Harriet Sergeant

Harriet Sergeant


Harriet Sergeant an author, journalist and Fellow of the Centre For Policy Studies, an independent, right of centre Think Tank. She has written six reports for the CPS, including ‘Handle with Care – an investigation into the care system’ and ‘Wasted – the betrayal of white working class and black Caribbean boys.’ Her reports have been serialised in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph and received extensive press coverage. Five have made front page headlines in the Daily Mail. Apart from other journalism, she writes Comments for the Daily Mail and The Sunday Times and review for the Spectator.  She has also appeared on The Moral Maze, the World Tonight, the Today Programme, Any Questions, the Big Question, News 24 and Sky News amongst others.  She has also been invited to appear on Question Time.

Harriet’s previous books include Between the Lines:  Conversations in South Africa (Cape, 1985), Shanghai – A History of Shanghai in the 1920s and 1930s (Cape, 1991) and The Old Sow in the Back Room: An Englishwoman in Japan(John Murray 1994).

Her latest book, Among the Hoods, the story of her three year friendship with a South London gang, was published by Faber in July 2012.


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And this is confirmation of my view that Katharine is the most imporant person in British education. Others talk, KB walks. https://twitter.com/Miss_Snuffy/status/1422225562450501636

And beards! I hear there are special beard grooming parlours responsible for all the beautifully shaped and manicured beards around now.

Boris promised a bank holiday if we won against Italy. What about one to celebrate our fabulous #TeamGB in #Tokyo2020 and the flood of medals they are stacking up - despite Covid and lockdown? Moving and impressive performances.

How can you ‘naively’ blackmail AstraZeneca by holding demonstrations then exhort a bribe to stop?Japanese gangsters do it all the time in Japan. It’s criminal behaviour.

Nazir Afzal, on #DesertIslandDiscs is my hero. As chief prosecutor, he forced the CPS to pursue grooming gangs. When he apologised to one victim for failing to give her closure, she looked him in the eye. ‘You gave me closure the moment you believed me. My recovery started then.’

Exclusive: Samaritans volunteers 'had sex with callers' There was a 'specific demographic' of middle-aged men meeting up with vulnerable female callers. Now there's a surprise. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/08/01/exclusive-samaritans-listen-conversations-volunteers-had-sex/

Good point. And instead of criticising the inspiring Michaela, they explain why their own methods result in a third of disadvantaged boys being unable to read.

Beware the respectable looking commuter on an e-bike. Police say muggers have swapped trainers for brogues in order to blend in and target victims.

Feeling like a punch up? Fear not any police action. Home Office says last year only 6.8 percent of violent crime led to a charge. Under the Tories, criminals have never had it so good.

When an athlete who competed for years as a male weightlifter takes the spot of a female weightlifter at the #Olympics then it is women athletes who lose out. One young woman lost her chance of a medal because Laurel Hubbard took her place. Call it what it is: #misogyny https://twitter.com/fondofbeetles/status/1406992665644830725

@HarrietSergeant Jobs being advertised as apprenticeships. Not the same thing as real apprenticeships in engineering or bricklaying.

For anyone wondering why a middle aged woman, sopping wet and in a towelling dressing gown was screaming in the street. It was me. My cat jumped off the balcony while I was in the shower.

Good on Rishi! Apprenticeships four times higher than last year. Rishi Sunak’s Plan for Jobs boosted as apprenticeships hit an all-time high https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/15747592/rishi-sunak-jobs-apprenticeships-hit-all-time-high/

The very same Batley where the young, school teacher is still in hiding from Islamists. A wise precaution.

“Live your dream while ruining theirs.” Sums up what’s happening in sport right now.

I believe private schools and developers should be providing education and homes principally for UK citizens. Take a walk around the amazing, ugly new builds around Nine Elms - cash boxes in the sky for wealthy foreigners while Londoners suffer a chronic housing shortage.

Private schools pay agents for each Chinese child sent to the UK. A supply of wealthy foreign parents means these schools can raise fees - out of reach of most UK families. Yet these international businesses still claim to be charities. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/private-schools-pay-agents-china-child-sent-uk-qmf8hqmm3

Actually the public’s right to watch Team GB’s thrilling wins at the Olympics should be the BBC’s first priority - not some petty rivalry.

I’m now imagining every pompous official in a brightly, coloured thong. It’s making my Saturday.