Debora Robertson

Debora Robertson


Debora Robertson is a food, gardening and lifestyle writer and editor. She was associate food editor of Red magazine and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s food editor at River Cottage. She has written for a wide variety of publications, including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Independent on Sunday, Waitrose Food Illustrated, Waitrose Kitchen, Country Life, Country Living and Sainsbury’s Magazine. She writes frequently for the Daily Telegraph on modern manners and all matters domestic. She lives in East London.

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Asker to discuss self defence classes for women in light of @Casey_Review. The onus being placed on women to have to arm ourselves and defend ourselves goes against the very core of @ReclaimTS . It isn’t about us fighting off attackers, this is on men. They must stop killing us

Writers, if you're not signed up, please do it. Get your money!

Whatever you say about Road Dahl, the man had work-life balance absolutely nailed. Ooh, tough 90 minutes work this morning, was it? Better have some gin and prawns, followed by a three-hour snooze.

Dance = joy. Start your day on a high note by watching this 🤸🏼‍♀️🎶

Can't have a funeral but can have a leaving drinks. OK, you psychopath.

This sentiment remains

This is my friend's son. Very worrying. He's a child and @sussex_police won't tell her where he is.

He will defend to the death the right to a leaving drinks.

It is as though he thinks they were the only ones working in "difficult and challenging circumstances". My god.

All the people who say 'everyone broke lockdown rules' are very much a self selecting group of the entitled arseholes who broke lockdown rules.

3 years ago today my dad died of a stroke. We were only allowed to have 9 people at his funeral. We weren’t allowed a wake. I wasn’t allowed to hug my crying sister.

We followed ALL the rules.

But Boris Johnson didn’t. He is a fucking liar and we won’t ever forget or forgive.

Where did we go wrong?

In addition to countless other positive social and personal benefits, public libraries are one of the most effective crime prevention measures a community can support. If you don’t support public libraries, you don’t actually support the public.

"Just be robust and they'll get bored"

This is the contempt the Tories hold the press, and by extension, us, the public in.

Thank you, Pippa, for not getting bored!

I didn’t see my family for 18 fucking months and I spent fucking Xmas and new year 2020 on my own.

This 'Everyone broke the rules' narrative makes me wild with fury. They didn't. At great emotional and financial cost, a lot of us didn't. Most of us didn't. But we're just the little people. Who cares?

I want to have kids to subject them to this 🤣🤣🤣