Harriet Sergeant

Harriet Sergeant


Harriet Sergeant an author, journalist and Fellow of the Centre For Policy Studies, an independent, right of centre Think Tank. She has written six reports for the CPS, including ‘Handle with Care – an investigation into the care system’ and ‘Wasted – the betrayal of white working class and black Caribbean boys.’ Her reports have been serialised in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and received extensive press coverage. Five have made front page headlines in the Daily Mail. Apart from other journalism, she writes Comments for the Daily Mail and The Sunday Times and review for the Spectator.  She has also appeared on The Moral Maze, the World Tonight, the Today Programme, Any Questions, the Big Question, News 24 and Sky News amongst others.  She has also been invited to appear on Question Time.

Harriet’s previous books include Between the Lines:  Conversations in South Africa (Cape, 1985), Shanghai – A History of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s (Cape, 1991) and The Old Sow in the Back Room: An Englishwoman in Japan(John Murray 1994).

Her latest book, Among the Hoods, the story of her three year friendship with a South London gang, was published by Faber in July 2012.


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We are having a civil war in all but name in the U.K. But not a water cannon or rubber bullet in sight. Let’s pause a moment to give ourselves a pat on the back.

It’s not honour that drove Andrew to maintain his relationship with Epstein. But pique at having to give up his high class pimp. https://twitter.com/victoriapeckham/status/1195614369532563458

Or Boris to put his foot down a massive rabbit hole.

Corbyn’s toxic culture of Jew haters led by a salsa teacher and a reiki instructor. Since when did Holocaust deniers start teaching the backward-basic? Something weird is happening in our society.

The Conservative Party has had a 16-pt lead, 8-pt lead, 15 pt-lead and now 17-pt lead tonight ...

Conservatives 45%(+3)
Labour 28% (-)
Lib Dem 15% (-)
#Brexit Party 4%(-)

YouGov Nov 12

It’s not honour that drove Andrew to maintain his relationship with Epstein. But pique at having to give up his high class pimp.

Covering a woman in a death shroud while shes still alive is the most effective way to dehumanize her and diminish her into nothing

Is that who you are @Plaid_Cymru? The party of celebrating the dehumanization of women?

Good luck w your campaign

#WhiteWednesdays https://twitter.com/plaid_cymru/status/1195046237784797186

In the Black Country 'battleground', starting to feel like different election to 2017
- Lab activists concede Brexit feels like a lot bigger deal this time around
- Lab v concerned about turnout
- On the doorstep Boris v popular - 'charisma' is a word I heard several times today

The Tory manifesto boils down to just this. Spend like Labour - only not quite so much. What’s the point of a Conservative party without Conservative values?

I don’t mind men declaring themselves a woman, a hamster or a rock of a morning. I just don’t want them in my loos or changing rooms. https://twitter.com/jonholb/status/1194879161862688769

Why is Mermaids, the transgender children’s charity, suddenly so vocal to the point of aggression? Could it be that activism pays? In three years it’s income has gone from £83,755 to a staggering £715,326 reports the Charity Commission.

Anyone else got something to add to the shopping list - if Labour are paying? https://twitter.com/juliahb1/status/1195103886434033664

Conservative polling by age:

18-24: 16%
25-49: 31%
50-64: 47%
65+: 64%

Labour polling by age:

18-24: 49%
25-49: 38%
50-64: 19%
65+: 14%

YouGov/Sky/The Times 11-12 Nov

Two men who I can only applaud.

Only ~25% of customers of Australia’s National Broadband Service have a fast enough connection to watch Netflix. Even the Australian edition of the @guardian thinks the policy’s a failure https://www.theguardian.com/business/grogonomics/2018/jan/21/the-main-problem-with-the-nbn-lies-within-the-governments-intent

What happens when the state runs stuff.

Right now, in Britain in 2019, a woman is facing a tribunal case over whether she has the legal right to state the biological fact that a man can’t be woman - and still keep her job.

Seriously. People need to sit up and pay attention to this stuff and stop the madness. https://twitter.com/wwwritingclub/status/1195282734593302528

This is an absolutely gob smacking figure. How are our GPs, hospitals, schools, housing and transport meant to cope? And Labour wants more.

Who else is excited to return to the good, old days?