Remember Me

Remember Me

Lynn Bushell

When her former lover, now a reputable man of letters, publishes his memoirs, Frances Winterton looks vainly for some reference to the time they spent together. Finding none and stung by his ingratitude, she sets out to reclaim the missing years. In the process, she discovers something that casts doubt not merely on the years in question, but those on either side… In a series of riveting twists and turns, the author explores the devastating consequences for human beings of having the past snatched away from them. A story of love, loss, betrayal, revenge and courage in the face of suffering, Remember Me is a psychological thriller that pulls out all the stops.

“Remember Me is an absorbing, funny and quite moving story. The painful complexities of today’s liberal culture are highlighted in an action-packed plot. The dialogue flows with sparkle and wit. The characters are entirely credible and portrayed with both integrity and sensitivity. Rarely has a book managed to be so gripping, so entertaining and yet so instructive.” – Kate O’Brien


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