Harriet Sergeant

Harriet Sergeant


Harriet Sergeant an author, journalist and Fellow of the Centre For Policy Studies, an independent, right of centre Think Tank. She has written six reports for the CPS, including ‘Handle with Care – an investigation into the care system’ and ‘Wasted – the betrayal of white working class and black Caribbean boys.’ Her reports have been serialised in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and received extensive press coverage. Five have made front page headlines in the Daily Mail. Apart from other journalism, she writes Comments for the Daily Mail and The Sunday Times and review for the Spectator.  She has also appeared on The Moral Maze, the World Tonight, the Today Programme, Any Questions, the Big Question, News 24 and Sky News amongst others.  She has also been invited to appear on Question Time.

Harriet’s previous books include Between the Lines:  Conversations in South Africa (Cape, 1985), Shanghai – A History of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s (Cape, 1991) and The Old Sow in the Back Room: An Englishwoman in Japan(John Murray 1994).

Her latest book, Among the Hoods, the story of her three year friendship with a South London gang, was published by Faber in July 2012.


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Conservative councillors in Derbyshire forced to hold their own leadership to account.

How are luvvies to push fashionable causes if they can’t jet around the world?

“This line between dream and waking,
sense and madness”
Steven Shakespeare

This is the only line worth living on.

Exclusive Interview: Extinction Rebellion To Shut Down Heathrow Tomorrow - https://t.co/1uo38I3qi8

Great to be on @SkyNews this morning with @adamboultonSKY and @IanDunt talking everything from #NotreDame to #ExtinctionRebellion

As climate activists appear to be entirely middle class - nothing wrong with that - what’s the betting they’ve enjoyed a break in the last 12 months? But they’re sure as hell going to stop ours. #extictionrebellion

Some one got into a tizzy with me on ⁦@SkyNews⁩ this morning. I’m right wing and I’m a woman. Suck it up.

@HarrietSergeant @SkyNews @adamboultonSKY @IanDunt Well done @HarrietSergeant for mentioning what no politician dare do....population !! Unless this thorny issue is addressed emissions will continue to rise now matter how we might like to reduce them

Great to be on @SkyNews this morning with @adamboultonSKY and @IanDunt talking everything from #NotreDame to #ExtinctionRebellion

Are we surprised climate activists ignore the ballot box for the streets? They’ve seen what’s happened since the Referendum. Hardly an advert for democracy is it?

@HarrietSergeant @SkyNews @adamboultonSKY With the worlds population expected to be 10bn by 2050 this is the real issue

@HarrietSergeant @SkyNews @adamboultonSKY Made a very valid point about climate change...there’s just too many of us.

@tesssummers98 Mate Im only waching cos @HarrietSergeant is on this morning lol

I am on @SkyNews The View this morning at 9am with @adamboultonSKY. Will I make it through the climate activists in Westminster. Will they glue me to Sky’s coffee machine? All thrills to come.

Students demand all air travel stop. But themselves are at schools that arrange school trips on long haul flights all over the world. Just wonderful. #extictionrebellion

Brilliant idea. It's a pity our politicians have done nothing to bring us together. Mirror and Express team up for campaign to bring people together amid Brexit divisions: https://t.co/0BwwoPXCA4 - via:@pressgazette