Gurnaik Johal

Gurnaik Johal

Gurnaik Johal is a writer from West London. He was shortlisted for The Guardian 4th Estate BAME Short Story Prize in 2018 and graduated from The University of Manchester in 2019. He works in children’s publishing.


Gurnaik’s iconic London debut, We Move will be published by Serpent’s Tail in April 2022.

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Already missing time in the mountains & finally, unexpectedly, finding a small reading groove with this wee bundle, including a number o submissions for the wonderful @_CreativeAccess #BookClub x


Some of my recent work that I’ve really loved 😊 if you’d like me to book me for portrait work, whether personal or business then email me 📸

Looking forward to these @nat__ogle @GurnaikJohal

Thanks @serpentstail

V excited to read In The Seeing Hands Of Others and Mona - have heard great things!



Me promoting my book🙃 #WEMOVE

First proofs are here! #WEMOVE

Saying “we move”

Beyond excited that this news is out! Gurnaik’s incredible, iconic debut WE MOVE will be published by the amazing @MyBiggestLuke @serpentstail in April 2022!

So proud and happy for my friend @GurnaikJohal who is going to be A PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! Remember us when you’re famous 😜

THE MOST EXCITING NEWS from incredibly gifted writer and all-round excellent person @GurnaikJohal. WE MOVE is stunning: if you like excellent writing, you should pre-order immediately (from now on this will be a #WEMOVE fan account, I make no apologies) ❤️

“At its core, it’s a collection about community and connection.”

So excited for this!! Gurnaik is a fantastic writer (who actually gave me my first book review/writing stint when we were at uni together) and I am so bloody happy for him. Looking forward to reading this v much!!

'All of the stories, both contemporary and historical, take place in the West London neighbourhood where I grew up, and chart the intersecting lives of multiple generations of immigrants.' @GurnaikJohal. I cannot wait to read your first book it sounds brilliant!

.@serpentstail is to publish an "iconic London debut" from novelist and short story writer @GurnaikJohal, a "bold" first novel from @Waterstones bookseller @natogle and a first UK publication for @poliamida, as part of its 2022 fiction list!

Thrilled to have such a superb trio of authors joining us @serpentstail @nat__ogle @GurnaikJohal @poliamida thanks to the superb commissioning of the one and only @MyBiggestLuke ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Three great books we're publishing at the start of next year @nat__ogle @GurnaikJohal @poliamida @serpentstail

It’s official! So excited to say my first book WE MOVE is out next year with @serpentstail 💃🏽