Gemma Milne

Gemma Milne


Gemma is a Scottish creative science nerd obsessed with tech, design, Irn Bru and pi. She is a Writer & Podcaster, Forbes contributor and freelance writer for The Guardian, Singularity Hub, The Drum, Adweek, Imperica & Ogilvydo, covering science, tech, culture and politics.

Gemma is also Co-Founder of Science: Disrupt – an organisation connecting the innovators, iconoclasts & entrepreneurs intent on creating change in science. Science: Disrupt produces podcasts, events and editorial, and has brought together a large community (both on and off-line) of brilliant thinkers and do-ers. They focus on biotech, energy, space, health, advanced computing & changing the way we do academic research.

Gemma is an International speaker having delivered keynotes at SXSW, TEDx, WPP Stream, Cannes Lions and Dubai Lynx and works with the World Economic Forum as one of their Global Shapers.

Gemma is currently training for her pilot’s license and previously, she was the Tech Innovation Strategist at Ogilvy Labs.

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Gemma Milne @gemmamilne

It’s here! Congrats @Philip_Roscoe!

Kicked off my first ever cohort of masters student dissertation supervisions today! Eeek hope I can do them justice!

Find out what our students thought about our new MSc Science Communication course. Applications for the next intake close soon on 31 March!

Don’t think it’ll ever get old, seeing her stocked in Waterstones 😭

He is hands down the least funny person who ever lived and his weird nerd fanboys bend themselves into pretzels pretending otherwise

callous practice -> get caught -> apologise -> rinse and repeat

the norm with silicon valley vcs and ceos from zuckerberg to altman

Guys I just really love running ok?

Psyched to be back at my OG academic home @stsucl for this stellar panel on the future of science communication - @rifish @anjahuja @SteveJCrabtree @hcpearson, moderated by @SorrellDominic - hype, nuance, sensationalism…and we’re only 10 mins in..!

A year on: Tesla's gigafactory just outside of Berlin is the largest private investment in East Germany since 1990 and the largest employer in the whole region–including Berlin–and it requires about as much water as 40,000 households:

what is this guy on? stop trying to make AI out to be some mystical thing that’s beyond human comprehension when it really isn’t at all. it’s this kind of deceptive framing that makes it hard for some people to get a good grasp on new tech and fall for the industry’s bullshit.

Thanks to everyone who sent me recommendations!

(@mervatim my recommendation box is still open! 🙃)

My glorious pal @Philip_Ellis has only gone and published his brilliantly fun romcom in the US today 🙌🇺🇸🙌

Honestly, this book is both a good laugh and has a big heart, so go grab a copy and snap a photo for us jealous Brits having to wait for our copies…!

After opening remarks by our Chair @gemmamilne, our first session of the morning explores on the state of data in Scotland #ConnectDataSummit

Cool to see @TheBCBProject set up in the middle of Glasgow Queen St showcasing the world of biotech to all the Scottish commuters! Something I’m more used to seeing at conferences - nice to spot out in the real world..!

while i appreciate that other tech ppl are nervous, as am i, i have to say the strung out posts on why startups are extremely important and deserving of government money is completely counterproductive because people see it as entitled and obnoxious. and theyre completely right

Moving from optimistic, pessimistic, realist to pragmatic and purpose with @gemmamilne and Brian Burg @PixiumVision
It's about the combination of technology and people
#hellotomorrow #htsummit @hellotmrc

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2023 let’s gooo! @hellotmrc

Backstage at rehearsals for @hellotmrc 🙌 Psyched to be back hosting my favourite conference! Been a long 4 years..! #hellotomorrow

Removing basic human rights protections from one group of people means we don’t really have rights at all – just privileges for some, granted by the powerful.

Either everyone has human rights, or no one does.

I have a habit of pre-ordering a book I’m looking forward to more than once by accident and yet again I’ve ended up with a 2nd copy (strangely, a hardback and then a trade paperback?) of @ImogenWK’s Deep Down!

Anyone (UK-based) want to read it? I’ll post it to you :) DM me!