Gaylene Gould

Gaylene Gould


Gaylene Gould has travelled the world finding and sharing stories. She’s unearthed cinematic gems in Zanzibar and along the Cannes croisette, staged live theatrical experiences in car parks, secretively interviewed sex workers in Amsterdam’s Red Light District and been published in several anthologies. Now she concentrates on what she loves and does best – writing, talking and listening. She writes short, long fiction and plays, presents documentaries and cultural reviews for Radio 4 and works as a creative coach with writers, artists and the trailblazing The School of Life. Her mission is to to excavate the quiet truths within ourselves and wider society.

Writing credits:
The Sacrifice X-24 Unclassified anthology
13 Conversations about Art and Cultural Race Politics, Artexte,
The Stories Within The Songs, Creativity, Money, Love Anthology
Interior Dialogues – regular column Writers Hub

Key Broadcast Credits
BBC Radio – Front Row / The Film Show/The Strand
Modern Day Griots, Documentary BBC Radio 4 Presenter
Cousins, Documentary ITV Director
The White Job, Documentary VPRO TV Director
50 Films To See Before You Die – Presenter, Granada TV

Winner 2012 – Commonword Writing 4 Children

Gaylene Gould @gaylene_g

“One’s got to see what the factory worker sees, what the prisoner sees, what the welfare children see, what scholars see, got to see what the ruling class myth makers see as well, in order to tell the truth …Got to see more and dare more.”

Happy Birthday Toni Cade Bambara!

We remain a country of predominantly tolerant, welcoming and generous people. Thank you. ❤️ 4/4

A final thought: however difficult the last few days have been, it simply doesn’t compare to having to flee your home from persecution or war to seek refuge in a land far away. It’s heartwarming to have seen the empathy towards their plight from so many of you. 3/4

Telling my kids this is a picture of the Opposition front bench

A view of our hallowed pitch from across the pond….football is bringing it home.

Match of the Day’ in Turmoil After BBC Suspends Gary Lineker - The New York Times

for some *ridiculous* reason the french love to translate movie titles from english to... english

here's a thread with my all-time favorites, starting with "the hangover"

...i mean VERY BAD TRIP

Obsessed 😂 10 hilariously bad translations of classic film titles

Is there a psychological term for over-performing in order to prove you are part of the very same system that has previously brutalised and rejected you? Establishment Hazing? Empire Syndrome? Really I would love to know because it’s tearing us apart

And this is why I have stopped turning to contemporary cinema for philosophical, sincere & liberating points of view 👇🏾

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Sumayya Vally joins Rory Pilgrim (@rainbowsofgorse), with performances by and interviews with RAFTS Live collaborators, Richard Sennett and @amalanadaplan in the final episode of the REWORLDING series, hosted by @gaylene_g.

It’s the final ep in the series guys 🥹. And it’s all about you .. and us… and we. It’s fittingly emosh. Thanks to all the beautiful souls who have contributed. Lucky for you we are in the thinking lab for the next series so we soon come back 👋🏾

really enjoyed making this series for @SerpentineUK with the brilliant @gaylene_g - the latest episode out today is all about learning from other species, looking to the future and being one tiny part of the big 🕸️