all costs, that’s why we need to get her into poker. 🥂

@SavagePoker @ikepoker @JenShahade You think im listening to music on my airpods matt but its actually galfonds voice repeating shove ranges

supporting 2 big things today while playing the deepstack championship. both have to do with female empowerment #feminism #playpoker #allinforabortionaccess @joinpokerpower @JenShahade

Beautiful gesture! Get in there ladies if you’re available ♥️♥️♥️