Debora Robertson

Debora Robertson


Debora Robertson is a food, gardening and lifestyle writer and editor. She was associate food editor of Red magazine and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s food editor at River Cottage. She has written for a wide variety of publications, including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Independent on Sunday, Waitrose Food Illustrated, Waitrose Kitchen, Country Life, Country Living and Sainsbury’s Magazine. She writes frequently for the Daily Telegraph on modern manners and all matters domestic. She lives in East London.

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It’s #December1st so, as always, I’m posting the worst upstaging on record. #HeCameFromTheGlory 🎄

Also, this is a lovely piece about London-made panettone by @Seanoftheshire (and look at that illustration!). I'm def going to try some of the London ones this year:

This multi-award winning beauty of a pie is back this Christmas in Selfridges and selected Waitrose stores from the 9th December. It's hot water pastry, turkey, outdoor bred pork, smoked ham, Christmas spices and a cranberry jelly and feeds 8-12 😊

A robin arrives. He's ready for his Christmas card moment. And breakfast.

December 1. Soft light on the port. View from the sitting room.


London from St Paul's Cathedral as it looked in August 1942 by the late Wolf Suschitzky. It’s easy to forget just how precious peace in Europe is.

Time for my annual observation that I really don’t believe Mariah Carey doesn’t want a lot for Christmas.

My parents are in their 80s. They're not racists. It's not compulsory.

French Radio also reported the theft of thousands of items from museums. So we're seeing an attack on artists, an attack on culture, an attack on the very existence of a people. We've seen this before in Europe 😔

On #WorldAIDSDay2022 I want to remember the lesbians and queer women who unflinchingly supported gay men like me during a terrible time, and buddied with so many who died, making their last months and days a little more bearable 🌈

Heroic. And makes Pret’s Christmas sandwich look quite silly

@sumriko “On March 23, 2022, Volodymyr, knowing that the occupiers would come for him, buried his notes (a war diary) under a cherry tree and told his father: ‘Give them to our troops when they come,” the writer and volunteer said. " This link has fuller info:

When you go out for dinner and everyone gets their food before you.


Oh, new episode of @audreygillan's brilliant Bible John podcast is here...

I belong to a Facebook group which explores the traditional cooking of a nearby French town. It's quite distinctive and they are FIERCELY proud of it. So when people put pictures of their recipes up it can get quite heated.

@lickedspoon Shocking. And King Charles has form on this one as well, I’m reminded of a column by @anitasethi